Saturday, December 3, 2011


Who is this obscure UMNO parliamentarian Tajuddin Abdul Rahman who claim that leaders in the opposition are inexperience, knows nothing about managing the economy, will appoint a Prime Minister who is a non Malay and predicts that the share market is doom if Pakatan Rakyat (PR) were to govern the country. This man must be a super doper clairvoyant who knows the worse about others and the future, except not knowing about him and what his fate will be if PR does take over the government. He gave the impression that all is damn with others, but with the exception of himself. I thought that if he was smart, why wasn’t he made the Prime Minister or given a ministerial post or be elected to a top party post? I think he simply isn’t smart – that’s the reason why he is just an ordinary parliamentarian at 60 years old and with nothing to prove his scholarly attributes and Machiavellian managerial, political and economic skills. And at 60, he might as well forget being a winnable candidate in the upcoming election. This reminds me of a complaint by Tun Mahathir made recently when he said that UMNO now lacks leaders of quality, and I think Tajuddin is surely one of them.

I just do not understand what is happening to UMNO today, and this year’s General Assembly is nothing more than an assembly of red and white attired men and women to spew condemnation at the opposition, to arouse race and religious suspicion, and to support what is morally wrong undertaken by its members. There is absolutely nothing in the speeches of its leaders that dare to accuse and challenge the many wrong doings of its top leaders; but with the exception of a lady delegate from Pahang Datuk Wan Amizan Wan Abdul Razak who claimed that the NFC scandal has brought difficulties and disrepute to the party. Now, where are the champions of UMNO i.e. I mean the men that are suppose to lead the party? Not a whimper – just dumb and mute, or have they chosen to wear skirts now? All that they dare talk about are words to ‘apple polish’ their bosses so that they look good. They being stupid do not really matter.

I was in a taxi travelling home yesterday morning and the driver was an Indian man from Kedah who spoke fluent Malay with a typical Kedah accent. I noticed he had an Indian local daily placed on the front seat beside him. I asked him, “What’s the prime news in the daily”. He said it is all about the UMNO General Assembly, and laughingly he said.”Depa ni dok cakap cakap saja. Susah kami depa tak tau dan saya ni dah pandu taxi hampir 20 tahun. Tadi saya baru hantak ramai orang UMNO dan depa dok cakap pasai cara nak jadi kaya saja” I just keep listening to him and finally he said, “Pilihan raya in saya tak tau lah. Mungkin UMNO tumbang kot. Itu kata orang kampong saya”. From the short conversation that I had with the taxi driver, I sense he is politically active and conscious of the happenings within the country, and the remarks that he uttered to me can strongly influence the minds of an unsuspecting passengers. I believe taxi drivers make excellent front liners to the politically conscious rakyat, and can also act as a ‘propaganda machine’ of any political party.

And to go back to Tajuddin and his nonsensical claims, I wish to invite him to seriously read the Auditor General’s (AG) report on the performance of all the states governed by the opposition to see what these states have achieved since the takeover from the BN in 2008. I think Tajuddin is blind to the reality that the opposition controlled states had outperformed their BN predecessors, for he should be ashamed if he had read the AG report carefully. The report wasn’t prepared by the opposition, but by a legally constituted and neutral body manned by people of the highest integrity. And if Tajuddin does not believe in what was provided in the AG report, than he had better not open his big mouth and spew nonsense. Let me tell Tajuddin this, that the opposition controlled states was able to rein on corruption which the BN governing states simply couldn’t. And wasn’t it Tun Mahathir who claimed that UMNO is corrupt from top to bottom? Now, what else has Tajuddin got to say to this?



monty said...

This Tajuddin fellow is nothing more than an UMNO cronie. He cannot see what is right from wrong and that goes for almost all of the UMNOputras.Joining UMNO is nothing more than to lobby for contracts and to cheat from the allocation disburse to them for implementation.They never had the sincerity to think of helping the rakyat. Just imagine 2700 over delegates from UMNO deciding the fate and future well-being of 28 million. And with characters like Tajuddin and company uttering rubbish in the Convention including the PM and DPM, I think our country is in trouble if the rakyat don't kick them out in this coming GE13.

bruno said...

