Saturday, December 3, 2011


Home Minister and UMNO Vice President Hishamuddin Hussein in response to Shahrizat’s alleged involvement in the NFC affair and the demand by some UMNO quarters that she ought to resign, said that it is the rakyat that will decide whether Shahrizat is a liability to UMNO or otherwise. Now, what sort of a statement is this? Please Hishamuddin, this issue is a creation by an UMNO senior minister, and isn’t it logical that it should be resolved by UMNO?

Surely, it has to be UMNO that has to decide whether Shahrizat is a liablilty or not? Don’t Hishamuddin already know that the rakyat has made a stand i.e. that Shahrizat ought to resign regardless of whether she is involved or not? I think Hishamuddin is trying to deflect responsibility and is in constant fear of being unpopular if he says that it is UMNO that has to decide whether Shahrizat is a liability to the party. Do you see any wisdom in the statement or has Hishamuddin simply lost confidence in his own party to make a right decision that he now requires the rakyat to make the decision for the party? I sense Hishamuddin is already in a confused state of mind for not being able to distinguish party responsibility with that of the rakyat’s responsibility. Surely, the term rakyat is not synonymous with UMNO.

Now, UMNO has accused the opposition as PONDAN, and I think Hishamuddin has himself proven to be a PONDAN by playing to the gallery and not wanting to confront head on, the NFC mess and Shahrizat by saying that this issue has dragged the party to disrepute. As I have said in my earlier writings that the cheering and clapping of Wanita UMNO during the speech by Shahrizat do not represent an approval by the entire women population of Malaysia. To prove my point, I challenge Hishamuddin to nominate Shahrizat to stand as a candidate in the Lembah Pantai constituency once again against PKR Nurul Izzah. If Shahrizat isn’t confident, send her back to contest in any constituency in her own native state of Pulau Pinang. Still, if she isn’t comfortable in her native state, than just place her anywhere; preferably Putrajaya.

Now, let me offer UMNO a solution as to how I would have handled the NFC issue if I were Hishamuddin or PM Najib.

First, assuming that I were Hishamuddin, I would have told Shahrizat that the NFC fiasco is a private matter involving her (although she insist that she has nothing to do with NFC) and her family members. This being so, Shahrizat shouldn’t drag the issue along with UMNO, although she is an UMNO minister. Hence, she should have been barred from raising the issue during her speech to Wanita UMNO. By dragging UMNO into the melee, Shahrizat has placed the burden upon the party. In other words, the burden now lies upon the shoulders of the party leadership, particularly PM Najib to respond to the wrong doing of his minister’s family members, while Shahrizat awaits the outcome.

Second, if I were the PM, I would just ask Shahrizat to take leave from the General Assembly to solve her private problem with her family. I would have told her not to involve UMNO, although it was the UMNO government that had approved the soft loan. The burden lies solely upon Shahrizat and her family. I would then call Shahrizat to the office and quietly tell her to resign, giving the excuse that her period of Senatorship has run out of date. By doing this, I would have save UMNO from the embarrassment of having to deal with a problematic matter involving an UMNO minister, and to allow time and space for Shahrizat to solve the problem. This being a public funded project, I would instruct the MACC and the police to act speedily, and to refrain anyone from making any statement until the entire investigation process is over. At the end of the investigation, I will explain to the rakyat (not to UMNO) the position of the government with regards to the findings and the courses of action to take.

I am quite sure that the UMNO leadership has been jolted by the NFC fiasco, and worse still appearing at a time when the election is near. I think it is now too late for UMNO to retract its support for Shahrizat and to deny any claim that UMNO is involved because this issue has sunk deep into the heart of the party. I blame it on the entire UMNO leadership for the lack of due thought and their refusal to acknowledge that the NFC was indeed a mess.



bruno said...

Dato,as I have said before all the cabinet members from Najib down to the junior ministers,add in their cronies and the office peons, cannot equal one Dr Mahathir.In other words these useless,half pass sixes,good for nothings flip-floppers are all pondans.

cskok8 said...

Aiyo, Dato' how can they do that? Every one of them (or their close relatives) have benefited from some form of hand-out using MY/OUR tax money. The makcik would just reply, how about you?

tahaneverest02 said...

