Saturday, December 3, 2011


I was asked by a friend to view the 1.32 minutes video of Shahrizat lambasting PKR and claiming her innocence over the NFC affair. Actually, I was tempted to view the video much earlier but I thought it would be a waste of time because I have read so much what the video was all about. But having viewed the video reluctantly, I felt entertained and somewhat hilarious at what I saw – a Hindustani look alike lady at the top of her voice and gesturing aggressively at an audience that seems to enjoy the antics (some unwomanly) of the lady.

To Shahrizat, let me say this – that you have got it all wrong, and the General Assembly is certainly not the forum to defend the alleged wrong doing of your family members. Just leave that to the police, and are you not having some comfort when the Deputy IGP commented that so far the police investigation of the NFC hasn’t revealed any evidence of impropriety. The alleged wrong doing is a private matter that has to be resolved by your family members, and since you yourself have said that you have nothing to do with the NFC affair, then why raised it at the assembly? Defend it in the court when the case gets dragged into the court.

In defending the NFC and that of her family, Shahrizat took to tasked PKR Wanita Chief Zuraida Kamaruddin and challenged her to asked PKR President Dr. Wan Azizah to resign. Now, what is the connection between the NFC and seeking Dr. Wan Azizah’s resignation? Is Dr. Wan Azizah in connivance with the NFC affair? If Shahrizat has a grudge to settle with Zuraida, why get Dr. Wan Azizah into the fry? Just get directly at Zuraida. Using such an argument makes Shahrizat, a lawyer herself looked lame, desperate, lost, and unprincipled and lacking in reasonable judgment.

What I think is most hilarious are the ‘court jester’ like support that Shahrizat gets from her predominantly women audience i.e. the clapping, cheers and laughter. Having seen the spontaneous reaction of the audience, I now believe Shahrizat makes an excellent actress. It is so obvious that her audiences are all blind and ignorant of the truth, and if this is the nature of UMNO Wanita today i.e. to blindly support an act that is deemed wrong by many, then I dare say that this wing of UMNO is doomed to failure.



ramleideas said...

Dear Sir,
I have been following your writing since I found it three weeks ago. I'm proud to still have Malaysians who are concerned about our honor, dignity and pride. In addition I hope that more would be said about honoring the rakyats hope and wishes of a caring and trustworthy government.You wrote and analyzed the issues well. Congratulation. Thank you and take care.

bruno said...

Dato,first of all what we cannot understand is why PM Najib as a seasoned politician took a back seat on this NFC fiasco.As soon as this scandal broke out,he should have all the facts in front of him and sent her packing.Instead he and his very highly overpaid,buta gaji advisers let the scandal steamrolled and balloned.Dr Mahathir would have chased her out without ever blinking an eye.

One thing about Shahrizat using the assembly to gather support for her family's wrong doing is absurd and shameless.And the beauty of it is she was cheered on and applaused by her wanitas.Something must be very wrong.Either these wanitas need to have their brains examined or they must be very scared of her or the goons hanging around the assembly hall.

But by playing the blame game,all the acting and being the best actress at the assembly is not going to save her skin.Shahrizat is a liability and damaged goods and her enemies who wanted her out will make sure she is out.And as the GE will likely be in the first quarter and latest first half of next year,most probably she will be outed by end of this year.

bruno said...

Dato,at the way Shahrizat is behaving and throwing her tantrums she definitely is not going away without a fight.It is a dog eat dog situation at Wanita Umno.But definitely her enemies at Wanita is not going to let her off easily.

Even heavyweight Rafidah can be outed by a lightweight like Shahrirat.Eventually when one's baggage has got too heavy and caught up with oneself,it is time to go.If one is stuborn and insists on hanging on,like Rafidah,will have to exit with her head held low.

Even Rafidah's diehard supporters cannot fend off the challenge of the other faction,because of the anger caused by the AP scandal.Now the cows scandal is going to gobbled up wanita's second major casualty.And there is nothing Shahrizats diehard supporters can do.

mike joey said...

