Sunday, December 11, 2011


Pakatan Rakyat (PR) has gone in full gear to ready the party for the upcoming General Election (GE) that will happen anytime next year. ‘Ceramah’ are being organized on a daily basis and this has been going on endlessly since the 2008 GE. I think the PR strategy is to exploit the momentum of their 2008 GE successes, despite the occasional hiccups within the loose coalition over some teething issues. Today, PR is much stronger and is able to galvanize themselves into a credible force to challenge their political foe in the upcoming GE. The strength in PR today can further be strengthened by their successes in governing the states captured by them during the previous GE.

The Barisan Nasional (BN) strategy is to weaken PR morally by exploiting what apparent weaknesses found in PR’s leadership and in the states it governs. I think this strategy has backfired for many reasons, some of which are enumerated below;

1. Exposing moral issues of individual PR party leaders can only lead to a counter expose of moral issues perpetrated by BN leaders, and there are many to list.

2. To attack the PR controlled states for poor governance is of little bearing because it is quite illogical for a 3 year old government to outclass and outdo 54 years governance by the BN government. Issues of corruption and abuse of power of BN years of governance can be exposed in tons. However, this should not be the issue to be taken up by PR to discredit the BN government, because time is not in the favour of a newly appointed PR government. The PR government has to immediately prove that theirs is a better government by formulating policies that will appease the rakyat, in a way that the rakyat see changes and hope for the future.

3. Using a language of threat to arouse people’s support is a poor showing of one’s character and upbringing. This has been PM Najib’s major failure and his use of such language surprised me. Certainly, his late father would not have used such a language ever. PM Najib needs a brushing in interpersonal relations to improve his oratory skills. Remember the 'crushed bones' and 'you help me and I help you' statements.

4. Using race and religion to garner Malay support, but this strategy has turned not only non Malays outside the BN to feel ‘uncomfortable’, but a similar feeling is felt from among non Malay component parties of the BN. Likewise, moderate and likeminded Malays that are apolitical have made their displeasure known that this strategy is damning UMNO itself.

5. Some agencies of the government are of little help in trying to portray BN as a people’s government. Instead, what they seemed to be doing are to act subservient to the wishes of the political masters. This is very obvious in the actions taken by the police and the judiciary in particular. The Election Commission and the MACC too has also come under heavy criticism from the opposition and civil society alike.

6. All government controlled media (print and electronic) are notorious for being the mouth piece of the BN government i.e. everything is right with the BN and nothing is good with the opposition. And it is because of this that the rakyat now rely more on bloggers that are flourishing on a daily basis. Fair reporting is not what the government controlled media seems to believes in. One only needs to click randomly to any blog and to feel the frustration that bloggers has towards the ruling government. I say this in all sincerity.

Seriously, UMNO’s new approach and strategy to deal with the opposition has to be carefully worked out, and traditional ways are no longer effective. Even seeking an alliance with PERKASA or PEKIDA will not help. I say this because UMNO has failed to think of winning the support of the other races i.e. Chinese, Indians and other indigenous races, and supporting PERKASA and PERKIDA will only distance the support of these races away from UMNO. Even now, there is a distancing of its BN partners from UMNO, and if UMNO were to rely solely on Malay support, the party is doomed.

Winning today’s election is all about winning the hearts of the population, and ours is a multi racial and religious society where we have no other option, but to be living together. Because of UMNO’s narrow and skewed view (they still talk about Malay supremacy) of the other races, UMNO has not only lost its non Malay support, but has also lost its Malay support, particularly the urban Malays. If at all there is any support left, it is from the rural Malays, and even this is dwindling too.

With all that I have said of UMNO, would that mean that PR now has a better chance of making major inroads into BN controlled states, and eventually winning the next GE? My answer is YES, if UMNO/BN continues to do all that I have listed above, and think that their 54 years of ‘good deeds’ is sufficient proof to rally the rakyat’s continued support for the BN. UMNO must realize that the consequence of them losing is real, and PR has all to gain from UMNO’s weaknesses. For a democracy to strive, a change in government is only natural.

While PR has gone in full gear drawing crowds at their ‘ceramah’, UMNO/BN on the other hand is still in deep slumber, relying only on the mainstream media as its propaganda machine. In the area that I reside, ‘ceramah’ by the opposition is carried out on a daily basis. If it is not a PR ‘ceramah’, it is the individual component party that does the ‘ceramah’. Now, may I ask where are the big boys of UMNO/BN? UMNO/BN strategy is to win the urban lot first, and winning the urban lot will naturally spill over into the rural areas. This is UMNO/BN biggest failure. Winning Putrajaya, an urban constituency with a meager voter population does not constitute a major victory for the BN. Winning Kuala Lumpur does.

Finally, the million ringgit question – will Malaysia see a change in government in the next GE? My answer is YES, not that I am pro PR and anti BN or vice versa, but I notice a sincere desire in the rakyat to see a change. I suppose the Arab Spring must have some influence in the rakyat’s changing desires.



bruno said...

Dato,up till six months ago the chances of a PR victory was still non existent.As PKR the lead party of PR was still in a sort of shambles,caused by the leadership problems in Sabah.Then came the party's open presidential elections,where there were accusations of fraud.

Since then the leadership problems and infighting in PKR have toned down except in Selangor.All the negative news in PKR has quiet down and in the meantime the negatives of their elder stepbrother has been on a roll.

