Thursday, July 3, 2008


Of late, there has been a number of ‘flip flop’ decisions made by government ministers which are of public concern, which only reflect the lack of proper and deliberate thought given to the matter by the government. This also further strengthened my belief that the word ‘flip flop’ (who so ever coined it) is an appropriate reference to the BN government today.

Under the prevailing situation, I wish to define ‘flip flop’ as ‘a decision made without forethought, resulting in the decision being repealed sometimes later’.

Allow me to list a few decisions made by the government that fits the above definition.

1. The date of the 12th General Elections which was to be in the month of August, but was changed to March 8, 2008. The announcement to the change of date did come as a surprise to many. I believe, the earlier announcement was a bluff to enable the opposition to be caught by surprise. But the government had failed to realized that the opposition in its stride, had actually readied itself for the elections several months before. This can be observed from the endless ‘ceramah’ organized by the opposition well ahead of the election. This ‘flip flop’ decision though aimed to deceive and trick the opposition, was to be a major setback for the government, and the results of the election speaks for itself.
2. The decision not to sell motor fuel to foreign registered vehicles at fuel stations in areas adjacent to the border. Because of this decision, fuel station owners were hit by heavy losses due to poor sales. The government then announced that foreign registered vehicles can purchase fuel at fuel stations within a 50 km radius from the border area. A few days later, a third decision was announced i.e. that a separate fuel pump for foreign vehicles will be installed, supposedly to make it more convenient for the fuel station operators. What will be the next announcement……we will all have to wait.
3. A twice a month salary payment for public servants. Apparently, this decision was made, thinking that it will help public servants to manage their spending because of the price hikes. However, the decision was rejected by CUEPECS who were not consulted over this matter. Sure enough, the honour to rescind the decision has to be announced by the Chief Secretary to the government. If it was a Minister that had made the decision earlier, presumably to pacify the public servants, why had not the Minister dared to come forward himself, to rescind the decision that he had made regarding this matter? Don’t tell me, he is getting cold feet now, and do not want to be looked stupid.


Fuad Aziz said...

Only when those on top are trustworthy, honest, non-corrupt and not to forget, transparent, shall we have non-flip flop BN government.

Fuad Aziz said...

Any comment on our dearest Najib Razak?

Anonymous said...

Why do we blame them for making a stupid decision because we the voters in Malaysia want stupid people to lead us. The moment they become our leaders they assume immunity and Brahmin status (untouchable) look at all the followers of their party , they are zombies.