Thursday, December 8, 2011


I refer to an article posted by blogger bigdog (view hhtp://bigdogdotcom.wordpress) dated 25 November titled ‘Panglima bersara sertai PKR kerana bermasalah’ and my response to that article posted in this blog on Monday 28, November titled, ‘What is so wrong in befriending the opposition’.

In the first instant, let me say that bigdog is an obvious UMNO apple polisher (something I hate most) who worships all that is UMNO. He only shows half a face i.e. the top half and I can only guess what the bottom half of his face looks like. Does the name bigdog have anything to do with the bottom half of his face? He does not have a name either and therefore I have to call him bigbog. That’s not a nice name isn’t it?

I do not know if bigdog is the author of the article or whether the article was a cut and paste from another blog. If it was a cut and paste, I demand that bigdog reveals the blog name and the name of the author.

Now, over the last few days, I met several friends from the Armed Forces to seek further verification and clarification on the existence of Brig Jen Dato Abdullah Mohammed (Retired) whose name was referred to in the above titled posting by bigdog. After much discussion, it confirmed my guess that the officer isn’t from the army and all that was written about him were fabricated lies. Even the title of the article which implied that the officer joined PKR because he is saddled with a problem isn’t true and misleading.

Having got to the bottom of the story, I now wish to list down some facts that was revealed to me concerning the officer, in relation to the article by bigdog. I believe the officer to be the person referred to by bigdog. I do not wish to reveal the armed service of the officer, simply to allow bigdog and his ‘mole’ do a bit of searching themselves. The facts are enumerated below:

Fact No. 1 – The officer denies joining PKR or any other political party, and disclaimed having paid RM200 for a life party membership.

Fact No. 2 – The article claims that the officer was in Port Dickson (PD) on 24 November, but in reality the officer wasn’t anywhere in PD on that day.

Fact No 3 - The officer denies having brought along 50 other retired military personals to join PKR. These 50 personals never existed.

Fact No 4 – Since the officer isn’t from the army, what has he got to do with the claim that he knows about the purchases of the 8x8 Armoured vehicles by army. The officer has no dealings with army or the Defence Ministry on any army related equipment purchase.

Based on the above, I challenged bigdog to show proof of the following in his blog:

1. A copy of the PKR membership application form duly signed by the officer.

2. A copy of the membership payment receipt.

3. The list of the 50 retired military personals that had joined PKR.

I also challenged bigdog to a personal meeting with the concerned officer at a time and place of his (bigdog) choosing by calling me at this handphone number – 0123876061. Until and unless bigdog is able to furnish the items listed above in his blog, he then can be called A LIAR OF THE HIGHEST ORDER.



SSrahman said...

Bos !
This mangy dog and gang are in the payroll of an ex-pm who found out upon retirement no one gave him the time of the day.
Umno ppl being umno ppl avoided the ex-pm and there was no avenue for him to stay relevent.
Thus "terror bloggers was formed' financed and granted favours.A dato thrown in hehe
With these rabid dogs, he started snarling,biting and injecting 'fear' into anyone who shuts him out.
Thus the exit of AAB and now slyly aiming for the current one to tow his line .
The gang of rabid dogs ,on their own are cop- outs and failures in their chosen/appointed fields.
That band of bloggers are split into two camps -pro umno and pro pr.
The pro umno rabid dogs are in it for the money and hope of being appointed to some juicy posts for them to rape and plunder.
Just some silly free loaders out to fleece any wannabes.
Of late ,the rabid dogs have 'defacto' 'taken over the running' of the gov. and glcs. hehe.
They just want to sound and appear important thats all.
Shove them down the chute.

mike joey said...

Looking at the whole scenario and your encounter with this 'anging besar' or 'big-dog', I believe he has got an 'axe-to-grind' with Dato. If not, he would not had gone that 'distance' to cooked-up his fairy-tail. I have got a bit of a background story from a blogger who confirmed that this 'big-dog' is being 'employed' by UMNO to do the necessary against bloggers who are 'running-down' the Govt of the day. He can go on telling lies but I believe he will also be continuously expose for doing that. Those who read blogs and in the know about political situation within the country would not be fooled by him. We are all living in a 'high technology-world' and lies have no place to hide.This 'big-dog' is just fulfilling his Master's wish and earning his daily meals by trying to put in a 'spanner' in your crusade against corruption. It just won't work as people are no more stupid as before.

