Saturday, December 10, 2011


What’s wrong with JAKIM to have passed an ‘edict’ that the book titled, ‘Lee Kuan Yew: Truth to keep Singapore going’ is haram; hence the book shall be banned. I have not read the book, but what is so ‘revealing’ in the book that had JAKIM declared the book haram. Please say it out explicitly.

I am sorry to say this, but I think this is a thoughtless decision that has made the non Muslims in this country highly suspicious and weary of the Malays and Muslims. If JAKIM is so concern about the Muslim mind being influence or adulterated by what they think is bad and contrary to the teachings of Islam, then most books written about Islam that are sold openly in bookshop throughout the country ought to be declared haram as well. And why not ban books of the other faith because isn’t such book likely to influence Muslims as well?

I think JAKIM must be having the view that all Muslims in this country are weak in their faith towards their religion Islam. I say that such a view, if ever there is one is utter rubbish. Throughout my lifetime, and that’s past half a century, I am yet to hear a Muslim (regardless of their race) say something that is adverse and contrary to their faith i.e. Islam. We do often hear a Muslim criticizing another Muslim in their conduct of the faith, but never dare go against the contents of the Koran and the sayings and teaching of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Blasphemy is a dreaded word among Muslims and to be accused of being one, is like walking this earth without a soul.

The book by Lee Kuan Yew, I think is not meant to be read by any Dick, Tom and Harry. It is only bought and read by people of sound knowledge and understanding. If the book is read by Muslims, I do not think they can be easily influence by what is written, because such readers have sufficient knowledge and understanding of their religion to defend and differentiate truth from false. In fact, I am of the view that the more one understand how others perceive Islam; negatively or otherwise, the stronger and more determine will they be defending their faith. I have no doubt about this.

In the present day environment enveloping this country, because of political expediency, politicians in particular have used religion indiscriminately as a tool to frighten others (particular non Muslims) simply to buttress their own position and political survival. PERKASA is one outfit that consistently does that, and now they talk about the revival of the Keris Taming Sari to defend their Malay rights. What rights are they talking about now, when those rights have been taken away from them by their own brethrens over the last 54 years?

Now, there appears to be a conflicting statement over the ‘haram’ issue coming from the Minister in the PM Department in charge of Islamic Religious Affairs. How will be book end is much awaited.



Frankie said...


The government and the Islamic religious bodies have the view that all Malaysian muslims are either stupid, immature or very weak in their muslim faith that they have to "protect" the muslims. And how do the government and these islamic religious bodies go about "protecting" the muslims? By making the muslims even more stupid by declaring everything and anything as haram. Lee Kuan Yew's book did not insult Islam or the muslims but rather he presents his own opinion of how he sees religion. Still JAKIM ban the book. Is it politics at play and JAKIM is a mere tool of the politicians? At the rate the islamic religious bodies go about with their "holier than thou attitude", it is not surprising that non muslims feel that the muslims in this country are going backwards.

What will JAKIM do next? Perhaps JAKIM should ban the Christmas decorations and the Christmas festive songs in the shopping malls because the muslims shopping in the malls are at risk of being converted to Christianity. I've seen muslim girls having a fun time taking pictures next to decorated Christmas trees and I'm sure they would not be converted just because they were also enjoying the Christmas festive spirit. But then again, JAKIM will think that it is the Christians covert ways of converting muslims. Too far fetched? Just wait and see because these JAKIM people are so predictable.

nick said...

Now Jakim is banning a book by LKY. What's next? A book of cartoons making jokes on the UMNO leadership and their cartoonish mentality? Oh..wait! That one was banned but it was done by the Homely Minister.

According to it's website, Jakim was established sometime in the 60's and was responsible for managing and advancing the Islamic faith among muslim -mainly Malays. So it is very disappointing..NO.. shameful would be the right word for Jakim, for being impotent in stopping the establishment of The Largest Casino complex in South East Asia and maybe one of the biggest in the world by none other, the self proclaimed biggest islamic party in the world, UMNO! Furthermore, they are helpless and maybe a little cowardly too, for not being able to punish many UMNO high ranking officials (malay muslim to boot) who are involved in HARAM gambling business and HARAM liquor brewery business.

AND now ironically, they are shouting and pointing fingers at a book, saying it is HARAM??? Can those official in JAKIM even read English and more to the point read and understand english or arabic well enough to ascertain it's content and full meaning?? I reckon many don't have that ability and most do not even have high education level since JAKIM is only able to have the pick of the bottom of the barrel so to speak. Stupid is too mild a word to be labelled at these "people"! Really!


bruno said...

Dato,this is the 21st century.If JAKIM thinks that the Malays are easily going to be influenced by what is in LKY's book,then they must be having the Umno herd mentality inferior complex embedded in their numbskulls.

I haven't read the book,so have no idea of what are the contents.Nowadays,Malaysians are not going to be led by their noses,be they Malays,Chinese,Indians or Seranis.If JAKIM thinks that the present day Malays are the same as the old days when they can be manipulated by Umno then they are in for a surprise.

These idiots heading JAKIM must still be living or having the stone age mentality.This is the 21st century,so you JAKIM sleppy heads better wake up and face reality.Make sure you guys deserve every cent the rakyat paid for in your salaries.

Malaysian said...

I did read the book and it depends on how you view Leek Kuan Yew book. In the book, he said that back in the old days he mixed with Muslim (Malay) a lot. For instance, they mingle and eat together back in the old days. However, as time goes by the Muslim become more religious and they seldom eat together anymore because the food are not halal process. Because of that, the chances for him to mingle with his Muslim friends at dinner table reduced. He was trying to share his opinion about the Muslim during the British era and after independence.

Sometimes I also hope I can enjoy non-pork Chinese food with my friends. However, I understand they can't eat because it's none halal. So, I somewhat I understand some of Lee Kuan Yew view and not all.

Anyway, I think Lee Kuan Yew view should not see it as a threat to Muslim. We all have different views about different religion and races. I think it's only through sharing views of each other religion and culture then we can understand each other better. Without sharing views, we are somewhat living in a segregated life.


Gengis Khan said...

So much for the Minister in the PM Department in charge of Islamic Religious Affairs.Maj Gen (R) Khir Bahrom. He has become the chief apple polisher for the PM. With his silly grin and Fu Man Chu mustache he looks like a clown standing behind the PM on many occasions and nodding his head like a donkey.

EAGLE said...

Dato, humiliating as I've read the books many months ago and I have not been influenced by what was written in the book. Nothing outstanding apart from relating someone egos and determination in leading a nation with vision and so what.
I think Jamil Khir needs to be kicked or he better screw himself.
It shows the inferiority complex and "bangang and idiots" seemed to be running this nation.
Memalukan and LKY must be laughing though his memory is slowly leaving him. WTF is happening!