Monday, December 12, 2011


What exactly is going wrong with Malaysia’s tourism trade? Take a walk at the Federal capital’s tourist heart beat belt in Bukit Bintang / Raja Chulan / Jalan Sultan Ismail and it would not need a social scientists to figure out the daring and flourishing sex trade.

What are we selling? Rows and rows of massage parlors are screaming amidst the shopping attractions. The signature trade sees women – almost all of them foreign nationals, spilling onto the walkways with laminated brochures of the types of massages one can have.

The canvassing and soliciting women are dressed in short skirts, revealing tops and decorated to entice tourists. And surely, Malaysians are also patrons.

Why are we allowing such trade to flourish all over the country? Yes, is it also not true that all over the country, in every Taman even in suburbs we now see huge signboards screaming from shop lots announcing ‘body massage’?

What, are all Malaysians now desperately in need of massage? And why are all these outfits employing foreign women by the hundreds operating from premises that are far too private and shady?

What are the authorities doing? Are they so blind that they do not know what is happening in the country?

We call ourselves an Islamic nation. But look at the streets of Bukit Bintang. Look at the thousands of foreign women recruited from China, Thailand and Philippines – even African nationals to provide massage.

It is about time that the Ministers spoke up with honesty. It is about time that NGOs come forward to audit this scam called ‘massage’ services and spilled the beans in the public foyer. It is about time that leaders of religious organizations took to the pulpits of their congregation to demand an immediate stop to this sex trade done now with so much brazenness and total disregard for the values and morals of a nation that professes to be an icon of hope for the generations to come.

Yes, massage is a therapy. But why do we need to do it in dimly lit rooms that are shrouded in questionable privacy?

Massage is helpful and refreshes a tired body. But do we need sexily clad women – all of them foreign nationals, to provide such services?

It is about time that massage services comes under the health ministry’s purview and not one of businessmen and scoundrels. Failing which, we are all kidding ourselves.

Pray the authorities respond in an accountable and responsible manner to this sinful and scheming operation that seems to have gone beyond all decency.

The religious minister in the prime minister’s department too should respond. Is what is happening acceptable?

Perhaps, NGOs dedicated to human rights and fighting abuse of women too should go out onto the streets – with police escorts, to interview all these women who are being enticed to come into the country to ply their services. There in all likelihood, is a thread that will expose the sordid employment and work permit abuses that Malaysians would puke on reading.

And the accountable media in the country must expose all the total truth without fearing the crooks and collaborators – whoever they are, but by the fear of God and the sacred values of the Malaysian society.



Malaysian said...


What have our police done to combat prostituition? I remember my friend told me at most of the hotel you can get prostitute. Actually, I know there is such service at Sunway lagoon hotel. Why didn't our police done anything? It's no secret that there is another hotel along Federal highway at PJ also offer prostitution. This is the type of UMNO government we get. I think the reason nothing is done by UMNO because they cohort with underworld boss to make money.


Malaysian said...

In US, there is legitimate massage place but I seriously doubt there is so many massage parlor that's legitimate in Malaysia.

bruno said...

Dato,sex sure sells.As a Penangnite I have observed that in the middle seventies,in Penang and Butterworth massage parlours was starting to come up.In the mid eighties they were mushrooming up everywhere.It is not the massage that sells.It is the young girls that are supposedly masseurs selling sex that sells.

People that really need good massages,go for the masseurs in the late thirties or fourties.Or in Thailand and Indonesia one can get good massages anywhere.

Thailand and Phillipines,the playground of the Westerners and Asians alike depend on sex tourism to bring in the tourists.The reason that massage parlours are mushrooming up everywhere,is also because it is a cashcow for the corrupted PDRM and anti vice personels.That is the reason the operators are so daring,because they have the protection of the law.

Malaysia being a country run by a corrupted regime,it is no surprise that anything and everything goes.For these massage parlours coming up and flourishing in areas around Bukit Bintang/Jalan Chulan/Jalan Sultan Ismail and everywhere is an eyesore not only to tourists but to all Malaysians alike.In housing estates to rooms above kopitiams,one can hear squeaking sounds of springs,loud and clear,except the mata mata.

The GOM and the state government should concentrate these establishments in an area specially set up for them.Like a legally red light district and collect taxes at the same time.After all prositution is already legalised in Singapore too.If you cannot fight them, joined them and enjoy the spoils.

The GOM is afraid to take action because if they step on the territory and the cash cow of the PDRM,they might revolt and not do the dirty work of Umno anymore.And furthermore the Umno GOM is using sex as a tool for their political purposes.It has been widely accepted in politics that greed and sex are the most powerful tools to bring down politicians.Ask Anwar Abrahim.Anwar can swore to that.

bruno said...

Malaysian,10:41 and 10:45

Prostitution is being done almost in any hotels,even the most upscale hotels.Just ask the staff tending the desks.They can descriped for you the services you want and how much it will cost.

In the US,to be a masseur you will need a licence.You have to go to school,even some universities in the US has courses in massage theraphy and accupunture.

But there are many illegal massage parlours in the US too,like in Malaysia disguising as accupunture centres,but are actually fronts for prostitution.

Jeffrey said...

This is how our BN govt and their UMNOputra BN cronies milking the rakyat and sickening their mind and morality and in the process destroy the very fabric of our malaysian culture. Family are torn apart by all the vices the BN has allow the underground syndicates to operate and the police is turning a blind eye to all these.

bruno said...

Dato,when sins,crimes and haram things are committed by people with connections,or have the protection of our uniformed law enforcement personnel,where are our Prince of Perkasa Abrahim Ali,Jais,Rela and mat rempits.And all the Umno rightwingers who have been crucifying the Christians.

