Thursday, July 10, 2008


The much anticipated debate between Minister of Information, Dato Ahmad Shabery Cheek and Anwar Ibrahim over the issue of the recent price hike of petrol has to be viewed as an intellectual discourse between two individuals, whose aim is to inform the public as to the reasons for the price, and any options available to the government to avoid a further hike.

The debate which is scheduled July 15 (Tuesday) at Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka at night, will be aired live over TV3.

The debate should not be viewed as a political gimmick, to voice political differences and ending up in a smearing campaign and tongue lashing, to win public support. The focus should be the topic under discussion, and not be swayed by emotions. I believe, Malaysians are matured enough to listen attentively and to make their own judgement, of the two speakers and their stance on the issue.

My hope is that both the speakers should remain level headed at all time, and to discuss the issue in the most rationalised, sound and logical manner. There should not be loser or winner at the end of the debate.


maurice said...

I think we can be assured of high-level quality debate between these two gentlemen.

I am sure each side is ready to put forward their arguments in the most convincing manner.

It would be interesting to see how DSAI going to convince Malaysians that he has a better formula in coping with global escalating oil prices without bankrupting the nation or Petronas.

ArshadRaji said...

Dear Maurice,

The pressure is actually on Anwar. It is going to be an interesting debate; from the intellectual stand point I hope.