Friday, December 2, 2011


I find it perplexing and weird that Deputy IGP Khalid Bakar should come out with a comment that the investigation into the NFC fiasco has not revealed any element of corruption; worse still at a time to coincide with the UMNO’s General Assembly. Why has Khalid to make such a comment now when the issue is being debated profusely within and outside UMNO? What right has he to make that comment when investigation is still ongoing? Is he preempting a decision that the case will eventually be thrown out of the window? Pardon me for saying this i.e. that Khalid’s comment stinks and I think that’s generally the perception of the rakyat.

I am quite sure by now public perception towards Khalid and the comment he made isn’t going to be favourable. I am already beginning to hear all kind of negative remarks about Khalid with some calling him a stooge (kuda tunggangan) of UMNO. Certainly, his action points to that and the public cannot be blamed for this. What Khalid did, I am certain will further erode the confidence and support of the rakyat towards the police force that is already in tatters, blamed in part to the previous police leadership.

Being a professional police officer, Khalid should have known when and when not to make a comment or statement that has generated so much of public interest, concern and even anger. Shahrizat had demonstrated her anger at the UMNO general assembly (that isn’t the right forum), but she also ought to know that public anger and distaste towards her may be even worse. Set aside how UMNO views the case, but when it is of public interest, Khalid ought to be extremely careful not to further arouse public anger.

NFC involves RM250 million of tax payers money and this is no small amount, given to the family of a minister. This can be construed as cronyism, and if it isn’t cronyism, what else can it be called. It would have been different if the project was funded by a commercial bank. And I don’t think anyone would have bothered if the project fails or otherwise.

Now, how is UMNO going to defend such an act and say that the party does not condone cronyism, when the very act is so obviously done under their very noses? You know, if a similar case were to occur in Japan or Korea, and regardless of whosoever is involved, the answer is suicide. And in China, the person would have been executed. Of course, I am not telling Shahrizat or anyone of her family to hang themselves, but at least be modest enough not react in a way that she did during the assembly…… was unnecessary and shameful. Shahrizat ought to remember too that the accolades and support she received does not reflect a similar sentiment, that of all Malaysian women. The proof of her support can only be determined during the upcoming elections i.e. if she still aspires to contest in her previous constituency.

Finally to Deputy IGP Khalid Bakar please be more careful in what you do or say. Remain professional and apolitical, and never for once be perceived to support an ‘ailing politician’ like the way you did. This is what the rakyat wants of you.



bruno said...

Dato,it is an accepted fact that all the heads of the public institutions are running dogs of the Umno GOM,say except maybe the Auditor General.From the AG Patail,MACC,PDRM down to the civil service.None of the public institutions or GLC's are independent.

If the public institutions are truly independent,there wouldn't be so widespread rampant corruption going on.This rampant corruption starts from the very top.From the cabinet down to the office peon.

That the DIGP makes such a fool of himself proves that he got to be where he is,is because not of his experience in law enforcement but of cronyism.He shoulh hide his face under the missus sarong,as he is useless as a law enforcsment officer and dapat buta gaji,and his buta gaji is not paid by his political masters but by the rakyat.

bruno said...

Dato,it is a wonder how the Umno GOM can corrupt all the heads of the public institutions.Even rampant corruption going on in the PDRM.PDRM personnels are supposed to maintain law and order in the country.So if the police from the IGP down to the traffic cops are mostly corrupted,who then is going to look after law and order.The drug pushers,robbers,murderers and rapists?Maybe Umno's RELA goons and Umno youth's mat rempits.

mitchell said...

Dato, there have been quite a few comments on "Arab Spring" will never happen here!!, the passing of the new Assembly Act...with the rakyat (and quite a number of senior police officers) getting totally disgusted and helpless with the attitude of the IGP and Deputy, do not blame the raykat if a "Malaysian Monsoon" takes place at Dataran Merdeka soon.

joe choy said...

Let me say this and get it off my chest. D/IG Khalid is not a fool as has brains and being an educated cop. To me he is using his brains to curry favour UMNO in particular Sharizat when he came out with his very, very unprofessional statement in the midst of the UMNO Convention that no element of CBT was involved in the NFC. Now any layman could see that such a statement was a planned statement to sway UMNO delegates from pinning any blame on Sharizat in the NFC fiasco.But by such bias statement issued even before the conclusion of the investigation has certainly put Khalid in bad light and had painted himself as a stooge, ballslicker and runner for UMNO. But this fellow has skin as thick as a crocodile and has no shame. This put him in the UMNOputra category. This is the same guy who said that the young malay boy who was shot dead by police in a car chase in Shah Alam had a parang in the car and is a criminal. But the Court case NEVER mentioned about the parang being found and a policeman was convicted for the shooting. This cop certainly has a 'big-mouth'. Khalid becareful....GOD is watching. Don't be like Che Johar, then its too late. People will remember those who do good even long after they pass on but not those who are being cursed.

matsingkong said...

