Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Who is this Awang Selamat of Utusan Malaysia to suggest that Kelantan Menteri Besar Tuan Guru Nik Aziz should step down as he is “physically getting weaker, his mind is not as sharp as it once was, his hearing and speech are also not as good”. I can expect such a comment to come from Awang Selamat, as we all know for whom he writes, serve and speak in his column, in Utusan Malaysia.

Now, may I ask Awang Selamat this question – between Tuan Guru Nik Aziz and your chosen leader within the UMNO elite, who do you think you could trust for honesty, incorruptible, subservient to Allah, pious, patience and a heart filled with humbleness and generosity. Name me one from the current crop of UMNO leaders with such personal traits. I say to you now that there is no one from among the present crop of UMNO leaders that are anything close to the personal traits that I have described. I tell you now that these are the personal traits that are inherent in Tuan Guru Nik Aziz, and if someone were to say that he loves Tuan Guru Nik Aziz, it comes from his heart. One gets nothing in return; only a warm smile and a sincere salam from Tuan Guru Nik Aziz.

Now, compare this with anyone of your preferred UMNO leader. Do you see genuine humbleness and generosity in anyone of them? Are they totally free from corrupt practice i.e. not having taken even a sen from someone? Are they free from abusing the powers of their office? Now, don’t get me wrong please. I am not accusing that all UMNO leaders are corrupt and have lined their pockets with ill gotten money. There may be some good ones and some bad ones too, and I know that you know who the bad and good ones are. You have seen a bad one recently; abusing public money to buy all the luxuries that you and I could never afford in our lifetime. You call this an honest person. I’ll call this person a thief.

Please Awang Selamat, age is no factor. Anyway, Tuan Guru Nik Aziz does not rule like an Egyptian pharaoh. I am quite sure he has his advisors whom he consults with. Had he ruled like an Egyptian pharaoh, he would not have lasted even a term. Surely, he knows when is the right time to leave (you don’t need to tell him) but as of now, the party and the people in Kelantan still wants him to lead the state. And what’s wrong with that?

Yes, Kelantan may be a poor state; unlike some other states with a skyscrapers to show. But being poor does not mean that the people are not happy, disillusion and mired in poverty. If you were to talk about poverty, it is everywhere and who do you blame for this. Sure, you will blame it on the state government, but do you not know that the BN/UMNO government has rule the country for more than five decades? Are you saying that they should not be blamed?

My advice to Awang Selamat is simply this i.e. please do what you are good at i.e. writing silly commentaries in your Utusan Malaysia column. But do not teach what the Kelantan people want; in particular with regards to the position of Tuan Guru Nik Aziz as the Kelantan Menteri Besar. You will do great justice to this country and to UMNO in particular if you were to write about corruption that has infected UMNO and the country today. If you can save UMNO from corruption, you will save this country. And for a start, why don’t you comment on the NFC fiasco that involves an UMNO minister?



bruno said...

Dato,first of all PM Najib should give this Awang Selamat a promotion.From Umno running dog to Umno Lembu.Then Najib should lead this Umno Lembu by the nose and dropped him off at the NFC farm in Negri Sembilan.

Then Najib should ordered Shahrizat's children to put this Umno Lembu in an enclosed area with one more female regular lembu.Then they can start breeding as Umno needs more lembus of this Umno Lembu's mentality.

bruno said...

Dato,this Awang Selamat is an identical twin of Big Dog.They both have the same mentality.They both talk and do things using their heels instead of their brains.By their actions,they can be considered as fools of the lowest degree.

This Awang Selamat through Utusan Malaysia has been sprewing out racial and religious nonsense,upping the tempo for racial and religious tensions between the various races and religions.This guy is many times more dangerous and makes Abrahim Ali look like an angel.

He should look at himself in the mirror before he made any comments or give any advice to Tuan Guru Nik Aziz.Nik Aziz is an honest man with a sound mind.Awang Selamat is a bigot with a sick mind.

Awang Selamat with his sick mind mentality is only qualified to address and past judgement on his masters,the corrupted Umnoputras.

TAG said...

