Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I watched the news on TV3 last night, only to catch a glimpse of Agriculture Minister Noh Omar speaks about some proposed federal development funding for the state of Selangor. Being the Agriculture Minister, I would expect him to speak about his grand idea of how the federal funding will be used to benefit farmers in the state. I would expect that such funding is to further reinforce state funding.

He spoke about the many federal funded projects lined up for the state but did not elaborate what are the natures of the projects. Of course, he quoted some costs that the federal government would be providing for the projects. The amount would sound attractive to most, but certainly not me, simply because I am not a contractor or a possible benefactor of any state projects that are either state or federal funded.

I continued to listen to Noh Omar speaking, and I was horrified to hear him say that people (I suppose he was referring to the people of Selangor) must know that the funds for the projects are from the federal government (supposedly referring to UMNO/BN). He quoted a particular infrastructure project for the Shah Alam municipality, just to impress viewers and the people of Selangor in particular that the fund for the project isn’t from the state government. What arrogance is this?

So you see the kind of mind set that this Selangor parliamentarian has. He thinks that the federal fund belongs to UMNO/BN, or maybe it is from his own pocket. Does he not know that the Selangor government and its people also contribute towards the federal coffer? I think Selangor being the riches state in the federation must be the largest contributor to the federal coffer. It is the people’s money my dear Noh Omar, and even if you say the money is from the federal government, the people of Selangor too have a share in the money.

Noh Omar can go around the state saying all that he has said on TV, but the people of Selangor aren’t that stupid anymore. They have had enough of 50 odd years of UMNO rule that only saw the wealth of the state being robbed by a handful of Malay elite. Do I need to mention who the Malay elite are? Ask my kampong folks in Ulu Langat; they will tell you.

My brotherly advice to Noh Omar is to always think before you speak. Even the pay and allowances that you get is not from UMNO/BN; it is from tax payer’s money. So please do not make any distinction between federal or state funding. The source of funding is still from the people.



Kamal Sanusi said...

Salam Dato'

Noh Omar is just another person yg dijangkati penyakit 1Najib who in every speech will mention 1juta here and 4juta there from KERAjaan BEER-END. At the end of the day, nothing is materialized even if they manage to take back S'gor.

Just like Najib who announced RM400M fund to ease the loss of bus operators in pretext to improve public transport system.

If we add, sum-up and total up all the 1juta here and 1juta there, I'm pretty sure 1Malaysia has no such monies.

Only those people who has no brain can be very happy to hear such speech without ability to digest and think what they are talking round-about.

Noh Omar is dreaming to be MB of S'gor but I believe he has not gut to contest for ADUN seat, heheeheee...

exrmafazhar said...


Percakapan saperti Noh Omar luahkan tu dah selalu kita dengar. Memang dah meluat kita dengar. Orang macam kita ni yang faham sikit tentang perjalanan kewangan negara tentu tidak termakan dengan apa yg diperkatakan. Tetapi yang menjadi masaalah ialah ramai rakyat (terutama orang melayu) yang termakan dengan kata kata sebegini. Mereka mengangap UMNO, Kerajaan Pusat dan kewangan negara itu satu. Mereka tak faham yang Perbendaharan Negara itu kepunyaan rakyat bukan Umno.
So we all have a duty to explain these to the rakyat and one way is through blogs like Mind No Evil. Tapi ramai tak baca blogs saperti makcik pakcik yang sibuk dengan hidup seharian. We have to reach to them.

bruno said...

Dato,the present Najib cabinet consists of two thirds deadwood ministers,who are so stupid that they don't know how to make use of their brains.And Nor Omar is one of them.If this Nor Omar guy had any brains,he would have kept quite instead of coming out to try and defend the NFC fiasco.

He thinks that his papa Umno is paying for his salary.Somebody forgot to tell him that that the people are their paymasters,and he and his cabinet collegues are actually servants of the people.And somebody also forget to tell him that the money in Umno's coffers also was stolen from the people.

And the mansions that Umnoputras are living in are bought with money stolen from the people.The mistresses that Umno politicians are keeping are maintain with money stolen from the people.And the clothes Umnoputras have on themselves are bought with money stolen from the people.

If he needs to be told of all the Umnoputras doing this and doing that,then he must be the biggest fool around.This time around he will surely know that the people are his bosses.And this time around will be the coming GE 13th,when Nor Omar might even lose his deposit.

tahaneverest02 said...

