Sunday, December 11, 2011


This Ezam Mohd Nor is spewing loads of rubbish again, and of all people, to students of the UIAM. In the first instant, how on hell was he, a politician at that, be permitted to address students and to speak about politics and claiming that there are Malay traitors in our midst working in cohort with the DAP “bent on destroying the multi-racial foundation of Malaysia so it can turn the country into another Singapore”. He claimed that we had “lost an island (I suppose referring to Singapore) ” because of Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew and “the same fate awaited the rest of the country if they (I suppose referring to Malaysian) stood idly by”.

Here, I would just like to ask – who are the Malay traitors that Ezam is referring to? Was he referring to any particular personality in the opposition? And why wouldn’t he name that person out loud and clear? Are you too afraid Ezam? The word traitor is a damning word to use upon someone, and if I were to call Ezam a traitor for having jumped the UMNO boat onto the PKR boat, and soon after back into UMNO’s boat, would Ezam like it? And you know, I am still waiting for the many boxes that reportedly hold the many mysteries of UMNO’s corrupt practices that Ezam had promised to expose when he was in PKR. Till this day, the boxes are nowhere to be seen, and would you still believe in Ezam?

And may I also ask – who actually ‘gave away’ the island of Singapore to Lee Kuan Yew, just by a stroke of a pen? Was it anyone person from the opposition today; be it a Malay, Chinese or an Indian? I would advice Ezam to read up his history, because he was too young to understand the causes that led to the separation of Singapore from Malaysia. Why don’t Ezam blame it on Tengku Abdul Rahman who was the UMNO President then? Surely, Ezam wouldn’t dare because he would be deprived of his Senatorship by a stroke of a pen too.

I think Ezam has made a grievous error by speaking to student of UIAM who by and large are sickened at the way the government had acted against Prof Dr. Aziz Bari. Don’t be fooled by the reception given to Ezam by the students that only represents a fraction of the UIAM’s population. We do not know how the rest of the student population would react to Ezam’s appearance at the university. Students being what they are, are a curious lot and the desire for knowledge may have been the reason for their presence at Ezam’s talk – but not to hear a load of rubbish.

To UIAM’s management, I ask, if you have allowed an UMNO politician to spew rubbish to your students, would you dare to allow an opposition politician to do likewise?



Malaysian said...

If Ezam label Malay that support of the opposition being traitor does he mean the non-Malay are enemy. Are we not fellow Malaysian? This is the type of UMNO politics that disgust me. We can disagree about policy but please don't demonize me or call me a foreigner.


bruno said...

Dato,the traitors among the Malays Ezam was telling the students of UIAM was standing in front of them.It was Ezam telling the students that he was twice a traitor,with a third time coming,much to the laughter but not surprised much anticipated,
well learned,informed and up to date students.

This time around if PR wins the GE,Ezam will be at Anwar's doorsteps,on his knees begging for forgiveness for having betrayed his political master.But Anwar will not extend the courtesy of giving this rat of a traitor the three times a charm opputunity.Instead Anwar will kicked this rat into the deep monsoon drains outside his home and let this rat be washed into the ocean.

A rat who will sell out his master for the love of the ringgit is a real pariah to be scorned by society.When Ezam went back to Umno besides the ringgit,he had a mansion as a gift for being a boytoy to Umnoputras who prefer the likes of Saiful.Or else how much a rat like him is worth.

If Ezam can be a traitor to Anwar,why cannot he be a traitor to Umno too.So his actual worth is what are the special behavorial preferences of Umnoputras.It is common sense economics.Umnoputras are paying for what they see,like and love.

For the money offered to Ezam Umno was conned.Anwar had more dirt on Ezam then he has on Anwar.Or else how come he has nothing to show on Anwar or others in PKR.And Najib has placed his trust on this rat to retake Selangor from PR.Najib can kissed his dreams placed on this rat of a traitor goodbye.After all in Umno it takes a bigger cat to conned a rat.

Frankie said...

The numerous boxes of evidence supposedly incriminating the UMNO government that Ezam claimed to have in possession have been exchanged for a numerous 20 footer containers of ringgit and a senatorship.

Malays who jump from opposition parties to UMNO or NGOs who are UMNO friendly are not traitors by UMNO definition. They are held in high esteem by UMNO and are "wiras". People like Ezam, Zulifli Nordin, Ibrahim Ali and the 2 froggy Perak Assemblymen come into mind while a certain Hasan Ali may yet be another wira even though he will become officially a Datuk Wira today.

The UMNO government is a forked tongue hypocrite. It vigorously defends the UCCA and yet allow its own party politicians to make political speeches praising UMNO and attacking the opposition in the universities. Only in this sick 1Malaysia can one find this type of hypocrisy. The UIAM management should be ashamed of itself but then again, the UIAM management are UMNO supporters which explained their action to allow a half brain, power hungry, discredited froggy Ezam to speak and spew venom to the UIAM students. Lets hope that UIAM students have more brains than this Ezam.

bruno said...