Dato, this is one of your pieces that stands above the rest.
I can sense from the flow of your words how much you detest what this man represents - not the man but what he represents.
This is what UMNO has made its members who think that they and they alone have a stake in this country. They think others are enemies of the state.
UMNO members think that the leadership of this country is their God forsaken right. When the leaders of this party allow such hateful rubbish to be written by their mouthpiece, then there is no more honour in this party. When there is no honour, there is no pride. Tidak ada maruah!
Right now I see in every UMNO member an aWanG seLamAt!!

exrmafazhar said...

Tuan Guru Nik Aziz is weak physically i agree but he is 80 something laa but i am very sure that his mind is as sharp as when he was 20 years ago. Speech not good? oh come on Selamat you must be kidding.
Kelantan is rich but UMNO has stolen all their wealth(oil) and refuse to give any royalty to the state. The Federal Government had twisted the facts of the law in order to refuse the state government any royalty monies. Trengganu had been receiving oil royalties since the seventies but when PAS became the government in 1999 it suddenly became Wang Ehsan.
This sudden changed of terminology started when someone during UMNO Convention made a suggestion that the Fed Gov stop giving royalty to Trennganu. And the media (Utusan) fuel it further. Mahathir bought the idea and the rest is history.
Thats how so busuk hati were/are these UMNO people. And you say you are looking after the malay interest...isnt Kelantan malay majority? And you say rakyat di dahulukan... then how come you dahulukan a minister's family using rakyat money to buy a condo instead of lembus?
So Awang Selamat what say you?

cskok8 said...

When the Kelantan people tell him to go, he will. Unlike some people who want to "defend" Putrajaya like his own grandfather's property.

Anonymous said...


Whoever in Utusan was using that "Awang Selamat" pseudonym is likely to have been a Malay. Or at least that would have been what his MyKad claims.

But to me, a non-Malay who has seen some genuine Malays close up and personal, his disparaging of Tok Aziz is certainly not what a real Malay does. Kurang ajar!

There are many - too many - of such "Malays" in UMNO and also outside UMNO. Some in high office, some hoping (or should I use "hopping"?) to be.

Give me Tok Aziz any day over any politican in the Cabinet any day!

tahaneverest02 said...

I think Tok Guru Nik Aziz can put all the UMNO goons into 'his pocket' as far as political and religious matters are concern. But of course Tok Guru will lose to them when it comes to corruption and wastage of public funds. UMNO cronies and leaders are the 'Sifu' on such matters. Tok Guru maybe old in age but his mind is as sharp as a middle age man. Just look at the leaders in China. They are all very senior citizens but full of wisdom. China don't have young stupid donkeys from Oxford or porn actors or romeos with a taste for foreign women. So, I hope Tok Guru will go on for another 2 GEs before he call it a day. He is a wise, religious and rational thinking man with good morals. May the Almighty Bless and look after him.

Rauf Hakim said...

Knock! Knock! Knock! Dato' may I go in?
This article is very interesting especially when it touches on the very revered Tok Guru.One cannot measure Tok Guru with the rod of dynastic interests,enriching the families and cronies,unbridled plundering of national wealth and 'eunuching' the judiciary and abusing the race and religion for purely selfish ends.There is no double standard in him to staying in power if what the rakyat need and we benefit immensely from it from blessed rezeki and tranquillity of mind.If there is any of the UMNO leaders which falls under this category we are very happy to stick by him.Just visit his abode at Pulau Melaka and you know what this reverence means.

matsingkong said...

Tok Guru aziz is 100 times better than all the UMNO leaders put together. But PAS need to have a strategy on succession planning...Tok Guru is strong morally and spiritually but eventually will grow tired physically and mentally. This we cant refute , when it comes to ageing. PAS need to gradually phase out Tok Guru amicably with someone with his drive and conviction but with more youth..UMNO melayu is getting violent, not aggressive in future...

Lalok said...

Awang maybe selamat in his chicken coop, but he might not be selamat in the hereafter, for all the b.s. he had written in the nausea messenger. Even the nauseous articles will read against him there, the day of reckoning will make him sweat.