Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Do you not see how stupid is Perkasa? They say that the Malays (I suppose referring to Perkasa Malays) will not come out to vote during the upcoming general elections if the Election Commission proceeds with the use of the indelible ink. I challenge Perkasa to do so, and let’s see who is going to lose this election. If Perkasa does not know who is going to lose, then let me tell them that it will be UMNO that is going to lose. And if that were to happen, I can tell you that many will be dragged to the courts to answer for their 54 years of wrong doing. And if ever I were to see so many politicians being dragged to the courts after a new government is formed, then I will say that these politicians deserve the wrath of Allah SWT on earth, and what awaits them in the hereafter will only be known to them when they go six feet down under.

Now, the Shahrizat’s family lembu fiasco is not over yet. Having ‘stolen’ NFC’s money to buy themselves the luxuries that we the ordinary people could not possibly acquire in our lifetime, another explosive story of Shahrizat’s family greed and thievery acquisition of another luxury condo costing RM10 million in Singapore have now surfaced. No wonder they say that NFC was making a loss, but that loss is actually Shahrizat family’s gain. Now with this latest exposure, let’s hear what PM Najib, DPM Muhyiddin, Khairy Jamaluddin and Noh Omar have got to say. I bet all will be acting dumb and mute like the three monkeys; see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil.

Please forgive me for using such hush words on our leaders, but this old soldier is sick and tired of listening and reading about the many exposures of wrong doings by UMNO politicians. What saddens me most is that all the perpetrators are Malays and claiming themselves Muslims – and yet UMNO and Perkasa have the audacity to talk about ‘ketuanan Melayu’ and defending the Malay rights and Islam. What rights are they talking about when they have shown themselves to be thieves and liars? What defence are they talking about when they are the ones to deliberately breach and to consecrate the religion of Islam? Do they not know what awaits them in hell for being thieves, corrupt and liars?

I can now say that Shahrizat has been lying to us since day one, claiming that she does not know anything about the NFC affairs. What a bluff she is, and yet Wanita UMNO gave her a standing ovation for all the denials and lies. I think she is a poor example of a wife and a mother, and definitely she isn’t the kind of leader that we Malaysians would want to have. Why doesn’t PM Najib ask Shahrizat to swear in the name of Allah SWT; just like what PM Najib himself had done before, or Saiful Bokhari, or even the porn CD distributor?

Now speaking about corruption, I read about these two secretaries serving the two most powerful politicians of the country i.e. PM Najib and DPM Muhyiddin, are alleged to be corrupt (view Whistleblower711 for details). For this to happen right under the very nose of our two powerful leaders is unbelievable and unacceptable. Whistleblower711 also alleged that a senator Deputy Minister is also on the take from a contractor since January this year, and that contractor is also an UMNO member. So you see how corrupt the people in UMNO are, and one cannot be wrong to say that UMNO is corrupt to the core. I have my sympathies for those who are not corrupt, but coming from the same mould, they will have to face the wrath of the people and bear the shame for being associated with a group of corruptors.

I believe the recent exposure of corrupt practices and wrong doings by UMNO politicians is the will of Allah SWT. If UMNO leaders does not see this, than they deserve to be kicked out during the upcoming GE. I do not wish to see this country of ours go to ruins, being led by leaders that are dishonest, lacking in integrity, corrupt and bleeds this country for their own self interest. We have seen far too many of such leaders and I personally can no longer bear to be led by leaders of this kind. If UMNO cannot change its bad leaders, than it will be the rakyat that will change them.



Riversidegrass said...

No sorry for these crooks !

They sow what they reap....

Yes, A.B.U. the only way out

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
Edmund Burke quote

bruno said...

Dato,the so called prince of Perkasa,but actually a real life of a moron Abrahim Ali is just a plain stupid fool.He doesn't have any brains to think and just used his big mouth to sprew nonsense.He is typically the type of guy who will jump into the sewage without giving a second thought of the potential health hazard.

He knows Umno will be hurt badly in the polls if indelible ink is used.By opening his stupid big mouth he is comfirming that Umno is afraid of the use of indelible ink and has been cheating all this time.After all he is the official mouthpiece of Umno.Abrahim Ali does all the dirty work that Umno doesn't have the balls to do.