Bruno, do not forget , running dogs did not skip MINDEF.And Khalid is professional in keeping his turf the tune of UMNO bogeys.

azmie said...

well, their motto used to be "cepat dan pantas" or something. remember aminulrasyid? even before any investigation started, this moron claimed that the boy is a criminal equipped with parang trying to ram the police car. what else can we expect

cskok8 said...

I think he just walked into Bukit Aman with his eyes closed; therefore did not see anything and said so accordingly. If he plays his cards right, this idiot will be the next IGP. Thats more frightening.


Salam Dato'!

Pendapat saya dia nak jadi IGP cepat.....Wallahuaqlam.

Mayday... sorry Practice Pan(ic) said...

Salam Dato, my untie came back from PWTC after hearing the Shahrizad speech felt disgusted and nauseating. How come, such a matured Wanita like her using the forum not to explain but blaming others, what worse, there are so many of them supporting her, clapping hands in support. My question - dont they know what is right or wrong. To me if I were given the loan by the govt to buy a car, and instead buying a house they will drag me to court in no time. This BOLEHLAH land applicable to those ruling elite only.

Frankie said...


The public's opinion of the PDRM is already extremely negative prior to the PDRM so called "investigations" into the NFC for CBT. When MACC refused to investigate Sharizat or the NFC for possible corruption and conveniently passed the case to the PDRM, the public was more or less expecting the PDRM to return a "no evidence of criminal fraud or CBT" as further proof that the PDRM is working solely to protect UMNO and its cronies.

It is now so obvious to all and sundry that the PDRM itself is corrupt to its core and serving only the interests of the ruling UMNO-BN elites and its cronies. The PDRM is used as weapon against anyone who opposes UMNO-BN. This is the same PDRM that refuses to investigate any wrong-doings of its Master UMNO because there were no police reports made but did not hesitate to make police reports themselves to investigate alledged wrong doings by the Opposition. How more one sided and biased can the PDRM get??

Its only the naive and ignorant Malaysians who still believe the PDRM is independent to protect the public's safety and security. To these naive and ignorant group of Malaysians, please wake up from your deep slumber and see the PDRM for what they really are. A truly rotten bunch of scycophants and crooks.

bruno said...

Dato,as rampant corruption and cronyism was started in the Mahathir era,it is of no surprise that two much despised men connected to law enforcement saw their career mushroomed during that time.

One of them is the present AG Patail,who is the most corrupted AG,and Musa Hassan,the former IGP also the most corrupted IGP in Malaysia's history.And these two lowdowns saw their careers sky rocketted during and after Anwar's first sodomy trial.Like the saying,one man's misery is another man's happiness.Only in Umno Malaysia,Ghani and Musa mesti boleh.

naruto said...

Salam Dato

I just being practical here. In this issue, let me put it in an analogy:

Let say Dato, you are the Penghulu, appointed by the Sultan of Pasir Dua Butir (he hee .. just copycat Laksamana DoReMi story-line).

I want to start a NFC-like project and apply the government loan from you. Since my paperwork is good even though I did not pay the copyright fee to the rightful owner, you and other Tok-Tok Sidang decided that my paperwork is workable and surely it will generate more income to the State of Pasir Dua Butir. So the Sidang (board) chaired by you approved the loan.

Since there was no mechanism was put in placed on how the loan should be disbursed, so it was executed in the manner as your officer felt it should be upon your approval.

So, what I will do is that, just play the paperwork game. Since you are too busy concentrating on defending your fort in the incoming election, you just signed on the approval column. After all, my father is one of the Sultan's 'left' man. So, you assumed what is the problem.....

Then the Sultan appoint Tok Lurus Bendul to audit the project and his report as what the AG's report on NFC project. To make it short, the was reports made to SPRM and PDRM about my 'wrong-doing'.

Well, what I will say is that; when you Dato disbursed the money to me, what I should do with the money is my business! Whether I want to marry again 3 times, by luxury cars or buy a condo next to Sultan palace; what's wrong with that?

After all I should paid the loan in next few years time and the installment is just 'ciput' only!! When Tuan Wannabe IGP say that there is no criminal act is done, he is about 95% correct. Do did the Commissioner of SPRM when he say there is no element of CBT.

When rakyat say it is morally wrong, YES, I agree to that. But moral is not a law. It is the slacking in the government system for so many years that a lot of political-related businessman like me take a lot of opportunity.

Take example the Project Bandar Malaysia which planned on the land where RMAF Base Sg Besi curently located. If you asked whether the Armed Forces or RMAF do submit their strategic military view point with regard to the existing of the base, I sure there are lots of smart and clever generals have do that. However, as everybody well aware, this is top-bottom project. It is a wahyu and staff at the ministry had to execute the wahyu.

In short, as long as this system still in practice and politic is a method for one to get rich quicker, you can expect another PKFZ or NFC scandals will come out again!!!