Thursday, July 24, 2008


I had earlier posted an article concerning the purchase of Mercedes Benz as officials cars for Terengganu EXCO members. Now, we all can see that the MB Terengganu, may have made the right decision to do away with the Perdana V6 Executive.

Look at the cost of maintenance for the previous MB, Deris Jusoh's Perdana V6.....a wooping RM 230,000 or thereabout, over a period of 4 years. Can all honest and decent people believe it? Please answer this Deris Jusoh, and don't say that you are not responsible, and blame it all on your driver.

Now,the ACA has decided to investigate, as they say that something is not right. Surely it is not right, and everybody knows that. What is important now is for the case to be fully investigated, and to prosecute those who are at fault, WITHOUT FEAR OR FAVOUR. And please do not leave my brother Deris Jusoh out of this. If he is truly a leader, he should not absorb himself of blame.

For the MB Terengganu, thank you for your stubbornness to challenge your bosses seated in Putrajaya. Had you decided to buy the Perdana V6 Executive, this whole rotten and corrupt practice of the previous Terengganu government, would not have emerge. And believe you me, many more rotten practices will come spilling out.


Anonymous said...

Dato Arshad,

When you were in the service I have never heard you commenting about the happening in the government be it good or bad.But now in your retired days .... plenty plenty comments.....WHY? Are u frustrated with the Govt. of the day or u are now a member of the Pakatan Rakyat the potential government of Malaysia.

I think most of us find freedom immediately after leaving the service.Just to tell u an open secret , when I was in the service I never vote during election time because somebody else pangkah for me without my knowledge. No wonder the Onn family can survive for generation ............plenty of money Dato. Askar cabuk ni apa ada.....

ArshadRaji said...

Dear Walimuar,

I am a no party man. I have always believe in truth and the rights of individual. I will defend that right; as I did when I was in service. You may not now all what I did, but let me tell you that I defended my soldiers, who were accused of murder while they were on ops. I was willing to face the brunt, but no one called me up.

Anonymous said...


Keep it up, old soldier never die this is what the proverb say and on the same token The Persatuan Bekas Tentera Malaysia need people like you to contribute and help bring back the exservicemen pride,status,recognition etc. Currently it is like a political party being headed by a controversial OR (other rank) who only serve 4 years in the army . He has no leadership quality what more to lead ex Dato please gather some of the retired General to take over PBTM inorder to bring back its past glory. U need a bigger and recognised platform to express yourself stronger if not.....u be just like the Malay proverb 'anjing menyalak bukit aje"

Justice said...

Will anything come out from the MB's challenge for the ACA to investigate the NO"MONSOON Cup" and the Arabian Night's equivalent of the Islamic Temasha? I am holding my breath.

Justice said...

At least we know that you stand as a no party-man and that is a good start especially for an ex-RAMD person because most of their officer class are and were closet hatchet men for the UMNO ruling elites.That is how we allowed them to hijack our integrity and professionalism.
As to upholding the truth and to defend your men I have no doubt but we must also admit that often it was much safer to keep quiet and let things pass (no matter how strong the injustice) becauce redress is not an option especially in Tentera Darat.Again another hangover from RAMD.
Re the Mercedes vs Proton case, it is good that the MB Terengganu has upped the ante and asked the ACA to also investigate the windless Monsoon Cup and the so-called Islamic "whatever" complex. (See how the word Islam can be used as a shield to hide robbery).
I cannot agree more with you that the MB has every right to select the Mercs so long as he can answer for his decision although the wisdom of it may be controversial at this time of bad economic management by the Govt.What he did not contend with was the dog in the manger attitude of his UMNO superiors at Putrajaya.
Can you imagine a situation where a Federal Minister arrives in his black Proton for a kenduri in his kampong only to find a lower status UMNO state exco arriving in his Merc.What will the kampong folks say? Surely that the man in the Merc must be of a higher status than the Proton.Can the status of a Federal Minister be allowed to be tarnished in this way? No way.So something must be done to protect our YB Menteri.
So keep the Mercs for foreign VIPs so that when the Mat Sallehs arrive for the windless Monsoon Cup we can have the pleasure of seeing them chauffered in these Mercs around KT by our local drivers in full Baju Melayu dress. With luck, we might even get to see Mr. Mugabe when he decides to seek asylum in Malaysia in spite of what Buun Neggrraa says.
Is it too much to hope that the MB's challenge is taken and we get to know the old fashioned truth as to who and how our money was siphoned to line whose pocket?
Should I be holding my breath?? You tell me.

maurice said...

Dear Justice,

I have a suggestion, why don't the MB just make BPR report rather than open accusations which leads to nowhere.

Then we can breath better!

Justice said...

Really hard to believe that reports to ACA or the Police get any where except to collect dust particularly when it involves the Govt, but I appreciate your optimism.
It may be instructive to look at some of the reports made in the last 3 years and see what has happened- yet the Police were very fast to reach the luxury condo mentioned by Saiful.
Keep happy!!