Friday, July 11, 2008


So the ACA has called in Musa Hassan and Gani Patail for questioning, regarding a police report that Anwar Ibrahim had submitted, citing Musa and Gani for fabricating evidence in Anwar's trial in 1988. All the while, it has been Musa and Gani investigating and questioning others. What a turn of events.

There is bound to be comments from the public, to say that the questioning is merely an 'act' to show to the public that the ACA is serious and takes no nonsense. My personal view concerning this is that, at least the ACA has acted on the report, regardless of whoever the person(s)are. This shows that the system of "justice and fair play" works in this country , and for this I salute the ACA.

We all need to be patience now, and to await the outcome of the ACA's investigation.


captazhar said...

Without restoring the credibility of the ACA first, there is no credibility on this or any other investigations carried out.

ArshadRaji said...


I hope this investigation is not going to be another comedy of error.