Thursday, December 15, 2011


It has been a week that I posed a challenged to Bigdog aka Mohammed Zakhir Mohammed, to come out and face Brig Jen Dato Abdullah Mohammed over the former’s accusation that the latter had joined PKR with 50 other retired armed forces personals (refer to my article posted on Thursday, December 8, 2011 titled ‘Bigdog – A liar of the highest order).

I had provided Bigdog my hand phone number and suggested that he decides the place and time of the meeting at his own choosing. As at today, Bigdog hasn’t responded, although many had called me that they too wish to be around, if the meeting materialized. I do not really know why others have a special interest in Bigdog. I never had any interest in Bigdog before this issue came to light.

Come on Bigdog, don’t tell me you have chickened out? I can assure you that there will not be any punches thrown at you by Brig Jen Dato Abdullah, because I know him to be a true gentleman. What he wants is an honest answer from you to clear his name.

For your information, Brig Jen Dato Abdullah is a well known figure in the Armed Forces. I being his neighbor before, can vouch that he is an honorable person who had served his country with distinction. However, the lies that you had so willfully written about him, and so daringly posted in your blog has somewhat smeared his good reputation. And it is an apology that he wants from you. Is this asking too much?

I have been told that you are close to some political masters, and this must have given you the audacity to post something that is false without regards as to who the person is. If this is true then you are worse than a roden that scrounges filth and stale foodstuff in stinking alleys and potholes. I do not care who your political masters are, because liars are people that Brig Jen Dato Abdullah and I hate most, and they ought to be taught some manners. I hate telling you this, but that is what you portray yourself to be – a coward and an incorrigible liar.

My final word to you Bigdog – please do not take retired military officers for granted because we are no fools.



bruno said...

Dato,when Big Dog was talking about Brig.Jen Dato Abdullah Mohammed joining PKR with 50 other retired armed forces personnel,he was actually just blowing off hot air into the cold chilly skies.

Big Dog is being paid to write nonsense,things that doesn't makes sense.His job is just to stirr bad feelings among the various races,so that his political masters
can rally the grassroot supporters.Or else how is Umno able to rally the troops.They used religion and the ketuanan Melayu stuff to get the Malays upset and angry.

That is the reason that Big Dog cannot dare show his face or call Dato..Although Big Dog is really big in size,inside he is really like a little kitten.When he blogs he doesn't used his imagination and brains.He used his heels to think and blog.

Many people have an interest in Big Dog,Rocky Bru and some other pro Umno bloggers.They wanted to look them in the eyes and call them traitors.These are the guys who went for the dangling carrots offered by Umno.I thought that only donkeys love carrots.

One thing about traitors and cowards they do not have the balls to appologised when they are wrong or are caught lying.When they are caught with their pants off,they hide under their spouses sarong.Just look at Khairy.He has no balls to appologise to LGE and family.Then he chickened out of the debate about the NFC fiasco with PKR.

The likes of Big Dog and his cohorts who are worse than rodents have no right to talk about or stand besides the brave men of the armed forces who have served their country bravely.

Pak Oncu said...

salam Dato,, yes we are not FOOL seperti mana sesentengah ahli politik yg kiblat BERBOHONG.

Sam Yap said...

Anyway, if Brig Jen Dato Abdullah Mohammed(B) did join PKR, there is nothing wrong with that. In fact the Brig Jen. can join any party he wants, maybe even join SUPP or MLCM whatever. That is his right.

Kamal Sanusi said...

Salam Dato

Yes, we the ex-service officer & a gentleman is not fool and definitely not easy to be fooled too. We talk on verified facts.

Come-on UMporNO, what take you so long in advising Bigdog on his next cause of action towards this challenge. Where is your APCO to advise you?

Oppsss, I guess his balls were left behind somewhere in the submarine. Heheeheee....

Dato, this proof that your write-up about him (him or her) is totally true, all true nothing but the true.

mitchell said...

He is a No-Show, Dato....but the truth will prevail, continue posting your "dare" every Monday..and we will see if the BigDog has "balls"..macam Pak Oncu kata...We are not fools and hide BigDog..the ARMY WANTS YOU!!!!!!!!

maddoc said...

Salam case you haven't noticed all UMNO paid cyber troopers are opportunists and liars. Why don' the said General sue him to kingdom come

maddoc said...

All UMNO cyber troopers are liars and scumbags. I hope the said General sue this SOB to teach him a lesson apart from clearing his name

Riversidegrass said...

So far still no one has given them(Bigdog and his evil master)heavy lesson, now it's time to do so. I strongly support those who do it for peace and justice.

