Friday, December 30, 2011


The unrelenting agenda to annihilate Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim - since his unceremonious sacking by his one-time compatriot Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, continues to haunt Malaysians with that huge leadership vacuum that the nation is trapped in right into 2012.

At a time and moment in history this century, when nations are aspiring to strengthen leadership, we on the other hand are bent on crucifying born leaders.

Whichever camp we swear to support, the objective mind dictates that Malaysians are desperately in need of a born leader to take the nation to the next frontier to battle the global challenges that loom in the future ahead of us as we enter 2012.

Leaders are hard to come by. Tried, tested and proven leaders are an indispensable asset for nation building. Anwar Ibrahim by any measure meets the bill of being able to lead this country to its next destination on the social, economic, environmental and political paradigm.

Yet, UMNO is hell-bent in making sure that this icon of the rakyat is crucified at all costs.

The coalition of ‘opposition-led’ political parties is making such headway – never seen throughout the regime of the Tun Doctor and this is best explained by the leadership of one man, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Yet this is the very leader that the UMNO and BN battalion is bent on wrecking.

While nations across the globe are sacking failed tyrants and raising true-democracy leaders, we are busy buried in annihilating a blue-chip leader all in the name of greed and tyranny.

If UMNO does have a true leader, the people will not have to hesitate. They will fall in line, rock solid, behind that leader. Can we say this of UMNO and BN right now?

The time is drawing very close for Malaysians who have only this nation to call their home to rise to protect their homeland at all costs. Whether we like it or dislike it; whether we fear it or are brave enough to face it; whether we are principled enough to stand up to it or otherwise – the truth is Malaysia is at the very crucial brink of joining nations that are well into their efforts to be re-born.

The ‘Spring’ and ‘Jasmine’ revolutions are global signs of our times. They indicate that the world has entered into a cleansing phase no different from the renaissance or the industrial revolution or the independence declarations we witnessed all across this planet in bygone eras.

And so, for as long as the political parties keep leadership-crucification a top agenda, we will only be nearing the gates of revolution no different from the Spring and Jasmine versions that the world is currently bearing witness to.

After all, whether we recognize or deny, know or live in oblivion, the world is today hemmed inside a globally networked society. And the lubricating technology of communication sets an ideal climate for mass uprising at all costs. The fall of the Iron and bamboo curtains were mere clarion calls. The Spring and Jasmine revolutions are definite warnings to stubborn and myopic political parties and despots.

The point is, while there is still a window to escape the pains of a revolution, will the conspirators of anti-leadership quit? Will those who still have any moral fiber in their veins left, rise to save this nation?

There is only one defining truth or option left for Malaysia. And that is, do not kill the goose for the love of the golden eggs you want to haul away into your own nest. Malaysians have a right to have star leadership to lead them. And everyone too has a duty to let that star leader to prevail. Anything that comes in between this fusion will lead to revolution.

Ministers, what is your take on this? Mind you, be objective!



bruno said...

Dato,the country lacks a PM,DPM and cabinet ministers whom we can call as leaders.First they are as dirty as the guys hiding in the dark alleys,waiting for elderly women to prey on.They will rob and grab anything in sight.

And the Umno GOM is the most corrupted in our regions.It used to be Indonesia,Phillipines,Thailand and the neighbouring communist countries.Now Malaysia in on top of the list.The Umno/ BN has surely come a long way.

In the Umno GOM there is nobody who can stand out among the pack who is able to lead and to be call a true leader.From what we can see they are a pack of wolves consisting on racial and religious bigots.A bunch of robbers,rapists and murderers.

Maybe come GE 13th the people will chased out the good for nothing Umno GOM.Then maybe with the incoming GOM there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

The people must have the willpower and guts to kick out these buffons.Things cannot be worst than the present administration.The people have nothing to lose but a lot to gain with a new GOM.Change we must.

Gengis Khan said...

Till Tun dr took over the gom our past PMs had some kind of moral values to lead in a dignified way although not always the right way. It was this mamak Kutty who single handily destroyed the judiciary and with it all institutions the country needs to manage and run the country properly. I in fact feel sorry for hin, for instead of retiring gracefully and enjoying his golden years, he is going around frothing at the mouth proping leaders who will help keep the skeletons of his regime tightly shut in the cupboards.
Let's all hope and pray that gom falls and a new leader emerges to save our country and one who would give all races an even opportunity to enjoy the many boutyies of our country.