Without the need to view her corrupt face on video she to the general public is as guilty as charged for squandering public money in the NFC fiasco. She in the UMNO Assembly trying very hard to divert her guilt is of no use to us but maybe to the blind Wanita UMNOputra delegates. This is typical of UMNOputra croonies who feel no shame in stealing tax-payers money for their own use. She still hope to be included in the coming GE13 Election List. I think she will be in as DPM & PM still needs people like her to 'milk the cow' for UMNOputras. Otherwise, where to to get the money to go shopping spree overseas every now and then.I will wait for the day if I live long enough, to see the last phase or the last lap of their lives when they are about to 'check-out'. God forbid!

tahaneverest02 said...

If Wanita UMNO is so supportive of Shahrizat as seen from the video recording of the UMNO Assembly, then I sincerely hope our PM should put her back again to contest in the Lembah Pantai constituency this coming GE13. No problem, even if she lose again, usher her in again as a Minister via the same 'back-door' tactic. This sort of thing is happening after every GE where the GOM wants those 're-cycle goons' to make the numbers in the corrupt Cabinet. No? Have another closer look at the Cabinet set-up again.

Mej. A R Ramachandran (Retired) said...

looks like the circus has come to town. What more needs to said?

Kamal Sanusi said...

Salam Dato

Agenda Rakyat??? None in all speeches.

Agenda Peribadi??? All most in all speeches.

Effective 01-12-11, levy of 1% is imposed in out total electric bill which was quietly done. Reason given by TNB is to raise fund for alternative energy which at the end of the day, their crony will benefit more.

Not too hash for me to say all wanita in umno is lembu having mak lembu as leader who try to lembu others. Well, not me!!!...

Frankie said...


The mere fact that Sharizat having lost her Lembah Pantai seat and yet was given a ministerial portfolio by Najib only proves that UMNO has no capable people at all. So it is no surprise that the obese Wanita UMNO supporters clapping and cheering Sharizat are worse than the remaining cattle in the NFC farm in Gemas. At least the remaining heads of cattle in the NFC farm are of use to Meatworks in the form of their meat but these obese Wanita UMNO suporters are good for nothing at all.

It all speaks volumes of UMNO filled with mindless and brainless people/(cattle) which therefore allows those at the UMNO helm with a speckle of brain (just a tiny speckle though) to continue as their leaders and warlords. No wonder only those with the loudest noise but empty in their heads are commanding all the attention because they are like cowherds herding their cattle (UMNO supporters) to be slaughtered.

exrmafazhar said...

Bila Shahrizat mula menyinsing lengan baju dan starts throwing tantrums at the the opposition, my teh tarik pal at a local restoran mamak, started to exclaim " OMG harap janganlah si makcik ni mula tarik kain dia keatas pinggang pulak... ish ish bahaya ni" We had a good laugh dan tak kering gusi the whole day.
Shahrizat, you make my day lah.

monty said...

I sometimes really wonder whether these UMNOputras are God-fearing. If say,they all pray 5 times a day which I tend to believe they do, then how is it they still persist in their corrupt practices day in day out? Perhaps I am much incline to believe that they are a bunch of hypocrites.God-fearing people don't behave like that. They don't dare steal tax-payers money nor scandalize other people. What are they made of? No feelings of guilt nor shame. Pl Dato, continue with your crusade against corruption. You can count me.

matsingkong said...

The danger of Wanita UMNO breeding and populating the masses is dangerous. Their next generation will support 'blind loyalty' with the fear of being reminded 'syurga di bawah tapak kaki ibu'.Or is Rosmah the puppeteer pulling the nose of Wanita UMNO?
For PKR, they need more of Siti Aishah Shaik Ismail's calibre to upstage Wanita UMNO's mentality...

azmie said...

reminds me of the 'just for laugh' stints. nothing beats a good pathetic clown act