******“The liar and the thief rejoice in their first year only.”
Greek proverb quotes

"........Bigdog hasn’t responded, although many had called me that they too wish to be around,........"

******“No man has a good enough memory to make a successful liar”
Abraham Lincoln quotes

".....I do not care who your political masters are, because liars are people that Brig Jen Dato Abdullah and I hate most, and they ought to be taught some manners. I hate telling you this,....."

******“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
Edmund Burke quote

tahaneverest02 said...

Ya...thinking aloud UMNO which is a Malay base political party should'nt be allowed to rear dogs. Yeah.. they don't rear dogs but they rear a character by the name of 'Bigdog' and bring shame to canine family. This 'Bigdog' is the worst breed of all dogs. Why? Because he is bred by UMNO. He surely has got no balls otherwise he would have accepted Dato's challenge. By uttering shit in his blog he thinks he can help to sway the good-thinking minds of the people to vote for UMNO/BN. Don't waste your time 'Bigdog'. Do something else better like to help the elderly citizens to walk their loving and discipline dogs in the evenings.From there you will learn the good characteristics of well-behaved dogs and become a better human-being. Don't be a liar and a slanderer for your idiotic UMNO master. Hate-politics is sure to fail in modern times of IT and if UMNO continues to play the race and religion card, they are doomed. The size of your fat (XXL) body definately does NOT match your pea-size brains. So, don't take us ex-servicemen or the general public at large as fools.

Gengis Khan said...


I don't believe that this man has the honor or the guts to pick up the gauntlet. As a blogger he has lost all creditably and should be ashamed of himself.

azmie said...

forget about the dog sir, he's busy digging in someone's thrash can.
in the news today, the police stated that the styer rifle used in the foiled robbery in kl last week belongs to an army personnel stationed somewhere in kedah. how on earth can this happen to the army? this guy brought the rifle home, stolen by his brother who went to kl to rob a bank?

SSrahman said...

Bos ,
The last i 'saw' bigdog was when he was crawling under bigbitch's sarong trying to hide from the B52-mindnoevil carpet bombing hehe he can run but cannot hide.
From what i understand from some ppl known to the Mangydogs, they will 'network' to hit the chosen target and comments under different names are used to make the lies they write look real.
They are now going for Nasir, azman ,tony and some felda ppl ,i wonder why ? No share in the loot?
Someone must hang them by their Ba@@s if they have any.
Anyway ,in the early days no one suspected their intentions but ppl now know very well about these nasty mangy dogs.
I hope the 'negarawan' will cut them off or soon ppl will not take him seriously


Salam Dato',
Since when these paid bloggers accountable to what they'd written. They were just a bunch of low down snakes who care nothing except their own bulging stomach. They don't give a hoot on anything even if it happens to their own mothers. They wrote for the pleasure of the pay-master; being compulsive liar is their special trade. May Allah guide this kind of people.

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear All,

Thanks for your support. The more I read your comments, the more I realise how much you all despise this mad dog. Let him work for his political masters and let him go on lying.

When GE 13 is over, he will be sorted out without any masters left.

monty said...

Dear Gentleman Dato,
At times I noticed that Dato' is throwing 'soft punches' but 'stinking ones' at certain issues and 'targets' like 'Bigdog'. This is very befitting of a gentleman-officer which is a rare commodity in the ATM nowadays. This 'Bigdog' don't deserve 'soft-punches' for lying and slandering innocent people in his writings. By not responding to Dato's challenge to go to the bottom of the issue for the truth, to me this 'Bigdog' is a eunuch and UMNO without checking between his legs, had taken him for Hang Tuah or Hang Jebat. UMNO kena tipu..lah!!

najibtido said...

On December 15, 2011 at 11:39 Biggum Dogmannsteinberg said:


You are in grave need of public attention, aren’t you?

You have your blog to present your case to your heart’s content. Do it there. Too bad if it is not gaining the attention you desire.

bruno said...

Dato,after this article and a KO Big Dog will not be showing himself for a while,till things cool down.He will now be blogging under the pseusodyn 'Little Big Pussy',or something like that.

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear Najibtido,

This Biggun can say what he wishes. But still he is a coward hidding behind a pseudonym. I don't wish to deal with such people.

Wak Arjun said...

Bigdog. A BIG no-show. No balls.
Typical UmPorNO. Talk shit eat shit. Shit brain.

Tried his blog some time back but damnnn... No class. Trash stuff. A reflection of UmPorNo's leadership.

BigDog should try a rebranding exercise: Zakhir CowDung?