Frankie said...


Sir, you are a fine example of a military gentleman. You have exposed this big dog or mad dog as a dishonest lies spreading UMNO leech and parasite. This coward big dog or mad dog fella does not have the guts to accept your challenge. Instead this bigdog or mad dog now has his tail behind his hind legs and running to hide under the sarongs of his masters.

matsingkong said...

UMNO cybertroopers going for the real troopers.

bruno said...

Dato,this Big Dog is well bred,trained and fed by his masters,the Umnoputras.He was one of the two bloggers,the other one being the Utusan guy,writing about their fantasies of their wet dreams and having the best climaxes of their lives.By making up stories and lying through their noses about the Muslim's vs Christians issue,a non existent wet dream of him.

Big Dog is a well paid blogger,whose job is to write stuffs,truth or untruth,as long as it served their purposes.His duty is to stirr up emotions and tensions that will work in favor of his masters as they have all the public institutions under their thumb.Any body on their blacklist who reacts will feel the wrath and brunt of the law,that is the PDRM and MACC.

This Big Dog sure will amazed and surprised anyone,even his own spouse on things and stuffs that even the lowdowns of his class will not lay foot or intrude on.This guy will smile and pretend to look happy even if his enemies were to spit at his face.That is how far he will go to achieve his objective.A useless lembu of a dog.

bruno said...

Dato,this Big Dog will not be able to come out with any sort of documentations to back what he posted on his blog.He is used to these types of gimmicks.Blowing hot air into the sky.And because he has someone watching over his back,he is immuned to inactions from the authorities.

SABM said...

Image of bigdog

Kamal Sanusi said...

Salam Dato'

I read both UMporNO and PR cyber-troopers blogs towards obtaining information from various sources & perspectives.

To my surprise, UMporNO blogs are synonym with "FITNAH, SEKS & TIPU". Their writing never been supported with any documents, images whatsoever to make us believe the the write-up.

Bigdog or Mad-dog whatever the name is just another troopers under UMporNO's payroll who normally use "Anonymous" name when leaving a comment in any blog. Those people is no different from lembu yg dibiarkan tuannya merayau-rayau dlm alam cyber.

The best part is, those UMporNO members really believe the stories without any ability to digest and seek the truth.

No point of saman those people because our monkey court will instantly reject it upon receiving instruction from the top.

Malaysia, oh Malaysia....

Riversidegrass said...

Yes, a dog is having more dignity than Bigdog.

Need not to say a dog always a dog,
but a bigdog always a running dog.

taming said...

We are now living in the world of "UGLY and WICKED" cybertroopers who will not spare anything to achieve their dirty missions! I pray for you and respected readers never to fall into the trap of these condemned human beings.
I agree with Dato Arshad, the retired officer bearing the name Brig Jen Dato Abdullah Mohammad is NOT a retired army officer but he was from another military service. Blogger bigdog has done well to convince readers at the expense of a professional, loyal and credible ex-military officer I personally know, who had spent the best part of his life supporting the government in power to defend this country. Bigdog has tarnished the image of an innocent retired officer and I know that the officer concerned has not joined any political party.
To Brig Jen Dato'Abdullah Mohammad(Retired), I suggest you get the best lawyer in town, sue bigdog and teach him a lesson. Many retired military officers including me, will contribute towards your "lawyer's fees" if necessary.
I feel there is nothing wrong for any military retirees to join any political party though most of us prefer to remain APOLITICAL. However, it is definitely wrong for anybody using a retired officer's name without establishing the truth to
achieve a dirty agenda.
This is the best case for RAFOC to establish facts on this matter and come out with press statements to protect the credibility, integrity and innocence of our retired brother officer .


Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear All,

I have received many call from all walks of life telling me who Bigdog is. None has said anything good about him. I also now know his name and even his HP number. Let's wait for him to answer my challenge. If he is a gentleman he shouldn't have any fear to face up with me or my colleague Brig Jen Dato Abdullah.

taming said...

I also know who bigdog is, his family, his house and whom he is working for.
Bigdog has misculculated the capabilities of retired military officers, particularly yourself and Brig Jen Dato Abdullah Mohammed.
You both can make his balls shrink!