Dato,in Najib's confidence and trust in Ezam winning back Selangor for BN and the MB'ship is one of Ezam's wettest dream which will never climax.In wanting to fulfill his wettestt dreams,he has to stand for the elections.This will be the chance of a lifetime for Selangoreans to teach this traitor a lesson.To sent him into political oblivion.

Ho Lee Man said...

If you search back the last 20 years for traitors to the Malay race there is only one word UMNO.
See how UMNO strategically kept the rural Malays monolingual.
Their only information is from RTM TV3 and Utusan
See how UMNO strategy using Islam to control their mindset..Jakim
See how UMNO justify the NFC and the countless corruption.
Isn't UMNO suppose to help Malays in education and economic development.
Instead the UMNO cronies help themselves
UMNO is the real traitors here.

AlahaiLuncai said...

Seperti dalam cerita nujum pak belalang dimanakah kekuatannya hang Tuah pada huruf TA nya. Begitu juga kekuatan orang Melayu pada huruf TA nya. Ia menjadi kuat bila TAat, TAkutkan Allah(TAwadud’), TAhu, TAtaurus baik, TAbir baik tetapi pemimpin Melayu sekarang juga menggunakan huruf TA ni tapi dibelakang harTA, waniTA, permaTA, kaTA nisTA, dusTA…….

Anonymous said...

Scums and traitors like Ezam, Nalla and other Shit-holes of the same kind deserve to come home to roost in the UMNO pit of vipers and venomous snakes!

Basically you just ignore them, don't waste your time, comrades!

Prepare diligently for the crucial "Mother of All Battles - GE13"

KICK the UMNO-BN mutther-fuckers OUT once and for all!

mangchikla said...

Malaysia boleh! u banned Dato' Saifuddin Abdullah, a Deupty Minister, from giving a talk in UIA but approved this 'senator' with no protfolio..

LaM said...

You can't get appointed to any of the public VC's post if you are not a stooge of Umno. So there is no mystery in Ezam being freely allowed to give his talk to the UIA's students.

More worrisome is the antics of the S'gor Sultan. Me thinks he has been used by Umno to spiked the PKR led administration. I think the Sultan is getting out of hand. Imagine the Sultan rejecting the Dato'ship list recommended by his own MB?

The British was also smart then. They managed to colonize the whole of malaya by making used of the Sultan. The Sultan's were given monthly allowance and all sorts of privileges on condition that they followed the British advice on running the states. It was the British who liberally used the word 'derhaka' to those who opposed the british rule by proclaiming that they merely acted on Sultan's orders and those who opposed are 'derhaka'. Umno is using the same tactic in Perak and S'gor.

That is why we have to support the ABU movement.

exrmafazhar said...

I am lost for words to describe this Ezam bugger... i was one of those fellas that was mesmerised by Ezam eloquent and 'simlarities' to Saudara Anwar in the early days of Reformasi. I would travel miles just to go and listen to Saudara Ezam giving a talk. Of course laungan "REFORMASI" will reverberate after each ceramah much to the delight of all. Of course in the ceramah will be other speakers too even from DAP with the like of Lim Kit Siang or others. Never once was there a tweet that the DAP is bent on destroying the multiracial spectrum of Malaysia. In fact praises was heep on PAS and DAP for being pragmatic with the common course that is to fight for justice. The slogan then was "Justice For All".
Those were the days. But now on reflection i am beginning to ask "Who is this Ezam actually?". When it was revealed that Ezam was a bankrupt and had to depend on the wife to survive and finally succumbed to UMNO's 'offering', makes one wonder that he is not that strong after all. That similarities to Anwar by far was not true after all. Anwar was abused, jailed, kicked , punched but he stood by his principle. Ezam lost his income and ever willing to sell off his principle so that he can his bread on the table. And worst still, now he has become a liar of the highest degree. What a pity.

amoker said...

I will forgive Ezam for the mistakes done because he was too young. But he is certaintly mature and thinking when Malaysia lost pulau Batu Putih to Singapore due to plagiarism and incompetent argument. Is it opposition who did that?

AT Saari said...

Ezam himself is a political garbage being re-cycled by UMNO. He has lost his credibility with his oft ship jumping habit. Not worth listening to him anymore, his appearance for tht UIAM talk is just another UMNO's desperate effort to shore up support amongst the well learned university population.

matsingkong said...

Singapore in those days were in the hands of Sultan of Johore, probably under Siam.It was a desolated island with tigers roaming and the 'ikan todaks'. British realise the potential and brought the chinese to econmise it. That's why there were so many chinese..and singapore was not part of Malaya or Malaysia .To blame Tunku Abdul Rahman for giving away Singapore is so 'Melayu UMNO'.Letting Singapore go was honourably and morally justified.If not there would be civil war between Malay and Chinese. UMNO Melayu is not willing to give away Malaysia to the opposition if they lose the GE13,they rather go for 'blood' even if its civil war. Tha's how dangerous UMNO Melayu is now....their greed has overtaken their 'Melayu kesopanan dan kesusilaan'...

quantivation said...

Let's see after GE13 if there is any UMNO leaders stand at the gates of Istana Negara to block DSAI from seeing the DYMM Agung or at the gates of KLIA to depart to God knows where....

hak55 said...

He (Ezam) needed the money!!!!