They know who are the protectors of these vice operators and their connections.But these loud mouth bigots know their limitations,and have no bolas to intrude on the territory of the corrupted.So they have their tails between their legs and went hiding in the lorongs.These so called champions only prey on the helpless.In other words their are bullies and cowards.

monty said...

Must I put bluntly that all this are happening because of wide-spread corruption within some departments.
Don't need an educated person to point the departments involved as this has been going on for as long as I could remember when I first migrated to Kuala Lumpur to work from
Alor Star back in the early 70s. The police and the local town councils are the main culprits where they are fully compromise. The others non Govt agencies are the 'underground Tai Kor'and politicians who are told just to keep quiet and behave like the 3 monkeys. See nothing, hear nothing and say nothing. In short 'don't kacau' and don't stir the 'murky-water' to make things worse.Then everybody will be happy and life goes on. Anything crops-up, police and town council people will go on immediate 'sandiwara' operations to raid some low-end joints and some arrest offered and agreed to by the Tai Kor's. So, when the 'heat' is off, it's back to business as usual and the show goes on and keep on repeating. That's how it is and until today the modus operandi is the same. Perhaps change of actors in the relevant departments,underground and politicians. But the'stacks' had definately increased many, many folds. That is why those involved desperately wants to retain a corrupt govt at all cost.Otherwise cannot 'cari makan' and that is what you and most of decent people are fighting for i.e a non-corrupt govt. It's surely an up-hill task and a dangerous one too. New York cop Frank Serpico paid a heavy price for it and nearly lost his life. Shot by his own police officers for trying to rid corruption within the New York PD back in the 70s if I remember correctly. But the Commissioner was brought to face a Tribunal and was dismissed from service. Frank Serpico is a celebrity and had done a film and written books on corruption in the NYPD. Giving lectures and talks on corruption in US universities and colleges.

exrmafazhar said...

Just ask the taxi drivers where did all the UMNO delegates went to during any UMNO Convention and you will get all the answers...

massat is good maa

EAGLE said...

Dato' You expect Jamil Khir to respond.
His respond is to only angguk his head like unta kenyang.

SSrahman said...

Bos !
This massage palour ,gaming machines n kuda machines can be got rid of in less than 24 hours.The IGP must give out an order to all OCPDs ,IKs and IOs in every police district that they will get the BOOT if any such unlicenced outlets are found to be operating in their district.
This was the order given then by the IGP b4 rahim noor[cant remember his name]and in less than 24hours there were no kuda,gambling machines in KL. Overnight they vanished. SO are they operating openly now???
Their MO is to set up a sort of kedai mamak in front[look out post]and behind that stall is a heavy tinted glass partition and all hell lies within it.
What the hell happened to that order, maybe once that IGP retires, all SOP goes out with him.
Nearly every street lane or lorong you get one of these outlets.
Can the police get to work?????

Malaysian said...


I agree that there is prostituition in US but it's not as bad Malaysia.


Qistina Adriana said...

Salam Dato....
The title caught my attention, stock-still can keep in mind me and my bf set off to a function in one of the local hotel in Seremban and shared lift among couple in the midst of a china girls as in Malaysia called “China Dolls” which initially I thought it was made out of porcelain and they were illegal goods imported from China but I definitely got the wrong thought..afterward he clarified clearly to me..hmmm…(now doubt how did he get to know to all this..(:) But now it bubbles down to one important questions: IS PROSTITUTION LEGAL IN MALAYSIA?.. On the other hand apart from of Government policies to prevent prostitution, the getting countries (Malaysia) are toothless to fight sex tourism in the face of a constant demand.In other words, the supply of women will stop as soon as demand stops.... It’s only restricted to a certain extent, that is public solicitation for prostitution is prohibited….Pray that God should interfere..

matsingkong said...

In Malaysia, a tolerant country such as us, prostitution should never be legitimised. If they are free to run without hinderance, then it is deemed legitimate.Why do JAKIM or MAIS or Sultan of Selangor never make any 'attack' on this social disease?? It is the downstream outflow of money going into someone's hands to ensure the businesses are untouchables.Even drinking alcohol is now spreading into the streets without any control, just to /satisfy/justify the tourists presence. The 'beauty' of capitalism comes together with its 'evil' tentacles.Kuala Lumpur is not made for tourist but for down to earth Malaysians.

kampong lad said...

kegiatan pelacuran (the oldest trade or 'evergreen?')tidak akan boleh dihapus dari dulu, kini & selamanya. cuma dimalaysia ni, berbeza sikit dari negara2 lain dlm segi 'pentabbiran'. perniagaan ini termasok juga, judi haram (ada judi halal la?), perALONGan, dadah, penyeludupan, cetak rompak & what have you, dioperasikan oleh kumpulan2 gangsters yang mempunyai tali 'sailatulrahim' dgn pemimpin2 parti pemerintah, terutamanya mca. umno juga ada kepentingan dlm perniagaan saperti ini bezanya 'dihalalkan' (berlesen). any appointments of head/deputy/asst and other critical positions of law enforcement agencies must get blessings from mca. inilah beza malaysia dgn negara2 lain. apabila kita tengok dlm tv1,2,3 atau baca surat khabar & sebagainya, itu hanyalah sandiwara & wayang kulit. skrip, jln cerita & nyanyian tidak berubah dari dulu, hanya pelakon & pengarah yg bertukar ganti. enforcement bodies include both at federal & state levels. kenapa? tidakkah kita nampak perniagaan ini masih berterusan dinegeri2 yg ditadbir oleh pr? selangor & p.pinang terutamanya? pokoknya, operator perniagaan & law enforcement agencies are 'business partners'cuma satu pihak saja tak keluarkan modal.....inilah puncanya. quote: all the pains can be parmanently removed by eliminating root causes, but remember, can we really eliminate prostitution? wassalam