Saturday, December 10, 2011


The ‘Malaysian Maverick’ has finally spoken. Tun Dr Mahathir was reported to have suggested that Women Minister Shahrizat Jalil, whose family members are embroiled in the NFC fiasco “should leave before being chased out by her party”. Those words can be summed up as being in agreement that the NFC fiasco has burdened the party and its leadership to the extent that it is beginning to threaten the very survival of the government itself. If this is still not understood by Shahrizat and all those within the party that had supported her, then UMNO is in very serious problem. I think, it is not only Shahrizat that has to go, but including her staunch supporters i.e. Khairy Jamaluddin, Noh Omar and including Muhyiddin Yasin himself, for misleading the party with poor reasoning and wrongful judgment.

As I have said in some previous postings, this issue was badly handled by the party and government. It was the Agriculture Minister Nor Omar who beat them all by coming to the defence of the project, when he himself isn’t quite sure what the project was all about. Then came Khairy Jamaluddin, who for whatever reason, chipped in with his own version of the project of which he wasn’t part off. Or was he directly involved, since he was the powerful 28 years old in full reign at Level 4 of the Prime Minister’s Department then? In the case of Muhyiddin Yasin who was then the Agriculture Minister when the project was approved, he was in his quiet self contemplating what all to say if being questioned. Even PM Najib dipped his hand into the issue by issuing a statement, while he was abroad.

So you see, while the NFC was deemed a mess by the Auditor General, UMNO and its ministers thinks otherwise, and has made the mess into a bigger mess. It is similar to what most people would say – “if you want to defend a lie, you need to defend it with a bigger lie”. Now the NFC fiasco has become so indefensible that the only way out of the predicament for the party is to ask Shahrizat to leave.

Now, since the NFC issue has been blown up to untold proportion, it would be better for Sharizat to leave and to spare her colleagues in the party and government the agony of defending her personal and private matter. But Shahrizat has said that she will not leave because she thinks that this is a ploy by the opposition to get at her. Now that Tun Dr Mahathir has said his piece, we will have to leave it to Shahrizat to decide herself; not the party or for Najib to make the official announcement.

As for her supporters, I think it would also be best that they too consider leaving for it was because of them that had boosted the morale and spirit of Shahrizat to act like a Hindustani heroine during the UMNO General Assembly, which became so popular on You Tube. I simply could not believe my eyes upon seeing her act.

To Khairy Jamaluddin, the challenge to a debate with PKR’s Rafizi Ramli over the NFC is long awaited. Surely, Khairy being in the know about the origins of the NFC should stand a better chance at defeating Rafizi in the debate.

Finally, my brotherly advice to Shahrizat is this – “It’s over to you now. The problem is your family’s own creation that has to be resolved by your own family members. Dragging the party into the mess isn’t right. So have the courage to do what is right for yourself and the family”.



bruno said...

Dato,when the NFC fiasco first broke out,Najib should have taken the initiative and took the bull by its horn.It would have made him look good,like a real strong leader and at the same time do damage control.Instead he took a back seat and lost an golden oppuntunity and let the scandal balloned.And now the cow's scandal has come back to haunt him.

And the master politician Dr Mahathir has once again come to the rescue of his beloved Umno.
As usual the saviour is the good guy and white knight Dr Mahathir.
Now when Dr Mahathir says that it is time to go,Shahrizat better pay heed to the master.So now Shahrirat
has to exit with her head held low,without rows and rows of wanitas waiting to bid her farewell.

Too bad for Shahrizat,for she was a hardworking minister.Like people
used to say,powerful people are not easy to topple.The only way powerful people can be brought down is due to their weaknesses. And that is greed and sex.

LaM said...

Quite ironic isn't it. Mahathir is a bigger devil than Shahrizat. It was mahathir who nurtured and cultured the act of corruption by those in power. Shahrizat just followed mahthir's example.

So you see there is no way out for malaysians except to kick out of Umno. Once Umno is kicked out, then you can flush out all the corrupt people in Umno including mahathir by taking them to court.

I hope, armed forces personnels and their exs should not be like the police who are being used, misused and abused by Umno and who supported Umno blindly.

maurice said...


