Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Malaysians will in the next few days be bidding farewell to 2011 and welcoming 2012. Now, what is in store for Malaysians in the New Year and the years after? Will there be continued peace and prosperity? Will there be greater tolerance, compromises and most of all racial harmony among Malaysians of all races and varying religious denominations?

Will Malaysians be truly a 1 Malaysian society that PM Najib had aspired, or will it remain rhetorical and an unachievable symbol? Will we continue to see race and religious based NGO’s and their noisy commotion, propagating their alienable rights to almost everything under the sun? Will we see an earnest desire and a will to curb corruption and abuse of power by the ruling elite (whoever is to rule the country after GE 13)? Will there be greater transparency in dealing businesses with the government and where corporate governance is applied to the hilt, and favoritism, cronyism, tricksters, plunderers and manipulators are things of the past?

I think it is not too difficult to change if there is the will to do so. As of now, I do not see a serious will to change and the moment a change (I mean for the better) is proposed, there will be interested or vested parties clamoring to deny changes from taking place. There will be protest and the reason for not wanting to change; they say is to protect the interest of a particular race and religion. Race and religion seems the surest way of putting the government at ransom and to withdraw any proposal for change, rather than to view the proposal as one of a national need and interest to serve all.

Clearly, this country needs a strong and a committed leader that is able to steer the country towards a better future. We certainly lack that kind of leadership. The country has seen too much of ‘flip-flops’ and inconsistencies at decision making; the latest being the deferred implementation of the new remuneration scheme for civil servants. The question being asked is how the government could implement a new pay scheme affecting more than a million civil servants without consulting the civil servants themselves. Ignoring CUEPACS is a serious affair and doesn’t the government know this? This is what I term as ‘dictatorial tendencies’ that has got into the heads of the authorities who think that the power and authority entrusted upon them rules the day. I can tell them that no power rules the day; it is the voices of the people that rule the day.

2012 can be the most challenging year for the country. With the 13th General Election drawing close, uncertainties and concerns as to where our future leaders will lead the country are being asked. Should UMNO/BN retain power, are they to continue doing what they have done for the last 54 odd years? Or are they going to be a ‘reformed’ government that is committed towards the betterment of society – a government that is just and with the serious will to eradicate corruption and abuse of power.
Now what if a new government were to take shape after the election? This will be an ‘inexperienced’ government so to speak. And can we be assured that this new government can perform better than the previous government? If we were to look at the performance of the opposition held states today, we could be safe in our mind that we can expect the semblance of a fairly good ruling government. But how will they perform ruling the entire nation is something that I do not wish to predict.

Whatever be the outcome of the elections, the future of our nation for 2012 and the years after will rest upon the government that the people elect. Let’s vote wisely to put in place a government that truly serves the people.

Finally, I wish to take the opportunity to wish you all my avid readers a Happy an Prosperous New Year.



joe choy said...

If ABU materialize, I predict that the NEW Govt CANNOT DO WORSE than the present one for sure for at least 2 terms in office.It's just my hope and prediction. Others may defer by all means.

bruno said...

Dato,a few more days and we will be welcoming in the new year. Whether things will be the same or for the better will depend on who will win the GE.An Umno BN win has to be a landslide to give Najib the mandate to govern.Or else it will be the same or worse as a weak Najib will mean more flip- flopping,internal fighting to topple Najib and more racial and religious disharmony.

An opposition win will be for the better as it cannot be for the worse as we are almost at the rock bottom.With corruption totally out of control,racial and religious harmony at its worst with the rightwingers all out to create hard feelings among the various races and religions.

And with the public institutions out to do the dirty work of their political masters,there is no such things as law and order.As the agenda for everything is politically motivated the innocent gets prosecuted while the guilty gets off scot free.

Whichever party wins GE 13th,the country must have a leader emerging with the calibre of Dr Mahathir,minus the corruption mentality of course.Leaders are suppose to lead and not do the flip flopping dance every now and then,or show a tendency for weakness,sleepyness or passing the buck.

Mej. A R Ramachandran (Retired) said...

Begging your indulgence to digress a little. I shall be ushering in the year 2012 with the Colour Parade of the 1st Artillery Regiment. This regiment hits its 50th birthday on 1st Jan. It is a milestone event and they were the ones that fired the gun salute when we achieved independence in 1957. To put it mildly, we look to history to foresee the future. I pray that it will be bright.

amin said...

We need to elect leaders who will do the right thing for the rakyat of Malaysia regardless of race and religion.

abdulhalimshah said...

Dato' Arshad,
I share with you that whichever party that forms the Govt. must have the political will and the practical plan to stamp out corruption without let-up.As it is now the action against corruption still lack urgency and it is not the top priority, rather it is being relegated to obscurity. Let us pray and hope that we continue to pursue the ideal of zero tolerance on corruption and bring this evil to a quick demise.

Frankie said...


The new year will still see the same old corrupt ways and practices by the UMNO led government. If anything else, the corruption and thievery will increase further because the UMNO led government knows it has very little time left to steal whatever is left in the country's coffers.

Gengis Khan said...

It is now or never. If we don't boot them out this time it will be all over and we would have lost the best chance we ever had.

eli said...


In fulfilling the 'WAR AGAINST CORRUPTION' then simply support ABU as the theme for 2012.

Malaysian said...


Since 12th GE, we don't see much activities on fighting corruption or promoting true unity. UMNO government continue giving logging rights to the crooked businessmen (Muslim and non-Muslim). I doubt UMNO will reform. Will Pakatan do its job to fight corruption? I don't know but atleast I can kick them out if they fail.


SABM said...

A Good Read!!
Wish U all a happy & prosperous 2012!!

Mika Angel-0 said...


bukan ramalan:


Ramalan PRU-13: 143 Kerusi Parlimen Dan 9 Negeri Milik BN

December 26, 2011 · 128 Comments

SEBELUM membuka bicara, penulis nak maklumkan awal-awal bahawa bukan resmi penulis mahupun UMNO sendiri untuk bergantung kepada ramalan-ramalan oleh peramal yang mengaku mempunyai kuasa untuk melihat masa depan, tidak terkecuali keputusan pilihanraya umum ke-13.

Bagaimanapun, adalah menjadi kebiasaan bagi sebahagian besar masyarakat cina untuk percaya kepada ramalan-ramalan sedemikian dalam menentukan apa yang perlu dan tidak perlu dibuat dalam kehidupan seharian mereka. Maka itu, penulis ingin berkongsi dengan ramalan seorang peramal terkenal, Han Jia Siang yang disiarkan dalam akhbar China Press, 2 hari lepas.

Menurut Han Jia, jika pilihanraya umum ke-13 diadakan pada tahun hadapan, Barisan Nasional (BN) akan memenangi 143 dari 222 kerusi Parlimen dan menguasai 9 negeri dalam Malaysia. Han meramalkan Perlis akan jatuh ke tangan Pakatan haram pembangkang dan mengekalkan penguasaan di 3 negeri yang dikuasai sekarang tanpa Kedah yang akan kembali semula ke tangan BN.

Selain Kedah dan Perlis, Han juga meramalkan ‘beberapa perubahan’ akan berlaku di Johor, Pahang, Sabah dan Sarawak, cuma tidak sampai menyebabkan berlaku pertukaran kerajaan negeri dari yang sedia ada. DAP dan PKR akan kehilangan beberapa kerusi Parlimen di Pulau Pinang terutama kawasan dimana mempunyai majoriti atau sebahagian orang melayu...

a charlie chaplin joke?