Wednesday, December 14, 2011


There are now calls for DPM Muhyiddin Yasin to quit for being an accessory to the failed NFC project that has rattled Sharizat, her family members and the UMNO fraternity, with allegations of a criminal breach of thrust. Muhyiddin was the Agriculture Minister then when the project was approved, and a soft loan amounting RM250 million. Muhyiddin is therefore deemed accountable, though not necessarily responsible for the ‘mess’ the NFC has created.

As I had alluded in an earlier posting, Muhyiddin wasn’t the first to defend Shahrizat, but it was Noh Omar, the present Agriculture Minister who poked his nose into something he wasn’t quite sure about. Then, it was followed by Khairy Jamaluddin who yielded enormous power at level 4 of the PM’s Department; him being the SIL of then PM Abdullah Badawi, who is believed to have a hand in approving the project. When the debate over the NFC got heated up, Agriculture Minister Noh Omar took a retreat, curled his tail and went into hibernation. Likewise, Khairy Jamaluddin who had earlier agreed to debate the issue with PKR’s Rafizi Rahim, has for now thrown in the towel. Muhyiddin was a bit wiser. He believes that silence is not an acknowledgement of guilt.

I do not know what is in the mind of PM Najib and the leadership of UMNO over this issue. I view this NFC fiasco as a scaled down PKFZ debacle where the ‘actors’ are of the same make and brand i.e. UMNO/BN. There is now the unusual silence from Shahrizat including those of her boisterous Wanita mates. Shahrizat isn’t anymore the same Wanita boss that spoke from the rostrum during the UMNO General Assembly with her theatrical tirade mimicking Aldof Hitler; blaming the opposition, and not herself. The mainstream media as we knew from the start wasn’t too keen in reporting. Least, they are seen to play to the gallery of the opposition.

Be that as it may, this ‘scandalous issue’ that had brought shame to the nation, and more so to UMNO that is already mired in numerous cases of corruption and abuses of power, is not going to be cast away by the rakyat that easily. This involves a huge amount of tax payer’s money; an amount that could otherwise be utilised to serve the dire need of the rakyat, rather than enriching a government minister’s family members. I do not know if others (cronies and the like) had a share in the ‘spoils’, but I believe they do.

Let me tell you this – the upcoming GE will be tough for UMNO/BN, and this NFC scandal has negated the chances of UMNO/BN narrowing their 2008 losses. Tun Dr. Mahathir can say otherwise, but he does not see the reality on the ground that is so obvious in the cities, kampongs and among the marginalized estate and farm workers. The government can keep throwing cash handouts to rally the support of the rakyat, but when the coffer goes dry and the rakyat begins to demand for more, then that’s when the problem starts. Or, is the government resigns to the fact that this will no longer be their problem after the 13 GE?

To the UMNO/BN leadership, time is no longer in their favour and the tide of change is fast being felt by Malaysians. The rakyat knows what they want – a government that is trustworthy, responsible, incorruptible, not abusive, just and fair. It is changes to the UMNO/BN leadership that the rakyat wants, and if the leaders do not change and are stuck to their old mould, than be rest assured; it will be the rakyat that will eventually change them.

To the opposition PR, the path to Putrajaya will not be easy. While the PR has an edge in the urban areas, the rural front will still be decisive in ensuring whether it is BN or PR to helm the government post the 13th GE. And should Muhyiddin, Shahrizat and Khairy Jamaluddin decides to go for the polls, they will have a lot of questions to answer.



bruno said...

Dato,whether DPM Muhyiddin was directly responsible for the NFC scandal,as Agriculture Minister the project was under his ministry.The way the money was expedited to NFC's account,without proper supervision or follow up of work in progress makes Muhyiddin a party responsible for the NFC fiasco.

Muhyiddin already has a reputation when he was the MB of Johore.He has a mouth when open is bigger and wider than a cracidile's.He is not called Mini Taib for nothing.Maybe Najib should ask the MACC to look at Muhyiddin's net personal worth.That would be an excuse for Najib to get rid of him.

bruno said...