Dato,this hopeless guy Tajudin Abdul Rahman is sprewing garbage,to attract the attention of his political masters.He knows that he is not a winnable and over the hill candidate.So he hopes that by causing a ruckus he might hit the lottery.Well he might have better luck on the lottery,poor him.After all he and most of his collegues are all empty barrels.In other words they are gone cases.

bruno said...

Dato,this year's Umno gathering and rallying of the troops before the elections is the most absurd and surprising of all general assemblies.All the keynote speakers come out bashing at the opposition,instead of praising their track records.They all have nothing to talk or boast to the delegates of the good work that Umno has done except to talk bad about others.

It clearly shows that Umno is bankrupt of ideas and leadership of how to lead the nation out of the doldrums.Scandals after scandals involving their ministers and cronies have left Umnoputras desperate.And as we know desperate people do desperate things.And they are all grasping as if it were their last breath.

And their champions of champions Perkasa prince Abrahim Ali is as quite as a tikus.As far as Abrahim Ali is concerned,Umno is a gone case.He has given up hope and is bracing for the worse.He must be regretting over and over again of coming home to Umno,as now he is no longer a winabble candidate.

This years Umno general assembly is opposition bashing and fear mongering.Trying to play up May 13 to scare the people.It is time the people especially the Malays come to their senses and put an end and kick out these irresonsible good for nothing leaders.

Even the scandal scarred Shahtizat was spared from a spanking.What more can be said of a ruling regime that came out to defend the indefendsible.By now the Umno GOM must be on top to becoming the winner of the international political joker of the year awards.

Najib is surrounded all around by clowns and Brutuses.That is why he is seemed as useless,gutless, helpless,directionless and flip-flopping all the time.How can Najib lead the BN into the elections with all the corrupted crooks around him.

Frankie said...


Its people like this Tajuddin Abdul Rahman that the likes of Najib, Muhyiddin, Hishamuddin, Nazri, Mukhriz, Mahathir, et al, love and want to have in their UMNO party because people like Tajuddin makes the UMNO leadership think they are more intelligent and the chosen ones to lead UMNO and the country.

UMNO is filled with people like Tajuddin who:-
1) cannot read nor reason
2) have low or retarded mental disabilities
3) are easily led by their noses by their leaders/warlords
4) apple polish and boot lick their leaders shoes, sarongs and other parts of their body anatomy
5) have nothing to do except to wait for contracts to fall on their laps/sarongs
6) fully dependent on UMNO crutches and wheelchairs
7) cause the disintegration and destruction of their fellow malay brothers and sisters
8) destroy the gentle and warm culture of the malay people

exrmafazhar said...

Dato, this Tajuddin fellow is just a loose cannon still trying to make his mark in UMNO. If i am not mistaken he makes an impression in UMNO during the Team A Team B 'conflicts'. Maybe he still harbours the idea of being pick up as a candidate in the next election and perhaps can replace Zambry as the MB of Perak (i think thats where he is from).

Yes, taxi drivers makes good informants. Travel with taxi a few times a week and try to start to converse with the driver and you will get the latest of the latest.

Lalok said...

Depa ni semua perasan depa la yg paling pandai utk mentadbir negara. Indeks rasuah pun makin tinggi, punya la nak pertahankan kuasa depa agar terus dapat menipu rakyat sampai dah ke tahap mcm kuku besi, org lain semua tak betul, aku sorang betul, well, perangai macam ni mmg tak lama la depa dok kat atas tu. Dont worry Dato, majority of Malaysians are wide awaken already. Only depa2 yg masih duduk bawah tempurung dan bermentaliti zaman tok nadoq yg akan pangkah umngok.