This idiot Noh Omar is really brainless and that is what is expected coming out of his mouth. He does'nt understand that every single cent he gets from the Govt is from the people and that is why he is a Govt SERVANT and to SERVE the people.
But all these UMNOputras/BN fools think that the money belongs to them and that they are doing the people a GREAT FAVOUR when they have the power to allocate funds for State and federal projects. No wonder during the recent UMNO Assembly they have nothing to offer in terms of short and long term economic developments for the country other than spewing out words of hatred against the Chinese and Christians. This TV3 talk by him is also all 'hot air' and an election gimmick. Noh Omar, don't think the rakyat are fools, if you are one yourself.

suhaimi said...

Salam Dato,
Sudah terlalu banyak wang diberikan oleh UMNO/BN - RM100, RM500, dsb. Begitu juga peruntukan demi peruntukan yang dijanjikan,termasuk dividen demi dividen daripada ASB, ASN, Tabung Haji dan kelak daripada LTAT, EPF, dsb. Begitu juga kenaikan gaji 7 - 15% kepada kakitangan awam yang dijangka dilaksanakan pada bulan Januari tahun depan. Tidakkah ini semua umpan (baca: rasuah) untuk pengundi menjelang PRU13?
Saya percaya tidak sedikit yang terpengaruh (termasuk orang bijak pandai)dan melihat semua itu sebagai kebaikan UMNO/BN. Nampaknya inilah strategi utama mereka untuk kekal di tampuk kuasa. Mereka ketandusan isu dan hanya mempunyai wang rakyat sebagai kelebihan yang digunakan untuk kepentingan dan keserakahan mereka.
Jika mereka memenangi PRU13, kita akan mempunyai kerajaan haram yang mentadbirkan dan mengurus segala hal ehwal negara mengikut selera mereka. Dan kita (tanpa kecuali, termasuk anak, cucu, cicit kita) akan menanggung bala bencananya.
Bagaimana dapat kita jelaskan kepada rakyat jelata strategi jahat dan haram ini, Dato, terutamanya kepada orang Melayu Islam kita?

Mej. A R Ramachandran (Retired) said...

Dear Dato'
I believe all these prime time oratory is designed to target the poor masses. Do you as a father tell your children whether it was you or the good Datin our your parents who paid for what and so on and so on? Surely not, unless you want them to specifically thank you profusely and worship you. Here is how the people are misled, misinformed and simply screwed, without even them knowing about it. It has been done for many years, and I am not ashamed to say that I was a victim too. Such is the sad state of affairs. Good, wholesome honesty simply does not exist anymore.

Anonymous said...

So next time round do not elect stupid people to become stupid minister unless the raayat is stupid.

josh said...

This is the typical stereo type of UMNO/BN politicians - full of arrogance! After over 50 years ruling over Malaysia, they have made believe themselves that Malaysia is their own, not the rakyat. If states like Selangor and Penang do not contribute to the federal coffers, where would these ruffians/warlords with a mafia mentality get the funds from?tricales

bruno said...

Dato,instruments meant for forcasting the weather should only be used for that particular purposes.My mistake was to used it to make political predictions,especially about a lady minister of lembus.This lady has proven that she has a hide thicker than a water kerbau.

This scandal scarred lady minister is hanging tough and her actions suggested that she will not be sending her already packed moving boxes and suitcases via Fed-Ex by end of year or anytime sooner.By her actions of hanging tough and the tidak apa attitude on PM Najib in sending her packing,is a clear signal that the GE is in the second or third quarter.

It clearly shows that Umno is a wounded animal and with moral at its lowest,is not ready to face battle anytime soon.

Lalok said...

It's normal for umngoks to claim that all belong the nation's treasure belongs to them. They've been so perasan till they act and talk like nobody business, arrogance and obnoxious to the core. The best thing for us, their true master to do now is to kick them hard to the place they belonged...jail or lockup or mental institution..whichever they deem best for them for all the corruptions, thievery and lies they have done to the people of Malaysia...

samdegret said...

Salam Dato.watching astro awani news now n see albar talking about public tranport.WHAT THE TOOOOOOOT IS THIS RECYCLED TOOT THAT LOST HIS POST TALKING ABOUT!!!same level as isa sharizat tambi chik n other Toooottt be re used through back door!!!he is in charge of SPAD!!!NO WONDER NAJIB GIVES RM400M!!!Another Nfc in d making!!!!he talks about making the public tranport better but tdy i waited 3 TOOOOOT HOURS FOR THE KTM TRAIN TO ARRIVE.Ticket is 9AM train came at 12PM!!!!