Monday, December 12, 2011


PM Mohd Najib Tun Razak was all praise for the Sarawak government during his address to delegates attending the SUPP General Assembly in Kuching recently. He say that “the future of Sarawak to achieve a develop status is more guaranteed if the BN government continues to lead the state”. He then pledged that he will work closely with the Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud (ATM) “to ensure that all the planned agendas for development for the rakyat becomes a reality”.

What else can Najib say other than praises for ATM who has held the helm of the Sarawak government for more than three decades? With ATM being such a lofty figure in the Sarawak political landscape, are we not to believe that Najib needs ATM more than the latter need the former? The entire nation knows that the Sarawak BN plays a significant role in determining the rise and fall of the BN at the national level. The voter’s statistics are there for all to see.

Based on the last Sarawak state election held on April 16, 2011, it was clear that Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB), a component party of the BN headed by ATM had swept all 35 seats that the party contested, making it the largest single party to have won the election. SUPP, also a component party of the BN fared poorly having lost 8 seats including its leader George Chan and former Deputy Chief Minister.

If someone were to ask, with such ‘massive people support’ towards ATM, and the enormous resources at his disposal, could Sarawak not become a fully autonomous state off the Malaysian federation? My immediate answer would be, YES. If the Sarawak Report that chronicles the enormous personal wealth of ATM and his family members is to be believed, than my answer would be a double YES.

Having viewed what all is revealed in Sarawak Report, and assuming that it is true, I would say that ATM undoubtedly is even richer than the Sultan of Brunei, and beats all of Malaysia’s rich and famous. Despite all that is revealed in Sarawak Report, ATM has yet to deny the reports, and instead attempted to do a ‘double’ of Sarawak Report to deceive the public, and trumpets that his family members are all shrewd and clever at doing genuine business. He believes that his position as the longest serving Chief Minister has no influence over the business successes of his family members. And it is unbelievable that Sarawakians that had continuously voted him in is not able to distinguish lies from truth.

As for PM Najib, I trust he wouldn’t dare raise any issue relating to ATM wealth and that of his family members, or to talk to him (ATM) about handing over the helm of power. Of course, people in UMNO would dare ask Tuan Guru Nik Aziz to leave; because Tuan Guru isn’t anything like ATM. Tuan Guru is not in business nor does he resides in a palatial home perched on acres of land.

So, it is the power and wealth that ATM yields that frightens our national leaders to open their gap to say anything adverse against ATM. It is this fear too that can cause the BN to fall, and with such inherent fear of ATM, Najib therefore finds it expedient to allow ATM to do all the bargaining – corruption or no corruption; that does not really matter. Retaining power by whatever means does.



bruno said...

Dato,in Sarawak Taib is king.And Najib knows that his and BN's future depends on foxy Taib.Najib and Muhyiddin tried to do a reverse on Taib in the last Sarawak state elections,but instead both Najib and Muhyiddin got their backsides greased by Taib.

Now they know that the old fox is going to decide their political futures.If Najib did not try to pleased Taib,he might be denied entry into Sarawak,PM or not,to Taib it doesn't matter.

Taib is the richest politician in Malaysia.Much richer than Dr Mahathir.His properties stretch from US to London to Australia to Hong Kong and back to Malaysia.In fact Taib can be called the corruption king of Malaysia.And there is nothing the GOM can do about it.To arrest Taib for corruption the GOM will have to call in the armed forces.

He will be the king maker this coming GE.If he decides to switch sides BN is history.If PR does make much inroads in Sabah and Sarawak,Taib might also be coaxed to switch sides too,if he is assured of the CM'ship.But whoever holds federal power Taib will definitely be a thorn in the flesh.

LaM said...

I don't think the communist could be defeated if we have cowards in the infantry battallions. There are some cowards but the majority were willing to risk their lifes and limbs to engage the communists.

Sadly we have cowards in the Macc. that is the reason why Macc is afraid to engage Mat Taib, Musa Aman and even the corrupt Najib and Muhyideen.

As you can't defeat the communists with cowards in yr ranks so is the same with fighting corruption. It can't be defeated. Changing the name from ACA to Macc is just a smoke screen. The fact is they have cowards from top to bottom who dare not engage what more to touch Taib Mahmud.

mike joey said...

This character ATM is filthy rich. But the wealth he has are stain with the Sarawak rakyats blood. The Chinese saying for these type of corrupt people is that, 'the rotten gain money will be use to stash inside the coffin when he dies'. Not a single piece of ringgit note or a
piece of coin will follow him (ATM) to hell. He came naked into the world and he will go naked into hell. He will leave this world and remembered as the most corrupted politician in Malaysia. He is squeezing the balls of PM & DPM being the CM of the safe-deposit state in the coming GE13 and both PM & DPM cannot shake ATM's balls (if he has any). That is why ATM NEVER allowed UMNO to set-foot in Sarawak. ' Winner takes all' and that is the name of the game.

Gengis Khan said...

This is the same man who stabbed his uncle Rahman Yacob in the back after inheriting the CM ship from him.He is cunning and ruthless man who will destroy any who gets in his way. He has many tricks up his sleeves . To expand on Burno I think he has a large tub of grease and stick which he uses effectively on those who displease him.

matsingkong said...

I am excited with the current news of exposing Taib's evil globally:

We will track this guy if he runs like Marcos....he wont escape, 'headhunters' will be looking for him...

Alan Newman said...

With 31 yrs of abuse of power, mutli-billion $ plunder of his people, over 10 years of the same by his Uncle before him, the Sarawak CM must be arrested now. His morality, integrity; legitimacy & right to lead are ZERO.
Won elections by dishonest means for decades, some of them:
b)Deception & stifling of Opposition through state-controlled media.
c) Using public/ resources for logistics, transportation, undue influence, deception, duress, vote-buying and vote- winning.
d)Rigging and vote-tampering and miscounts.
e)Gerrymandering, eg: Putrajaya, 98% Malay, needs only 5,000 votes while Chinese seats like Selayang need more than 120,000 votes.
His total wealth, including those of 400+ companies, is estimated to be US$6b = RM19billion. Despite this monstrous crime & international clamour for Taib’s arrest, Najib, MACC, BN, all pretend…that the theft of RM19billion didn’t occur, the reasons are obvious: They are equally corrupt & evil.
Nothing will be done, unless Arab Spring type pressures are mounted beginning with:
Blockade of all logging & oil palm accesses.
Blockade of all CMS & related’s access & movements.
Work stoppage. Sit-ins in offices, transport hubs & airports.
If the police intimidates.....Good! That’s the beginning of the end of Sarawak’s great tragedy & BN’s stranglehold in Malaysia.