I am utterly shocked when you refer TDM as "Malaysian Maverick".

Looking at the meaning of the word maverick in Oxford English Dictionary, I do no think TDM deserves the description.

A man who has brought much development to the country and putting Malaysia on the world surely deserve a better recognition.For example why not use such description as , ' Our wise TDM has finally spoken.' More befitting our Malaysian culture, I should say.

bruno said...

Dato,first of all the former Agriculture Minister Mr Moo must take responsibility for the NFC fiasco.It was under his charge that the project was awarded to Shahrizat's family.And the money was given to them without any concern or monitoring whether the project was up and running.

Then the supposedly smart guy from Oxford,Mr Khairy is not so smart after all.As an Umno youth national leader,Khairy and his predecessor Hisham are clowns.
Khairy jumping the gun on LGE's son and defending the indefensible cow's minister.Hisham on his handling of Abrahim Ali,the detention of the six activists and Bersih.

Mr Moo,Khairy and Muhyiddin are the Malaysian version of the three stooges.Maybe they should be called the three 'bungling lembus'.
No wonder Najib is kadang kabut and always flip flopping with these clowns around him.And if these clowns are not enough for Najib,he has half a cabinet of backdoor ministers to content with.

With the largest cabinet entourage
in history,and the most highly paid PR staff,Najib still cannot do damage control on the cow's scandal.So how is the GOM going to look after twenty eight million Malaysians.Maybe after all these time Umno still need and missed the services of their master,Dr Mahathir.

maurice said...

Gengkhis Khan,
I think you are taking it a bit too far by saying that you need to mention the name of the person whenever you utter certain word of wisdom coined by that person in your everyday conversation.Posting our comments in a blogsite is an everyday conversation, not an execise in academic wrting where footnotes and bibliograhy are essential requirements.

For example, just look how we use these wise sayings in our everyday conversation without the need to quote the name of the person who coined them: Look Before You Leap. What Goes Around Comes Round.The Taller the Bamaboo Grows, the Lower it Bends etc.

Wise men leave wise words to be used by the world.It is an honour already to them, not necessary to know who they are.Of course it would be better to quote their name but who can remember in our everyday conversation.

komando said...

So many scandals have hit this country!

OOOO Please name me one that has sent anyone to JAIL!

Name me one BIG FISH!

No fries please!

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear Maurice,

I have used that name from the book written on Tun by Barry Wain. No offence meant.

Riversidegrass said...

Dear all,

Is "the NFC fiasco " a personal matter or a criminal case ?


If this is a personal case then the "Old but not wise"man should take into consideration.Otherwise he has totaly no right to say a single word. SHUT UP,that's it.

This is RAKYAT money, so what next ?!
Is it not a betrayal to the RAKYAT ?
Just resign and let go like taht ?!
Where is the justice ?!

“Conscience is the chamber of justice.”

nick said...

A fine advise from TDM or is it? Well, for starters TDM was well known for quitting UMNO when he did not get his way and when he deems it profitable, went back as a member. So going by that record and so many other UMNO bigwig who had left and then rejoin UMNO (for position, contract and money), the advise IMHO is ...well... for lack of a better word... it just WORTHLESS (for us ordinary citizen), just like Sharizat, just like NFC and just like a freshly placed BS on the middle of the road by a roaming cow!

TDM who recently received a lot of flak for his comment about the need for less democracy in India, is certainly not the person who has the high moral ground to give advice to Sharizat over her family's "front role" in this UMNO scam. TDM has had so many people "fronting" for him in so many scams in the past (names like Tajuddin Ramli, Ting Phek King and of course the ever "untouchable" Halim Saad) one can safely assumes that it is just a knee jerk reaction for TDM to call for Sharizat's resignation rather than a genuine sympathy and care for UMNO's well being. A genuine empathy for the well being of UMNO actually means asking ALL those who were involved in the scam to be revealed and held accountable, not just the front man, woman or child!

So TDM's advise to Sharizat is nothing more than "damage control" and a reminder to Najib to start cutting UMNO's losses otherwise UMNO will be dragged along side Sharizat (even though most behind the scene perpetrators are all from high ranking UMNO members). Sharizat in other word is expendable and UMNO can't afford to take the blame even though it is main culprit (and because there are still more treasures waiting to be looted)!


