Saturday, July 12, 2008


The arrest by ACA of Director General,Immigration Department, Dato Wahid Md Dom clearly shows the extend of corruption permeating the top echelons of the civil service today. I am not at all surprise if such an outrageous and sinful act of Dato Wahid is not the first, but he has been at it before. There is a Malay adage which say "pandai pandai tupai melompat, akhirnya jatuh ke tanah jua". This adage fits the act of Dato Wahid.

I am also certain that Dato Wahid did not act alone. There will be others under his charge who are his conspirators, that shares the loot that could have run into millions. I am sure all these will be exposed by the ACA soon, and a check on his accounts and properties will tell the extend of his act.

The concern now is to what extend has the damage been done to the nation? This is an issue of national security, and to have 'undesirable people' come into this country 'via the courtesy' of Dato Wahid, is justifiable enough to call him a traitor.

In the days of the Malay Sultanate, a person who is deemed a traitor of the state, is beheaded. However, our present day laws does not allow beheading a person, but I suppose the days ahead for Dato Wahid, is enough to make him suffer. His outrageous act also has demeaned his entire family.

Since the act is done by the top most officer of the department, the possibility of the act extending to the various states, is highly probable. Now that the powers to prosecute is in the hands of the ACA, I hope the process of discharging this case can be done more speedily.

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maurice said...

RM350 'toll fee' per calling visa exacted, then the amount collected by these traitors must be extraordinarily huge considering that we have a large number of foreign workers in our country.Clearly the RM500,000 consificated by BPR is just the tip of the iceberg.BPR should dig where they hide their ill-gotten gain and expose them bare.

Who is to be blamed for putting a less than desirable character to head the Immigration Department? Obviously Dato Wahid has been clever at hiding his true colour all along.On the other, perhaps we do not have a full proofed system on character evaluation to rely on when choosing the right candidate for the right job.Hope the responsible person/party tasked to select senior government officials for promotion could devise a better system to filter out the bad hats from getting through the promotion ladder.

I would like to suggest the government form a committee comprising of officials from other ministries as well such as Wisma Purtra, Human Resource, PDRM, etc to approve visa applications for foreign workers, rather than giving power of approval on the shoulders of the Head of Immigration alone.Someone higher up should be appointed to chair this important committtee.If the approval system is not revamped we can be rest assured it will get abused again and again in the future.