This Minister Hisham cannot differentiate between Party and private affairs as far as NFC is concern. Rightfully Shahrizat should not be allowed to defend the NFC using UMNO platform and dragging UMNO further into the mud. She is now a
liability to the Party. But since the DPM and KJ had stuck their neck out to defend her for obvious reasons, PM too jump into the band-wagon. If not,PM may lose favour from the UMNO warlords. DPM defended her as he was the Agri Minister at that time and KJ was the 4th Floor boy with a big say as then his F-In-Law Pak Lah was the PM. Added to that the NFC Project was in Negeri Sembilan KJ home state. So, back to Hisham, at this juncture, he cannot afford not to support Shahrizat as he may offend the warlords by not doing so esp when the GE13 is so near. So, he has to pass the 'buck' to the rakyat for a decision so that he looks good. But again not forgetting the general perception of the rakyat is that Shahrizat is guilty for squandering the rakyat's money in the NFC fiasco. So, in short, no 'big-guns' at this moment of time wants to be the 'bad guy' seen stirring the already 'milky waters' of UMNO and putting UMNO in bad light. So,UMNO's sandiwara continues and the show will be over for them very soon.

Gengis Khan said...

Hishamuddin was never a chip of the old block. His father and grandfather were men who had principles and they lived by them. This bafoon talks before engaging the brain and what comes out is good wholesome Shit.In fact PKR is lucky that bafoons like him will deliver votes to the opposition. The more he opens his big mouth the more votes will come to PKR.

bruno said...

Dato,all these Umno leaders could do is coming out to make excuses after excuses,trying to fend off all the anger towards Sharizat and Umno.What these gutless leaders do not understand is that the ordinary members of Umno,and all Malaysians alike would like to see some leaders taking responsibility for such outrageous misused of public funds.

Up till today,weeks after the NFC scandal has broken out,to the surprise of all Malaysians,the notorious MACC where witnesses fly out of windows like UFO's seems not to exist.The PDRM where suspects often suddenly died of heart attacks because of sweet heart talking by police personnel is suddenly branded as Mother Teresa.What shock and awe antics they have up their sleeves is next.

Hishamuddin the 'TAIKO' who ordered the FRU and PDRM to fire water cannons,teargas and baton charged senior citizens,children and all law abiding citizens has suddenly shown his true colors.When talk comes to shove,he makes a u-turn and hightailed to the hills.He has shown that he is all talk and no action.In other words he has no bolas,a truly real life 'pondan'.

The lack of leadership and dog eat dog attitude among Umnoputras has landed Umno where it is today.A quadmire.One leader looking to another for clues and directions.Then the ordinary members and ground troops looking up to these clueless,directionless leaders for leadership.That is the way to go,to the cowpen waiting for the trucks.

bruno said...

Dato,first of all if Shahrizat were to be be fielded as a candidate in Lebuh Pantai,most definitely she might even lose her deposit.No insults meant to the Wanita chief.But even Umno members might want to send a strong message to the leadership.And what better way to do it then through their Wanita chief.

Much as we want to see Shahrizat get a public spanking,Umno leaders will not extend to us that courtesy.They will be to ashamed and embarassed and have to hide their faces from the public.Most probably Shahrizat will be send into early retirement by year's end.With an assurance from the Umno GOM,that if it retains federal power she and her family will be immuned from prosecution.And the money from NFC is for them to keep.Compliments from the generous rakyat of Malaysia.

Bernard said...

In as much as I have long appreciated with much respect your commentary on these issues, I wonder just how much of these views are reaching the people that count. UMNO ministers seem so very inexperienced, almost like they have just graduated from the village school. With the arrogance of the village bully to match. The Adutor General's report should have sent shivers down the spines of all those directly or indirectly affected, instead you have these senior political figures including the Deputy IGP coming out to defray and dilute the accusations. It is a very sick society that we live in.

exrmafazhar said...

Of late UMNO has been calling names at the opposition..."Bangsat, Barua, Pondan..." And now (today's closing of UMNO Convention) Najib has join the fray by calling PAS Stupid (well nothing derogatory about that but its very unlike Najib whose decorum and usage of the language has always been well measured). But it just shows how desperate the UMNO leadership are now. All this while UMNO has always been accusing PAS as being a party of rhetoric and like to maki hamun. So it makes me thinking how come UMNO has now stoop so low just to keep themselves to be heard and afloat.