Malaysian said...


We have another a statesman that can lead the country and UMNO. Yet, the very corrupt leaders from UMNO Baru choose to ignore his call for UMNO Baru to reform. He's Tengku Razeleigh Hamzah. This is a leader that's well liked by UMNO and Pakatan supporters. I only hope during turmoil he'll be there to lead us. He's definitely a leader that believe in "Semangat 46" and saving Malaysia.


maurice said...

If you cannot have good moral principles how can you lead a nation?

BN is not bad except that it must do more to weed out the corrupt politicians and civil servants (including those in the MAF and PDRM).It would be good though if UMNO,MCA, MIC and other component parties could merge into a single party for all Malaysians.

Meanwhile, PR must prove that they are ready and better than BN to lead the nation to a greater height of political, economic and social achievement in the years ahead if they want more votes in the coming election.

Frankie said...


UMNO is hell bent to stop and destroy anyone from preventing them to continue their plundering and pillaging of the country's resources and rakyats money. UMNO is hell bent on razing this country to bone dry wasteland and to squeeze out the last cent before the UMNO elites are satisfied they have sufficient ill gotten wealth to last their next 5 generations. Sadly there are still many amongst us who do not see the real picture and who continue to support and vote for UMNO hoping that they too an profit from the crumbs deliberately strewn on the ground by the UMNO elites and cronies.

The latest civil servants remuneration scheme, the BR1M, the RM100 subsidy for students, the cessation of school fees for 2012 students, etc are all the crumbs thrown out by UMNO in the hope of capturing votes to keep UMNO in power for them to continue stealing from the country's coffers. The deafening silence from Najib and UMNO leadership on the open corrupt practices of UMNO ministers and deputy ministers is sufficient proof that being in UMNO means immunity from prosecution. Khir Toyo's sandiwara prosecution is a collateral damage as it is widely expected his appeal will be successful. Anyways what if his Balinese palace is confiscated, he still has plenty stashed away to rebuilt an even bigger palace.

If Isa Samad can re-emerge to become Felda Chairman, surely Kim Jong Il would have risen from the dead if he had been an senior UMNO minister.


This is a personal msg as I have no other way of contacting you.

Your words,
"Anwar Ibrahim by any measure meets the bill of being able to lead this country.."
prompt me to want to send you an article which I feel goes a long way to counter much of the still negative perceptions re Anwar, even by those who support PAKATAN.

This article was sourced from the archives of S'pore Straits Times, April 1982. It is not possible to copy/cut&paste the contents of this article. One can only get this article by paying a sizeable amount to S'pore National Library.

If I had your email add, I can send it to you as an attachment, and leave it to you to see whether you can or even wish to use it in your blog.

The article written by Dilip Mukerjee, discusses why an ABIM founder/leader would join UNMO.

This conundrum has led many to doubt Anwar and label him opportunist etc to this day.

I believe in the man's committment. I judge him by his record from student days. He was standing up for causes he believed in when the rest of us were only focused on passing exams and having a good time at university.

Will understand if you choose not to divulge your emaail add. I read your blog to give myself hope for the future of our beloved country.

Gengis Khan said...

By the same token how can the BN weed out the corrupt politicians and civil servants (including those in the MAF and PDRM).when it is it self corrupted to the core.The latest corrupt cases are enough to justify my statement.

Mika Angel-0 said...

Anti-bn is cool here,no?
And lots of day dreaming, too.

Fact: Hisammuddin is next pm after pru13.
What say you, Sdr MA Raji?

salam mesra gunung ledang

tahaneverest02 said...

Malaysia would do well with cleaner and honest politicians focusing on the well-being of its people.The bone of contention between the people and the UMNO/BN govt is all about corruption,leakages and mismanagement.That is what is intolerable and if UMNO/BN don't change and ceased such acts then the chances is that the people will just vote them out. Looking at it 'the leopard never changes its spots'and will just wait and see.

Riversidegrass said...

Yes, this is our only home; we have to rise to protect our homeland.

It’s not belonging to the minority (UMNO-BN), the so called ‘elite’.

