Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I was asked recently this question – how could the RMN allow bloggers Bigdog and Papagoma to set foot inside the submarine during LIMA recently? Was the RMN ignorant of who the two bloggers were, their official status and whether both were officially accredited and sanctioned by the military intelligence to board a naval craft?

I would agree if both were senior government officials who would have taken the oath of secrecy and properly vetted by a government intelligence agency. And what is even worse is that these two unauthorized bloggers were permitted to take photos inside the submarine, when I am fully aware that photographs are prohibited even to be taken inside an RMN installation. Isn’t this the ruling imposed for visitors coming to visit the RNM submarine base in Sempagar Bay, Sabah?

I think there is a serious breach of security here that must be answered by the RMN. I do not know if the two bloggers were sanctioned by the Chief of Navy, and even then I think it is a wrongful decision. I have spoken to some of my navy colleagues (fairly senior ones) that have retired, and they are quite puzzled and certainly not amused.

Certainly, what is done cannot be undone. But the least the RMN can do now is to tell the two bloggers to seal their gap, and not to be too overly excited to claim that they are the first bloggers to board the RMN submarine. I would also suggest that the RMN review its security procedures relating to visit by civilian visitors immediately.



monty said...

The RMN of today is far from the days of Rear Admiral Tan Sri Thanabala rein. ATM,PDRM,Judiciary and MACC have all sold their souls to the 'devil' UMNO long ago when the Mamakkutty came to the scene. So it is not surprising that pariahs like 'bigdog' & 'papagomo' with their balls-licking stunt to UMNO 'big-wigs' are allowed to board the submarine. Chief of RMN had thrown the SOP into the sea when his UMNO master bark at him. Otherwise he be posted to a desk-job or in-charge of the Lumut shipyard cleaning the toilet. Mana berani bantah? Cari-makan,brother! In fact, its a clear-cut breach of security and should'nt allowed to happen. But this is M'sia Bolih!

SysOp said...

Dear Dato'..

Normally.. this kind of act could have thrown this two bloggers under "Internal Security Act" and "Official Secrecy Act" ...

But I'm sure this two monkeys could never be apprehended under this two Act because they are under UMNO/BN protection..

Therefore... the person who should be resign and be brought to the Military Court is RMN Admiral ...

So... Military court should take action regarding this matter..

cskok8 said...

One former PTL is now the chairman of Boustead. If the current chiefs make too much noise, then they have to survive on their pension only.

bruno said...

Dato,the reasons that these two buffoons,Papagomo and Big Dog were given security clearance were because thet were Umno propaganda stooges.They have already sworn allegience and sold their souls to Umno.

The RMN brass were ordered by higher ups in the cabinet to allowed these buffons to tour the submarine as vvip's.Taking photograph,posting and bragging all over the bloggersphere.The top brasses of the navy,military inteligence and of course our smart ass of a Defence Minister must be blushing behind the scenes by now.

They must by now be the laughing stock of all the armed forces members,Malaysians alike,the whole defence industry and of course the whole world.PM Najib,how come a seasoned politician like you is surrounded by buffons,fools,bigots and traitors like these.No wonder you are bungling and flipflopping all the way to the finish line.

Malaysian said...


Apparently, the two bloggers were not the first to enter the submarine. Apparently, Vincent Tan entered one of our submarine during 2009.

Source: http://www.malaysia-today.net/mtcolumns/from-around-the-blogs/45754-atm-is-not-your-political-playfield-


matsingkong said...

Another case of our Generals who wouldn't dare to stand up to UMNO Melayu....for the sake of their post retirement benefits or they are just scared shit of their civilian counterparts in the current government.It would have been different during Osman Jiwa's time or even under Admiral Thanabalasingam's command....Sometimes you wonder if you are still proud of the Armed Forces leadership. I am losing that feeling....

Rauf Hakim said...

Kow towing to the political master has been a long embedded tradition of MAF since Merdeka.I cannot recollect when and on what issue has the military brasses stood up to their political masters.When six or seven senior generals were asked to leave by the Kerala prince there was not even a single sound of pin falling that was heard.Just look around and see all the suddenly valuable lands occupied by the military bases and camps and do you thing the brasses will stand up and object to any outright sale of the lands to their cronies? Nehe! Nehe! I guess there is something wrong with the professional existence of the armed forces and the phenomenon of absolute subserviency is a real threat to our democratic nation.There is a great fear the that armed forces could be easily used as an instrument of oppression in the aftermath of an adverse GE 13 result.

Amirawake said...

In my humble opinion the submarine should not even be boarded by anyone outside the government. IT IS NOT A TOY – It is a vital strategic asset to ensure deterrence as far as the eye can see.

A claim is just statements made without proof and I don’t expect people like Lim Guan Eng (LGE) or Nurul Izah to provide the proof either. Any proof supplied by them would just be an attempt to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind. The technicality of a submarine and the theory behind its warfare requires certain kind of knowledge and expertise to understand and it is not as simple one plus one equals two. The question is why are you entertaining the vagueness made by the “bomoh” when we you are the doctors? The Navy never made the claim it was made by the “bomoh” of the opposition party. Therefore, they should provide the necessary evidence to proof what they say is true. Why are you pressuring yourselves to shoulder that burden of proof?

Now, a new issue has surfaced with a blogger being allowed to board the vessel. The funny thing is, this blogger’s credibility to discuss issues pertaining to defense is questionable. If your leg were broken would you seek the remedy from a “bomoh” or a professional doctor? Do you pay your insurance premium to cover the bill of a “bomoh”? How could this blogger be of any assistance to clear the clog of the issue is beyond my cognitive ability.

This absurdity would off been put to an end if the government and the military understand Strategic Communication. This lexicon is not about establishing effective talking points for the next press conference or briefing. The key is the ability to employ necessary means to achieve the desired information effect on the target audience. If this action were executed well, we would not have the problems of LGE or this blogger having to board the submarine. The government needs to understand that military procurement of that magnitude would invite criticism and suspicion. To avoid this blunder in the future, the military must have a strategic communication layout included in the procurement plan. You either learn from others who are better at communicating than you are or else we will keep stuttering with psychobabble crap to your own detriment.

shy gurl said...

Dear All,
if we don't allow them onboard, they keep saying the sub is unsinkable, now we had them onboard you all afraid they are spying for enemy.Let put this way, all world class navy, airforces and army, open their asset to public. What matters most not the asset but the strategy inside of our soldier brain will ensure us win the war.
Nothing to worry, we buy toys to let our children to play. What is the point spend billions of ringgit people money and we never have chance to even peek at it.