Saturday, July 19, 2008


Debates has now taken a new interest in Malaysian politics. Now, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Rais Yatim has thrown a challenge to anyone to a debate on the 'rule of law in connection with the detention of Anwar over the sodomy case'. This is getting really exciting, especially for those in the legal fraternity.

I do hope someone, not necessarily from the opposition party, to take on the minister whom we know has a PhD in law. As I have commented in my earlier blog, I view debates as an intellectual discourse; not one of winning or losing. Take the example of the last debate between Shabery Cheek and Anwar, I am sure both the debaters have argued and raised some positive ideas that the government can implement,or at least take note off. Of course, personal attacks are not welcomed, and that was were I thought, Shabery went a strayed.

Having two politicians from two different political parties debating, may cause the debaters to be over protective of their party stance over the subject being debated, rather than to debate professionally from the points of law. This was what Shabery Cheek did; defending his parties stance, rather than to reasoned out his argument professionally.

I believe there are many seasoned and reputable lawyers around the country who can take Dr. Rais Yatim's challenge, and a debate like this by matured people, will be good for the government in its desire to champion the freedom of speech and expression.

I am also hoping to see Khairy throw a challenge to a debate on a subject like 'Was the March 8 elections in Rembau free and fair?'

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