Malaysian said...

Why should Shahrizat be the only person to resign? Shahrizat is just a scapegoat so Raja Nong Chik can run for Lembah Pantai seat. I would like to see all UMNO corrupt leaders to resign too? Also, I want Tun Dr. Mahathir to admit that he stole millions of dollars from the people.


TAG said...

I am digressing but so was Maurice when he chose to comment on Genghis Khan admonishment's of our Major who cut and paste a beautiful poem without citing the source.
Genghis khan is absolutely right. That poem is not mere words of wisdom that are commonly used but a creation that many have not come across. So if you are intelligent enough to write in a public domain, you must be intelligent enough to judge when the source to be cited lest people may mistook you to be the author.
In this instance many including Dato himself thought that the Major was the creator.
It would be wise that the Major brings this matter to a closure with an apology.

Frankie said...


Sharizat had repeatedly declared "its nothing to do with me" and had conveniently tried to distance herself from her husband and children who are running the NFC fiasco. Now we will see whether Khairy Jamaluddin (the big mouth) Muhyiddin (the silent mouth) and Mohd Noh (the untrained mouth) will suddenly declare that they had "nothing to do with Sharizat".

The damage to UMNO is already done so it makes no difference whether Sharizat resigns on her own accord or she is dragged out of UMNO by a hundred cows. Once a liar, always a liar. Once a thief, always a thief.

Gengis Khan said...


It's obvious that you still have not got the hang of what I mean. Let me see if I can simplify it for you.There is a stark difference between an idiom and a quote. Look before you leap is an Idiom which is in the dictionary of idiomatic expressions and which forms part of the English language.As such idioms have no authors and can be used freely. To kill two birds with one stone is also an idiom.Metaphorically it means, to accomplish two things at one stroke. The other examples that you have given are also idioms. In the Malay language we refer to them as (Simpulan bahasa yang mempunyai dua makna.}

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” by Maya Angelou and "Do not impose on others what you yourself do not desire" by Confucius are examples of quotes and has authors.Like in the Malay language are refered to as (kata-kata mutiara) eg: "Hidup biar beradab, bukan hidup untuk biadap by-Al-Ghazali Bayruni.

My point is if you want to use quotes in your writing it is only morally right that you quote the author instead of trying to pass it on as your own work and worse still even accept accolade for it.

It is very easy to check on Google who the authors are, and in the worse case scenario you can always say, "I remember reading this some where ........"

TAG thanks for your input, in fact I had already put this matter to rest till maurice insisted on prolonging the issue and I just had to respond.


mitchell said...

No need to explain "Malaysian Maverick"...I used to admire the man, but looking at the current situation in the country, my opinion of him has spiral down. What man would sell out your country, race(owh ok, he aint a Malay) and rakyat by compromising the judiciary, by allowing the widespread of corruption, nepotism and cronyism...maybe it is time for Malaysians to learn not to mince our words, to call a spade a spade...
For me TDM is "Bapa Kemusnahan Malaysia"

mitchell said...

Isnt it odd that some choose to comment on the "title" given to TDM rather than the actual post itself...
Resigning isnt enough, the family should be brought to court for CBT and any other minister in cahoots with this debacle should pay the penalty.

samdegret said...

Salam acquaintence of mine and i sometime ago were having a chit chat n we discussed on the Surah Al Baqarah.i understood it as God punishing ppl who beat around d bush when it comes to truth n justice .my acquaintence had a rather interesting view on it where it was about corruption n usury,where to swipe a deadman with a cow's tail n raising him from the dead is akin to smiting corruption n showering justice n truth to an infertile society n flourishing Allah's rezeki baraqah upon the that i reflect upon it the stooges themselves in boleh land are directly described in the Al Quran!!!

Phychic Me said...

Looting has been a trend and this too shall pass!I'm sad cause I've worked for Shahrizat. She was indeed a nice person, so I'm shocked when this happened. I saw and heard her speech .I saw someone new! Where was the Shahrizat I Knew? Sad..sad...sad but once again this too shall pass...