Gengis Khan said...

How sure are you that if BN loses the election that they will hand over power peacefully. I smell a rat in their Army/Police blue ocean strategy. Under the circumstance I see an emergency being declared NOC style. Want to bet on it on it Dato'.

monty said...

Dear Dato, What I wanted to say had been said by you except that I am holding back my anger in wanting to throw out some 'holy-words' deserving for these most corrupted fellas. No conscience and without shame stealing the poor rakyats money. I think God's punishment is nigh and for all to see and witness how these UMNOputras will end up. The whole UMNO/BN Govt revolves around the word 'corruption'and nothing else. The poor rakyat in the kampungs and villages trying hard to put 3 decent meals a day on the table for their family and here our so-called 'ketuanan melayus' are having a gala time at their expense. I won't use the word 'stealing' from the rakyat but 'robbing' should be the correct word. That bloody women Sharizat has got no shame at all and skin as thick as a crocodile. I can't wait to see a change of Govt and leaders. If not our country will 'kaput' for sure.

bruno said...

Dato,what this stupid fool Abrahim Ali doesn't know is that many Malays will not come out and vote if indelible ink is not used and not the other way around.This guy who calls himself the champions of the Malays is always nowhere to be seen when they needed him.He only shows up when he is not wanted.

Shahrizat's problems never seems to end.Somebody with inside info seems to be leaking out damaging information about her,slowly but surely ending her political career.Not the ten million condo in Singapore.What is coming next is keeping everybody on their toes.What is a loss to NFC is definitely a gain for Shahrizat's family.Its a net sum zero game these Umnoputras are playing.

Shahrizat denying that she doesn't know and have no inside info of whats going on with the involvement of her family and NFC has made her into a real damned liar.Is she really saying that she doesn't know actually what that thing in between her hubbies legs and bolas looks or feels like.Never seen it before,she says.

Najib,Muhyiddin,Khairy and Nor Omar are all shellshocked at the non ending saga of Shahrizats bad and greedy behaviour.They are strtegising how to come out with a plan to lessen the damage already done.They are as dumb as having solid objects stuck inside their mouths.Khairy has gone MIA and must have been hiding under some lasse's blouse or sarong.

All the champions of ketuanan Melayu,rightwingers,Umno diehards, and Christians,Chinese,Indian and minority bashers are out in the forest doing wild chicken hunting.When these champions have a chance of proving their one cents worth,they decided to turn and play the game of chicken.

With all the dirt of Umnoputras and their cronies crawling out of the woodwork,it is a wonder when the GE will be held.With all the component parties of the BN still licking their wounds maybe the GE will be pushed back as far as possible.Maybe Dr Mahathir's friendly advice to Najib and Umno to delay the GE or get a real spanking will become a self fufilling phophecy after all.

azmie said...

believe me dato', ALL of them are living out of a take from contractors. all the way from the ministers down to the clerks processing the documents. and where do these contractors get all those money? definitely not from their own pockets, they marked-up the value of the projects. 1M for the dato'/tan sri/tun and whatever, 1M for the party, another 1M for the so called election funds.

SABM said...

lets crusade against mass corruption


pronto said...

It is all Leadership by example. The slogan was never wrong when TDM first declared it. So is Malaysia Boleh. The Leader is on the take, so everyone follow. If I go all will go together. I ever experienced the little napoleon telling you they take by million, I only took few hundreds. A Bangladesh foreign agent can tell you "In Malaysia No Money No Talk". A Bomba trainer which we engaged openly declared which government servants are not on the take which included him. It is now their way of life as introduced by TDM.

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear Gengis Khan,

Agreed. I do not rule out the government declaring a state of emergency, should they fall. They know they have a lot to lose.

But please remember, the people's power that have caused government's to fall in the north African states, and nearer to home , the Philippines.

I believe, if the military is used to protect the government, it will be the people's power that takes over.

Rest assured, in the end its the people power that wins.

eli said...


Mereka ini mana tahu malu....muka terlalu tebal.

eli said...


Mereka ini mana tahu malu....extremely thick skin.

Rauf Hakim said...

