Sunday, December 11, 2011


Someone called me to quickly view Bigdog aka Mohammed Zakhir Mohammed’s blog and to read an article of him boarding the RMN submarine berth at Langkawi for LIMA 2011. I reluctantly viewed the blog and upon reading the first paragraph itself, I began to get spells of dizziness and nausea.

The paragraph goes like this, “I was in Langkawi for the LIMA 2011 this week. I was given the trust by the Minister of Defence and Chief of Navy, to be given the honour of the first new media practitioner and blogger to go inside Perdana Class submarine, KD Tun Razak”. Scrolling down the article was a photo of Bigdog taken at the officer’s cabin of the submarine. From the photo, he appears to be physically a large person and for that size, he does not fit being a crew of any submarine. Submariner’s work in confine spaces and being XXL in size, he is unacceptable not only to the navy, but to all other service of the Malaysian Armed Forces.

Having declared himself as being given the TRUST and HONOUR as the FIRST new media practitioner and blogger to board an RMN submarine, he then deserve to be awarded a FIRST BLOGGER TO BOARD A SUBMARINE MEDAL by the Defence Ministry. It is just like Neil Alden Armstrong being awarded the CONGRESSIONAL SPACE MEDAL OF HONOUR for being the first person to set foot upon the moon. I hope the Chief of Navy will not place a plaque in the officer’s cabin that reads, “BIGDOG WAS HERE” in honour of Mohammed Zakir Mohammed.

Curiosity has now set in me to begin asking this silly question - how did Bigdog get an invite to visit the submarine? He must be someone very special; a preferred blogger among the many other bloggers roaming cyberspace (me included). From his writings, he sounded like someone align to the powers that be, and hence the preferential treatment and the only blogger to board an RMN submarine. You all know what this mean.

And what a coincidence – he must be in the submarine together with Penang Chief Minister Lim Eng Guan. If this was so, then he was a sort of ‘marker’ to keep a close watch on Lim Eng Guan and to snarl him around.

So Bigdog, I must congratulate you for being the first blogger to board a submarine, and I look forward to you being honoured with a Datukship for this, in the near future.



Malaysian said...

Does that mean the Navy is not apolitical?

tahaneverest02 said...

Not surprise that 'bigdog' was asked to go on board the submarine obviously to sniff-out any any 'shit' left behind by YB LGE and group. He is paid to do just that. Got the audacity to feel proud and honored.With due respect his size XXL is befitting to be a good watch-dog and rich tycoons would certainly seek out such breed of dogs. He is just an UMNO blogger and spew out venom on behalf of the UMNO cronies and its Masters.To me his writings are of no value and had never once read his blog. Why? The feed-back from my friends are enough to piss you off.

Anonymous said...

Dato', what an idiotic thing to say - though he's a lawyer! We can excuse Papa Gomo in claiming the same 'honour' cause everybody knows he is a proud moron.His blog also included photos of himself around the submarine.Click

Anonymous said...


I can fully understand your reluctance to visit Mohd Zakhir's blog. About all I can say that is positive about the blog is the second line of what he used as his masthead viz:

[Incidentally, does the the first line point to hints of his massive bank account? It goes:

But on the subject of your posting, while it may be that Big Dog was on board thew submarine, apparently "several PAS Leaders" had also been taken on board by Zahid when the sub was berthed at Langklawi. And on Wednesday 7 December, "several BN and Independent MPs were also brought into KD Tun Razak". So while BigDog was on board, he was probably not on board during the dive Guan Eng was on.

UMNO-friendly blogger papagomo also bragged about being on board the sub, with many taking his blog posting to mean that he was on Guian Eng's dive (when even Guan Eng's bodyguard hadnot been allowed to go along).

But I posted these comments on Malaysia Chrionicle's report about the matter

[ Bloggers on board: What a liar you are, Tony wallops Zahid ]

I have looked at all the photos posted by papagomo, and havce not seen any which conclusively show him aboard the Scorpene submarine Lim Guan Eng was on.

Yes, there are soime photos which were from Guan eng's dive event, but it would not be too difficult to get copies even if papapgomo was not on borad, especially if one had the right UMNO connections. Could be from a crewman, or one of the TV3 . Bernama men who were on board..

