Saturday, December 31, 2011


It looks like as the New Year 2012 makes its entry, Malaysians are again being pitted one against another. The riling up of the rakyat using the ‘pig’ and ‘lembu’ strategy – i.e. finding pig heads at a mosque in Johor is now making its round.

We have heard about the carrying of ‘lembu’ heads before.

This definitely stinks of a gutter-political strategy. And mind you take note of its timing. It strikes just as DSAI is making a nation-wide road show in the wake of and ahead of the January 9, 2012 court case verdict pending.

If Malaysians should at all get riled up and start glaring their fangs in the wake of such ‘pig’ and ‘lembu’ heads reporting, then we can only say that Malaysians deserve the kind of politicians they have.

Hopefully Malaysians will wake up to the year 2012 and realize that the world has already torpedoed thirteen years into the 21st Century. This is not the Dark Ages nor the Middle Ages, please!

• Malaysians better wake up to the fact that the war is about tyranny verses democracy today.

• Malaysians better be wiser of the fact that citizens determine their government and not politicians breathing down all the time, telling their rakyat what they should do.

• Malaysians must be smart enough and sensible enough to say: Enough is enough; the buck stops right here!

• Above all Malaysians must take responsibility and cleanse this nation of all the politician-crooks who are using religion and royalty issues to destabilize this nation.

The day Malaysians can come together as a one nation of people and say: Malaysia is for all Malaysians, that is the day this God-blessed nation can come out of the deep ravine that deceitful tyrants have plunged us all into this past decade.

When will that day be? If it is not 2012 then when?!




joe choy said...

Dear All Readers,
Last night I patiently sat through 2Hrs 31mins watching a beautiful and mind-provoking movie entitled, "Cry Freedom" which had its true political setting in South Africa in the late 1970s.Our people can take a lesson or two from this movie which has sort of similarity to out current political situation in the country.So, folks if interested go to You Tube for the full movie.It brings back to me memories of the death of Kugan, Teoh Beng Hock and Sarbani who died in similar situations under the apartheid Afrikaana Botha regime. A similar Bersih 0.2 also being shown but the catastrophic result was very tragic ending with more than 400 young students shot and killed. But in the end the evil and corrupt regime was ousted by none other than Mandela using "peoples' power" by peaceful means. A beautiful and touching movie base on the struggle of the South African people. Ladies have some face tissue on hand for wiping some tears. Well, folks happy viewing for a Happy And prosperous New Year 2012.

bruno said...

Dato,first let me take this oppuntunity to wish Dato,Datin and family a Healthy,Happy And Prosperous New Year.

To welcome in the new year Malaysians especially the Malays must come to their senses that the Umno/BN is not for them or their family's future.Fifty four years later and many Malay families especially those in the rural areas are still left far behind.

Yes,it is true that Umno is a Malay based political party.But they have to understand that Umno is corrupted and rotten to the core and no matter what will not change for the better.

If Umnoputras only care for theirs and their cronies pockets,and once in a while throw crumbs of leftovers to their fellow Malays to share,then the Malays have to realised that Umno has not their interest at heart.Therefore they do not have to feel that they owe their loyalty to them.

Mca is also a Chinese based political party.But the Chinese have come to realised that Mca do not have their interest at heart.They are only good as lap dogs and are happy that the Umnoputras feed them well.And occasionally they have been used as scapegoats or sacrificial lambs for the Umnoputras.

The Chinese know that the Mca leaders lick the asses of their political masters and are irrelevant to the Chinese community.Therefore in the last GE they were taught a lesson.But these running dogs have not learn their lessons and thought that their masters can look after them.

Well,they thought wrong,and in this coming GE they will be taught another more severe lesson.This time they will be sent to political oblivion.In other words they will be political history after this GE.

If the Malays do join the Chinese in their thinking,that it is time to send Umnoputras packing,they will be gone when the dust of the GE 13th is settled and over.If Malaysians for generations to come deserve a better,fair and prosperous future than a change of regime must definitely be done.

Malaysian said...

Happy New Year Dato.

archidea cronixx said...

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