We are principled enough to stand up!

Stand up for the truth!

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
Edmund Burke quote

People Power

bob villa said...

Which clown wrote this , anwar is tainted UMNO shit . the only reason hwas kick out because he tried to replace the head "pirate" and take over all of it for himself. When will you guys realse this, it is the same shit but diffrent branding . there are more capable people within Pakatan Eg. lim kit siang

kampong lad said...

the 'situation' in this country is getting from bad to worse started by the 4th pm. sebelum dia ambil alih dari almarhum husin onn, tidak banyak 'negative remarks' yg kita dengar tentang doktor ni. apabila dia dah berkuasa, kita semua tahu apa yg dia telah buat selama 22 tahun. diganti pula oleh orang ini yg dikenali sbg 'mr clean', 'bersih', dari keluarga alim dan macam2 lagi 'positive attributes'. bila dia pakai 'uniform' saja, 'clean-up' dan 'sapu bersih' adalah amalannya yg bertopengkan islam hadhari dan slogan cemerlang, gemilang, terbilang dan sekarang hilang? pm sekarang, yg terakhir dari teori rahman, berbeza dgn yg dua ekor tadi. sebelum jadi orang no.1, dia sudah mencipta banyak rekod yg kita semua juga tahu. siapa yg mencantumkan pulau singapura yg dahulunya terbelah dua? jadi, soalannya: layakkah mereka jadi pm? apapun mereka tiga ekor ni dah pakai 'uniform'. berbalik kpd tajuk yg dipaparkan...anwar ibrahim has unfortunately missed the boat. apakah pakatan rakyat tidak ada pilihan lain? sekiranya, jawapan kpd soalan diatas 'tidak layak', adakah ini juga persepsi terhadap calon pelapis? the worse could happen is - the 7th pm is no better than previous ones, they are all politicians. wassalam

azmie said...

i'm beginning to hv a better understand on how the universe work. it revolves around anuar ibrahim. ha ha. i assume, when he is gone, the world as we know it will cease to exist.
focus on the abuse and corruption la, stop making stupid kiss up article. even if anuar is an angel, there's no guarantee his cohorts will be the same. how many of them hv jump ship

Mika Angel-0 said...

'A faculty for idleness implies a catholic appetite and a strong sense of personal identity'

woooooo! must be from the mind of one who is italian in thought and french in nature


well that is definately more chique than hishammuddin as 7th PM.
He will do great - a second Mahathir and almost identical twin.

maurice said...

PKR should find other candidates to replace DSAI.He is embroiled in too many sex scandals that it is not possible for him to come out untainted.

PKR need a new leader with proven track record and good moral principles to move the party forward to face GE13 and the challenges beyond.

With good leadership PKR should be able to make its presence felt since it represents the interest of all communities.

PKR should not fail because we need this type of political party to unite the people and minimize politics on racial line.

If PKR gets the support of the people UMNO, MCA, MIC and its component parties will have no choice but to merge into a single party to challenge PKR.
PAS and DAP will remain a minority party if they continue their political struggle on narrow idelogical line.

We the people are the master, not the politicians.We choose the party that can move the country forward in education, economic growth, unification, racial integration etc so that we can stand tall in this region.

exrmafazhar said...

Bob villa and azmie does not believed in Anwar Ibrahim. Well thats fine with me. Anwar is not god. He is a tainted leader right after he left Abim and joined UMNO. Itu semua sudah berlalu. Everyone has a checkered life. No one is perfect. But take Anwar as he is NOW. And compare him to Najib, Muhyiddin, Hishamuddin, Khairy and err Rosmah.... i take Anwar anytime.

matsingkong said...

Have PR got a succession planning to bring up the potential youth into leadership training......none.
They seems to depend on old tradition of kinship..the ibrahims, the lims, the singhs....pas has not been corrupted of the tradition.
The should have the likings of premier league teams which has youth teams before going into the premier league status...and with adequate resources of all kinds. Learn from Alex Ferguson..not from the motivator Hasan Ali...

bob villa said...

Dari mulut rimau ke mulut buaya yang suka bangkai. whobver you choose you lose. Clean politician like Zaid Ibrahim kena chantas my Azmin crony.

Wake up malaysia , you still have a choice.. lim guan eng is another