The closest possibility of a papagomo on board phtoto is the photo with the "Sempit Nak Masuk" caption. But even that one only shows someone in the narrow access opening of what may be a submarine.

Several issues with that photo:

1. The person wore what appears to be the top part of a naval officer's uniform. Would papagomo be allowed to wear part of a naval uniform? Do naval regulation allow that, even for a short phto-op?

2. The person is wearing dark glasses, and as such, identity is not positive.

3. The vessel in the photo may or may not even be a submarine, and even if it is, may not be one of the Scorpenes.

What it adds up to is a strong possibility that papagomo is pulling a hoax,
and for whatever reason is hoping to get folks to react to him being "on board".

bruno said...

Dato,the reason Big Dog was given the trust of the Minister of Defence and Chief of Navy as he claimes was because everyone knows that he is the family pet of Dr Mahathir.

The reason he was accorded such privileges is because every government servant and politicians want to get on the good side of his master Dr Mahathir.It is the same as Hishamuddin appointing Abrahim Ali as his special adviser.All these special treatments are the acts of ball carriers.

Being a family pet it is no surprised to see Big Dog kissing Dr M's hands.But did he ever kissed Dr M's feet.Maybe we need to ask the household staff of Dr M.

Big Dog being allowed to inspect the submarine like a vvip speaks wonders of the power Dr Mahathir still wields.Malaysians will be surprised and a shellshocked people if Shahrizat did not pay heed to Dr Mahathir's friendly advice to start packing her bags.

Malaysia being a nation which freely practices open corruption and cronism,is no surprise such privileges is accorded to a family pet.Especially to Malaysians and intellegience officers from foreign embassies.

Big Dog is now top dog of the pro Umno bloggers.Rocky Bru is being demoted to regular blogger,with a huge pay cut and on the way out of Malay Mail.It surely pays to be a pet dog,Big Dog.

LaM said...

So you now must be truly convinced that that despicable creature must be in the payroll of those Umno pirates.

The fact that Zahid has to depend on this despicable creature to fight his political battle, shows what a low class Malaysian Defence Miinister he is.

I guess most of the shoddy military equipment hardwares like Sukhoi and Scorpene that were purchased at inflated price and which included that intangible corrupt payment could not be made without the collaboration of some corrupt Generals of Mindef.

flyer168 said...



Yes indeed.

Nice to read your Blog of someone who has served this nation well and is now able to pen his thoughts withour Fear or explain the Truth !

Talking about the mercenary Pro Ketuanan UMNOputra Bigdog...or LapDog?

It is because they have enjoyed the "Perks" in their position (at the Taxpayers expense !) and owe favours from their Masters & supporters...

They have become "Slaves"...

So to answer the question how come...?

"Free people can say “no”.

Free people can refuse demands for their money, time, and children.

Slaves cannot. There is no freedom without the freedom to say “no”.

If someone demands that you do something and you can say “no” and refuse to do it, then you are a free human being.

If you can be forced to do something or surrender something that you do not wish to, then you are a slave.

No other test need be applied" - Michael Rivero.

Do keep up your postings in this great Blogsite.


exrmafazhar said...

So the oversize Bigdog gets a VIP treatment from the Navy and Lim Guan Eng official bodyguard gets booted out just to cater for this UMNO blogger. I am sure he was address as Tuan Bigdog by the navy ratings and given that special long whistle blow when he gets on board the lucky guy eh... err lucky UMNO lapdog. I just hope the Navy knows what they are their image that is.

armal said...

Bravo Dato'....belasah mana yg tak betul.

Frankie said...


This bigdog fella is truly an UMNO lap dog who does all the bidding for his master. He has sold himself out to UMNO following in the manner of Rockybru. Yes, this big dog fella will be getting his datukship soon, again just like Rockybru.

manghup said...

Bruno: BigDog kissing DrM's feet? He will have to lie on his belly.

azmie said...

allowing civilians to board an armed forces vehicle is one issue, allowing them to take photos is a damned stupid security risk

mitchell said...

Why am I not surprised !!! Always hoped that the Armed Forces remain profesionals....well now that is also down the drain..sigh!!!!