I cannot agree more with you Dato' all are blatantly true!
There are indeed three groups of UMNO leaders now.First group are those who are plundering the country.The second group are those who are waiting for their turn to plunder.The third group are those who are alumni plunderers who are enjoying their ill gotten wealth with their wives,children and grand children protected by the first and second group and some are being idolised eternally.All these leaders have their own sizeable deft,dumb and blind followers ie the firewood class that keep burning forever to give the warmth to them.With the ill-gotten wealth may be some are dreaming of bribing the hell angels to erase their sins in this world just like erasing the Altantuya immigration record.The great P.Ramlee had his vision in his song..dunia ini hanya palsu manusia menipu..ada pula yang salah sangka kaca dikata intan.

Rauf Hakim said...


Gengis Khan said...

I pray that you are right and the people of all races will rise as one if and when the need arises.If it was within my power on taking over the first day itself I will force you to be sworn as senator and appoint you as the Defence Minister. I know you enough that my decision will be well received by all and that you will not betray the trust of the new government. Wishful thinking for now but you never know...............you may be head hunted even as we speak.
Allah hu Akbar. Allah hu Akbar. Allah hu Akbar.

Riversidegrass said...

For 13 long years, Dr M lied to M'sians and the world to keep Anwar at bay

Awang Adek: Yes, I received cash deposits, but ...

Sigh...... !

Not only one thief alone.
A bunch of theives in the motherland of mine!

“A liar should have a good memory”
Quintilian quotes (Latin teacher and writer whose work on rhetoric, 35-96bc)

zorro said...

Gengis Khan, allow me to ride beside you on this, your comment.

Lalok said...

Be rest assured you guys are not alone in this crusade to fight those evil monsters of corruption and robbery. All of Malaysia will be with you. Those who want to defend their corruptness will have to face the rakyat power. Look at Arroyo and Thaksin, among the few examples we have seen here, next to our door.

Frankie said...


It is indeed very sad that the same people in UMNO who are thieves, liars and corrupters are the very same people who professes to be muslims with their holier than thou attitude. But what is even sadder is that there are still plenty of Malaysians, especially Malaysian muslims who continue to support the UMNO thieves, liars and corrupters in every election. Why is this so? I think it is because the Malaysians who support the UMNO thieves/liars/corrupters are themselves thieves, liars and corrupters just like the Perkasa Malays and pseudo malays like KIMMA. As the saying goes: "Birds of the same feathers flock together".

tahaneverest02 said...

Dato, I cannot agree more with Gengis Khan. With still many people of your sorts around, all is NOT lost. Definitely my vote for Dato will be Minister of Defence + Minister of Home Affairs.
Last night 6 of us retirees were talking about how to get honest, decent and God fearing politicians to govern the country after GE13. Very positive thinking, is it not? Yes, all of us agreed that it is indeed very, very difficult to such people of such caliber. But nevertheless, it has to be done before we are doomed. Names were mentioned and I am not shy to say here that Dato's name and former Judge(Rtd) NH Chan's name were singled out for mentioned above a few more others. All in all 8 of them but 5 are retirees. Anyway, its food for thought as we can never predict what is going to happen come 2012. Right? But we had a consensus that come what may the new set-up of future leaders will and can NEVER be so CORRUPTED as the present set of UMNO/BN jokers. At least for 2 terms? We hope that at least 6 top leaders are known and seen to be non-corruptible inclusive of PM and the DPM. So if a few happens to fall by the way-side and start to smell rotten, we have the top team-mates to quickly remove them. Hopefully this 'formula' can work and God willing our country Malaysia can be saved. The long coffee-shop talk was indeed very refreshing and we went back to sleep and to dream of it. To us it was no wishful thinking and we will continue to pray for Malaysia's salvation and among our group of different race and religion, praying for a divine intervention has no barrier as our prayers heads towards one direction, that is to the God Almighty.

Mej. A R Ramachandran (Retired) said...

My car wash guy said to me today Jibby keeps silent till the end and then reverts situations to peoples'liking, thus appearing like a white knight. Again, this is going to be seen with the CUEPACS and other issues. How correct can he be? Never look down on these simple folks, they now know whats up.

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear Tahaneverest02,

Thanks for the confidence you have in me. But to be in polictics is not my bread and butter. I would prefer to remain what I am - free lance activist.