The latest cow's scandal is about to claim a cabinet minister as its victim.Flip flopping and theatrics by leaders have make them look like clowns in a circus.Corruption has reached an all time high,so has the nation's debt.Prices of neccesities have skyrocketted through the roof.Many families pocket books have been stretched to the limits.

These are the first signs of a government that is on the way out.That is why at the just concluded Umno GA,fear mongering was the theme of the day.Every designated speaker at the GA has nothing good to talk about the party,except to attack their opponents or fear mongering about the Chinese taking over the rights of the Malays.

Everything they have thrown at the opposition including the kitchen sink has failed.Even the cruise missiles which the United States have used to their maximun effect have failed them.Umnoputras have dug themselves a hole too deep,so difficult to climb out.Umno has taken the people for a ride for the past five decades and they have the cheek to beg for another five more years.

They have used Abrahim Ali and his Perkasa,Big Dog and Utusan,Thanbi Chik of the three sexed stooges, thugs and mat rempits and all have failed.Nobody wants to listen to bankrupted race based corrupted politicial hasbeens anymore.

Umno's Ketuahnan Melayu,race and religious policies have sent the Chinese heading for the opposition camp.The Indians are left shell shocked,starring eyes wide open,popping out at the carrots dangling in front of them.The malays are divided 55% Umno and 45%PR.Another 5% of Malay votes shifting to PR and Umno is history.

Malaysian said...

Is UMNO about protecting the Malay? Maybe PERKASA should fight for FELDA and not blaming everything on the Chinese or Pakatan. It's total arrogant of UMNO that I can't believe what
UMNO is doing to the FELDA settlers. These are the people that voted for them yet these are the very people that UMNO want to steal money from.


Gengis Khan said...

The answer to your question is " Yes inshallah" Do I see Najib handing over Putra Jaya as a gentelman? NO! he will have to be dragged out by his collar still clinging to his desk being trailed by Rosmah. After this is done there will be a Doa Selamat read by Hadi Awang.

maurice said...

Kita tidak akan mengundi secara buta tuli, di sebaliknya akan melihat rekod MP dan ADUN di kawasan masing-masing.Sejak peralihan kuasa dari BN ke PKR, di kawasan Parlimen Gombak dan DUN Ulu Kelang, selepas PR12, saya lihat tidak ada banyak perubahan yang telah berlaku di kedua-dua kawasan tersebut kecuali penurunan bil air bulanan yang dihadiahkan kepada penduduk-penduduk Selangor olih Kerajaan PKR Selangor.

Kalau kita memandu kereta di Taman Melawati kita akan terjumpa dengan beberapa Padang Kanak-Kanak yang tidak terjaga dengan sempurna, sampah sarap berselirak di merata tempat, terutama di pusat-pusat perniagaan seperti di kaki kedai, di pasar Tani/Malam dll.Jalan di Taman tesebut pun banyak yang berlubang, tidak diselenggara dengan rapi.Saya lihat tidak ada satu projek pembangunan pun yang telah dilancarkan olih Kerajaan PKR bagi meningkatkan kualiti hidup penduduk-penduduk di Taman tersebut.Hanya Sime Darby Properties sahaja membuat 'town upgrading' bagi menjaga kepentingan komersial mereka sendiri.

Kesimpulanya tidak ada sebarang perubahan yang bolih dirasai olih penduduk-penduduk di situ sejak PKR berkuasa, kecuali penurunan bil air bulanan dari Pejabat MB sendiri.

Kalaulah perubahan di peringkat tempatan pun tidak dapat dilakukan bagi memenuhi ekspektasi penduduk-penduduk di situ, bolih kah PKR dapat berbuat sesuatu yang besar seperti yang dijanjikan jika dapat berkuasa memerintah negara ini?

Dapatkah PKR menandingi sumbangan BN selama ini?Bolihkah PKR melindungi kepentingan masyrakat majmuk mengikut Perlembagaan kita?

pronto said...

Dato, PR is getting more support from the veteran by the day. From the ground we see more and more veterans are getting very vocal in facebook. KERABAT gathering is getting by big group as compared to PBTM which only allows the cronies to attend.

Banne said...

UMNO & BN have been too long in government. A change is necessary to wake them up from their slumber. We, the rakyat just want a government who does the right thing for the country. It really doesn't matter if it"s BN or PR. But for this time we need to vote a change for a better tomorrow.

mitchell said...

To some of the masyarakat majmuk that expects the ruling party of Selangor to perform miracles in cleaning up 54 years of "shit" in jsut 4 years of taking over, get real...they talk of playgrounds not being maintain, roads full of potholes and other minor details...typical of old rakyat where the ruling party just needed to re-tar roads, put up street lights and also maintain fields and playgrounds to get your vote.
If they have been reading your postings, they will know that there so many "major issues" that the ruling party is failing the rakyat..
I am not saying that the opposition will be better, but I am saying they certainly deserve a chance off at least 8 years to rule. Compared to 54 years of rubbish, 8 years aint much to ask for.

Qistina Adriana said...

Salam Dato...
I think most of us have passed that experience in our life with UMNO/BN.Be apparent about what we would like to happen as a result of making the criticism towards PKR.Are we looking for an apology? a change in policy? a service that should have been provided but was not? here are no paranormal ways to get action on a protest. Nothing will happen unless we criticize and demand exploit. We have our right to select well again either Bulan or Sabit right...its a bout time to change for enhancement and transmission out of the box...