They have been using derogatory words on their opponents right in broad daylight without any inhibition. Of course Perkasa and Utusan are even worst and yet no action being taken. A couple of months back a cartoonist has a cartoon in Utusan which definately was blasphemous to Islam and yet no action was taken against the artist and the newspaper. When cartoonist Zunar of Malaysiakini wanted to publish and distribute his cartoons, the police and KDN put a stop to it because the cartoons were considered "security risk which could create public disorder"?!! Smack of double standard isnt it? UMNO is desperate. They will do anything but anything to hang on to power. Najib has said it that they will do anything to 'defend' Putrajaya. So what does "anything" means? Your guess is as good as mine.

So when Dato General questioned who is more pondan, i can safely assure him that the rakyat are very masculine and feminine as the gender dictates but definately UMNO and its band of supporters has got no balls to hang on to... and they will resort to "anything" to make themselves relevent.

Frankie said...


After reading your sensible prescribed course of actions on Sharizat and the NFC fiasco (if you were Hishamuddin and Najib), I will not hesitate to vote you as the Prime Minister of this country because you have demonstrated your ability to lead and your honesty to uphold justice and wipe out corruption.

But alas, there is not one single person in UMNO who has the guts or "bola" to do what you have prescribed because the entire UMNO leadership, all the way down to Ketua Cawangan are all tainted with similar scandals ala NFC style. They all have skeletons in their closets while some are even so bold to publicly show their skeletons and daring the Malaysian public to take action, knowing full well they have the MACC, PDRM and the judiciary's to protect them against prosecution. Sharizat is a prime example of this "protectionism" patronage practice.

No way will Najib, Muhyiddin, Hishamuddin, Nazri and even Mahathir will even suggest Sharizat to resign because they know that Sharizat will spill the beans on them. Sharizat will only resign if she is given a handsome golden handshake that will last at least 4 generations and guaranteed immunity for her and her family from prosecution. No bets that this will happen as this is the normal practice with all previous UMNO ministers.

Gengis Khan said...

I wonder why our politicians need to shout at the top of their voices and frothing at the mouth when making speeches.
When Najib ended his closing speech his face was turning red like a ripe tomato for a moment I thought he was going to get a cardiac arrest. This is perculier to all our politicians opposition included. By all means emphasis a point on a high note but is it necessary to be at max volume all the time. Remember in the army we were taught to use RSVP (Rythem,Speech,Volume, Pitch) when communicating using wireless. I think this is applicable speech making too

bruno said...

Dato,there is an article about Mr Moo aka 'Mini Taib' when he was MB of Johore written by Hakim Joe and posted in Malaysia Today.It is about Mini Taib and his partners in crime Syed Mokhtar Albukhary and Datuk Yahya Taib in an extortion scheme.Mr Moo was trying to strong armed directors of Stamford Holdings of 70% of their prime land bank in Johore.

monty said...

Dear Dato General,
Well, the 'Circus' at PWTC is over after much action and clowning after 4 hectic days. As for the best actress award is none other than the cow Minister Shahrizat. Best actor goes to DPM Mahyuddin. The whole bunch of UMNOputras had really came out with nothing constructive outline to push the country forward and to seriously reform UMNO. It is just waste of time and public money housing and feeding 2,700 over useless and negative-minded UMNO delegates. All going back to their kampungs with the 'sendiri syok' feeling.That's all about it. What a shame!

matsingkong said...

Be it a cow scandal or goat scandal or a pig scandal.....UMNO bigshots need Wanita UMNO's support to garner Malay women votes as Wanita UMNO women are very strong in their 'blinded applause support' for their wanita chief. The Lelaki UMNO stand is very obvious....they bow to the 'Rosmah's fear factor environment'. If PM is pondan, all Lelaki UMNO will follow suit......excuse me all, I have to make coffee for my wife. will talk to you all later.

Qistina Adriana said...

Dato,had been reading your blog since last 2 weeks which open my sepet eyes towards our we need a cow-ard??not anymore..Eventually the buzzer will sound and the game will be over to UMNO cows!The idea of long-lasting amplification of their ideology is unreasonable anymore.Progress is a comfortable syndrome which it’s tranquil murder all of us.The longer the cows struggle and bail out this madness the worse the eventual collapse will be. Just let it burn and let's build out something new based government on coherent hypothesis...

exrmafazhar said...

wah.. at least your "pondan" article has a rerun at Malaysia Chronicle ... good lah Dato..tabik!