I now see a new breed of young politicians that are unlike what we have in UMNO today. They ought to be given a chance to lead the nation.

So please vote wisely this coming GE.

LaM said...

How can Brahim be stupid. I read in the press that even ex-Armed forces General, senior police officers, senior ex-DPPs and ex-U professors are Perkasa members. Don't tell me these peope are more stupid than Ibrahim.

Amirawake said...

Someone once told me that the word Poli means many and ticks means blood-sucking animal. The solemnity and the scope of what took place with the recent NFC scandal left no doubt in my mind that the word Politics, really means many blood-sucking animal. However, understanding of human behavior not the party is fundamental to comprehend the machinations that formed the current scandal. After all, it is human that breaths life into the party and not vice versa.

David Hume once said, “Man is motivated by and only by self-interest. Only considerations of utility can sway man to act one way or another.” Therefore, you can put any party to run the country but as long as it’s human the quotation will always be relevant. For example, I had recently tried to respond with a comment to an article entitled Call for Parliamentary Select Committee on Defence, which was posted on Tony Pua’s blog. The comments I tried to post were a sincere view of the issue, which was not meant to serve any political agenda or support any individual. Unfortunately, it was not posted on his blog because it does not serve his interest even though my comment may serve the interest of the public. It was not a surprised to me that when I browsed his blog further I stumble upon comments posted which, only supported his agenda but more importantly his interest. The only way to understand why he made such decision is to understand the incentives he face hence his preference for one outcome versus another.

Understanding human behavior also means that whoever is responsible for the NFC scandal should not go unpunished. The tactics of cover up these days are old school. Today people are more upset about government covering up something or saying one thing and doing another. In short, people don’t like the feeling of being lied to and with the case of NFC; this is exactly the feeling of the Malaysian people. Apart from this, the NFC scandal carries cost to reputation, because reputation is much harder to clean than to tarnish. This is why to right this wrong, the government needs to give more than what they think is fair, and it is obvious that the only place to gauge what is fair is by asking and listening to what the Malaysian people think is fair. This is important, as it is a known fact that people judge trustworthy based on the organization’s reputation. It also important to the organization as preserving reputation helps keep honesty and suppresses the incentive to act on bad intentions. In short, punishing wrong-doing keeps people in line and promotes cooperation.

Commonsense insists that people have reasons for what they do and this may be true. But it doesn’t necessarily allow us to predict in advance either what they will do or what their reason will be for doing it. Once they do it, of course, the reasons will appear obvious just like my incidents with trying to post comment on Tony Pua’s blog. We think change is beneficial but it could also be disastrous given the fact that we don’t have the ability to predict the outcome. We have the impression that our particular beliefs are all derived from some overarching philosophy, but the reality is we arrive at them quite independently and often haphazardly. We feel we are so advanced and yet we cannot unravel a simple knot tied by a part time mathematician working alone without a computer – Fermat’s last theorem puts things in perspective. This is why it is not strange that we have the tendency to mistake change for progress.

AlphaGuy said...

Greetings General !
Wow ! You still have a lot of fighting spirit in you and it is good that you are using it to enlighten and to encourage Malaysians to stand up for their rights.

There are many more like you who are still in service and they are no longer silent about the corrupt goings-on of this wicked government. In addition, many ordinary citizens are voicing their disgust and condemnation in cyberspace.

These BN miscreants have pulled out everything in their evil bags from race, religion and intimidation in the hope of retaining power but from the ground swell and the looks of things, they are definitely losing out !

Indeed, you are correct to say that ultimately it is the people power that will decide who will rule Malaysia !!

Well done, General, please keep up the good work.

Kamal Sanusi said...

Salam Dato'

Respect is something that we earn which we need to respect others in order to earn it.

If the current KERAjaan cannot respect us, why should we respect them? It is a chicken and egg, who is to start respecting others first?

In the interim, since rakyat voted them up, it is a mandatory they respect us first by not forgetting they are up there because of rakyat.

If they betray us by being a thief, liar and corrupt leaders, very timely we teach them a lesson by voting in the forthcoming election WISELY!!!...

Last but not least, Malaysia will be in state of emergency if BN lost their power UNLESS Agong & Sultan wake-up.