Dato,PM Najib is in a predicament because he let himself into one.His indecisivness to grab the bull by its horns is his biggest political mistakes.From Abrahim Ali,Mat Selamat and Big Dog's Christian vs Muslims,Umno youth's mat rempits,Bersih and now this cow's scandal are a big nightmare for him,especially with the GE just around the corner.

Nothing that Najib has tried to do has worked out.All his ideas and plans which seems to make sense have never been implemented.Any thing that Najib tried to do has been met with resistance from within his own party,Umno.That is why Najib is said to be always flipflopping.

If Najib wants to win this coming GE,he has to show that he deserves another five more years.First he has to ask for forgiveness for his past mistakes from the people.Then he has to show the people that he is of PM calibre,that he can lead.

Then he has to get rid of at least three quarters of his present deadwood cabinet.The first to go is Muhyiddin.Then the brainless fumbling Defence Minister and his yellow submarine.Little cousin Hisham can stay to watch Jibby's back.Nor Omar can stay,but he has to make sure that the NFC project has to be a future success.But without the Shahrizat family,of course.

All the Mca and Mic lapdog ministers sent to NFC to tend to the cows.Take in new faces to stand for elections.Professionals of good characters as candidates only.Najib can do whatever he wants with Khairy and Shahrizat.

As Dr Mahathir has said,the earlier Najib takes BN to the GE,the harder the spanking will be.So taking Dr Mahathir's advice as accurate,which I assumed to be, Najib has nothing to lose and everything to gain.So it is time to do spring cleaning and to make sure that the house is perfectly cleaned and fumigated.Just make sure to leave no worms,frogs and termites behind.

tahaneverest02 said...

With due respect to the old former mamak PM, his assessment may NOT be necessary correct to say that BN will for sure win the GE13. He is no Prophet or God. He is using psywar/psyops to try to sway public perception to make BN Govt look good. If Opposition comes to power he may go the way of Saddam Hussein or worst Gaddafi of Libya.If the rakyat is forgiving he may end up like Mubarak of Egypt. So, mamak is fighting for his and family survival. That's why sinners are always fearful ending up in hell after death. But the sinful living fear the peoples' retribution. Come GE13 PM Najib nas much to fear. He is surrounded by so many Brutus and associates waiting to politically eliminate him and allowing his DPM Muhyiddin to step-in. So, Najib better watch his 'back' as there will be alot of 'back-stabbing' when GE13 draws near. His cousin and the misai Murkzie Mahathir are also having their 'planned strategy' and private ambition too. I pity Najib. It's going to be tough for as from now.Lots of uncertainty and too many foes to handle.

Rauf Hakim said...

You are right Dato'the cattle issue is very close to the rural Malay hearts and minds and even the Felda settlers and they can understand it very clearly as opposed to other scandals like PKFZ,the Scorpenes and Sukhois.I think this is the killer point that will shift rural Malays away from the UMNO safe zone or their safe deposits.The more Sharizat and the previous and current agri ministers stonewalled from giving sensible explanations the more severe damage would be done even to their own hardcore supporters.The cattle issue has become the sought after topic at the gerai and kedai kopi talkshops.
What has Najib been doing about this highly explosive matter?Nothing just a bare denial and hoping the issue will just fades away.But to give a sensible explanation now you need to spin the issue but it is too little too late now for it has become wild and out of control at the Malay heartland and grassroot level.

pronto said...

After the distribution of RM 500.00 to those earning RM 3,000.00 below, BN will call for GE13. Can this be considered as vote buying.

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear Pronto,

It is vote buying. What else can it be called?

mycuntree said...

I think Malaysians are too forgiving and forgetful; for our own good.In so far as the NFC case is concerned; Malaysians as taxpayers should demand that legal actions be taken against all responsible for its abuses.

Najib, as PM, has shown his inability and incapability to manage the country's resources. That would be a hard thing to do when he himself is not above questions as to his own honesty and credibility.