SysOp said...

Dear Dato',

If this country is under the threat of war... I'm sure BigDog will be the first person to betrayed this country...

By the way Dato', this fella don't even have a ball altogether... hahaha


Rauf Hakim said...

Dato' the implication is if the BG and 50 others are shortlisted for some Mindef projects then they will be in big trouble otherwise there is no big deal about joining PKR.Are these retired officers and soldiers considered not loyal to the armed forces?I never heard of any covenant of this kind in other developed countries.For the UMNO backed cybertroopers the likes of Papagomo and Bigdog they are nothing but mercenaries without any conviction or belief but money,projects and Datukships.There are hundreds of bloggers of this kind but their standard is very commonplace like gutter rats.But to write and defame others is too much and I agree that this unethical practice should stop or be stopped forthwith.

joe choy said...

Where are you Bigdog?? I tell you where he is. He is running around the pig-sty looking for his BALLS!! Shit he really is!!

SSrahman said...


xairlinepilot said...

Salam Dato & all dear friends,

A dog will always behave like a dog, doesn't matter it's a pitbull, rotweiller, bulldog, german sheppard or BIGDOG..

Come what may, all it will always do is just barking nonstop, even at the wrong tree...

Gengis Khan said...

I believe you meant Barking UP the wrong tree !

tiongsinwee said...

Dear xairlinepilot,
To your notion that all dogs are the same, be it a german shepherd, rotweiller, pitbull, bulldog...sorry mate, ur totally wrong! These dogs, if and when properly trained would be very disciplined and obedient. N they wouldn't bark at the wrong tree.
What we have here, in the guise of a human, nicknamed Big of our local breed or normally called *anjing pariah* The comparison between the latter and former(physically/mentally)is enormous.
I can only conclude that this BIGDOG we're talking about is of our local breed, with zero IQ. The amount of training by its master...wouldn't change anything, since its STUPID!

Ejoi said...

Mengapa kita menyerang Big Dog? Memang banyak blogger yang memberi kritikkan atau fakta yang salah dalam dunia cyber ini..Kenapa perlu kita layan? Sedangkan ramai orang boleh tertipu dalam sindiket internet.Contohnya Awang Hitam yang menipu wanita-wanita.Kononnya untuk menunjukan kita ini seorang pejuang atau penegak keadilan jadi kita cabar Big Dog face to face. Adakah benda kita tu berfaedah? Cuba tanya dalam hati kita tu..Dah pencen ni nak naik tangga pun tak larat ini nak berdepan orang muda yang berjiwa panas mcm saudara-saudara dulu2..

matsingkong said...

For me , UMNO cybertroopers will not irritate me.I welcome their presence, because without them, my aspiration to bring down UMNO Melayu will not be there. if you notice, the cybertroopers will try their best to irritate you, so that they want you to be at their 'stinking dog' level. Don't play to their tune, get aggressive to get the kampung/rural people to opposition side.Go down to the ground, even it means to scuffle with the UMNO mat rempits.We are ex soldiers, we honour justice. WE NEED TO DESTROY, I MEAN DESTROY UMNO MELAYU...NO TWO WAYS ABOUT IT!!!!

Gengis Khan said...

I hope you are speaking for your self in so far as the physical condition of pension/ retired army officers are concerned.When Dato' talks of a face to face meeting with Bigdog it is not to be physical although if it comes to that I know Dato' can more than handle this obese lump of lard alone.

exrmafazhar said...

These UMNO cybertroopers need to justify their existence so that at the end of the day they can collect their paycheck. So create any story, add some salt and pepper and wallah you have a story. They need to do this, if not they will miss their soru lah.

chempaka said...

ejoi, shooohh pi main jauh-jauh

joe choy said...

Ejoi, As retired servicemen and abit in age I believe we all still have our 'physical base' from our early training days. Don't underestimate our physical strength when the 'need' arises. Personally, I think anyone of us in Dato's age bracket can physically take-on the flabby chunk of fat-meat called Bigdog - all brawn but no brains.

zorro said...

Dato Sir, a recap:

Riversidegrass said...

".....Utusan Malaysia today expressed confidence that Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim would be convicted of his sodomy charge, but predicted that public unrest would follow the trial decision....."

Is Utusan columnist Awang Selamat is privy to almost anything ?

He and Bigdog has the same stinking tofu smell...
Beware !

As a Patriot Malaysian like us what you think of them and their article ?

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
Edmund Burke quote

Lalok said...

This is for bigdog: The bigger you are the harder you fall.

komando said...

Dato' that DOG is just a puppy!