Wednesday, December 21, 2011


The people that make up the government of Malaysia are an unusual breed of people that does things that nobody else would do. For example, take the indelible ink that is proposed to be use for the upcoming general elections. Before the ink can be accepted for use, the government would require it to be scientifically tested, supposedly to ensure that the chemical content of the ink does not contain any ‘haram’ ingredients that forbid Muslims from performing their religious obligation. Once the test is done, JAKIM would then give its approval. This however is not the end of the story. The Election Commission will look at the legal aspects; hence the AG has to be consulted.

I do not know who else need to be consulted. Will the police, bomba, JPJ, PWD, Syabas and others be consulted? Or whether Parliament needs to pass a Bill to sanction the use of the indelible ink? You see, how long winded the process takes just to use the indelible ink, whereas the recent election in Iraq, Yemen, India and in many other countries, the indelible ink was used. A number are Muslim state and there wasn’t any hue and cry about the ink being haram. I suppose Malaysian Muslims are more Islamic than their brethrens in the Muslim world. Or is it because the users of the indelible ink are mostly from third world countries; hence we don’t want to be seen to do what a third world country does.

I remembered that the indelible ink was suppose to be used during the 2008 general election, but was withdrawn the last minute for reasons best known to the authorities. I do not know if there were any scientific test carried out on the ink, or the withdrawal of the ink has anything to do with JAKIM or was it constrained by legal impediment. The decision not to use the indelible ink resulted in the lost of tax payers money amounting to a few million. I suppose to the Malaysian government, this amount is no big deal.

If the authorities are so concern about the issue of ‘halal-haram’ that impinge upon the performance of Malaysian Muslims religious obligations, then I would also advice the authorities, particularly the Islamic religious authorities to start issuing edicts relating to corruption, slander, lies, breach of trust, acts of thievery and abuse of authority and power. These are acts that are so blatantly and shamelessly displayed by our Muslim leaders today that they seem to fear no one, not even Allah wrath. I would like to see the ‘Muftis’ and various religious groups to come forward to reprimand those Muslim leaders that have done wrong, and to guide them to be righteous, reformed and be God fearing Muslims. There are many, and some are still languishing in their newly acquired wealth.

I do not want to predict the use of the indelible ink or otherwise, because as I have alluded earlier, the people that makes up the Malaysian government are an unusual breed of people. They can say YES today, and the next moment they will say NO. Regardless of what the decision would be, I hope the government will take serious note on the wishes of the people. It is clear that the people want the indelible ink to be used and if this is ignored, I fear the consequences would be hard on the government.



bruno said...

Dato,you sure do not mince your words when you said that the people that make up the GOM are an unusual breed of people.They are termed as unusual because they have the brains of a moron but acts worse than a vermint.They raid the garbage dumps and roam the sewers that is why most if not all of them have over bloated stomachs.And they kept reproducing at mass production rate that soon our beautiful and peaceloving country will be overwhelmed with vermints like them.

bruno said...

Dato,the unusual people that makes up the corrupted GOM knows that if indelible ink is used,there can only be minimal vote buying and double or triple voting.And indelible ink will help minimise cheating down to a level where they will have less of a chance to influence the outcome of the results of an election.

So they can envisioned the gloom and doom prospects that are awaiting them in case the much despised BN falls.So a coordinated effort by the government agencies to stem the use of indelible ink is work in progress.

In Malaysia the GOM does not make and enforced the laws.It is the baby Napoleans that has the authority to do so.The only responsibility of the GOM is to plunder the wealth of the people and the nation.

The EC which is supposedly to be independent is the one to decide whether indelible ink is to be used.Once they have decided it is up to the EC with the much needed blessing of the GOM to get it implemented.Why have the EC and GOM to get approval from these baby Napoleans.

Why not go and get the approval of the pimps and whores operating in the red light districts of Bukit Bintang,Pudu and even the Chow Kit wet markets too.Or why not ask the drug pushers at the well lighted street corners,operating openly even with the men in blue nearby.Or ask the alledged rapists and murderers in the present cabinet.Maybe these weird characters might have a better answer than the baby Napoleans.

joe choy said...

Dato, no surprise in a flip-flop decision in the usage of the indelible ink come GE13. Our leaders are very good for this sort of "stunt" and have no acumen for decision making. Trouble with them they don't make any good decisions in the interest of the people. They base their decisions mainly on politics and self-preservation. What type of human-beings we have playing on race and religion as if Muslims in Malaysia are holier than other Muslims in other Islamic countries. UMNOputras really a bunch of hypocrites.

nick said...


The real question about the ink is "will it be able to nullify all of UMNO's cheating, treachery and bribery used in the election?" If the answer is yes then there's no doubt in my mind that SPR is going to go against it's own pledge and cancelled it's use. No pirates is going to give its victim weapons that could defeat them, so UMNO is never going to let the ink be used and it's first move is to use PERKASA albeit a stupid one. But then again a drowning person will grasp at anything to stay afloat and that includes holding onto a bunch of idiotic and moronic amphibians of dubious and uncertain birth and origin ("PERKASA" to you and me).


Kamal Sanusi said...

Salam Dato'

To use = BN might be sent to hell.
Not to use = Rakyat will make noise.

The story can be read as follows:

KERAjaan will use the ink upon approval from various agencies namely JAKIM, BOMBA, JKR, TNB etc.. etc.. However, at the end of the day in the very last minutes, PDRM will make an announcement that they have managed to caught a group of person with imitation indelible ink that resulted the said ink will not be used during GE-13.

Frankie said...


The motives and agendas of the Malaysian islamic authorities such as JAKIM, JAIS, MAIS, etc are questionable. These islamic authorities prey on the minds of the weak muslims by propagandizing and publicizing non factual issues while keeping silent on real life crimes of corruption, thievery and adultery committed by government muslim politicians. I deem that these so called islamic authorities themselves are corrupt and rotten to the core just like their UMNO masters.

Anonymous said...


The Fatwa Committee National Council of Islamic Religious Affairs Malaysia already met on 8th August 2007, and have issued a fatwa on the use of indelible ink in elections.

The key part reads:

Based on explanation and research conducted by experts
in chemistry together with evidences brought by the members
of the Committee, the Committee has decided that the
indelible ink does not contain impure substances that are
prohibited according to Islamic law, nor it brings harm to the
health and does not impede water to get onto the skin when
used. Hence, the use of indelible ink is permissible according
to Islamic Law as it does not bring problem to Muslims ritual


Hukum Penggunaan Indelible Ink Dalam Pilihanraya Malaysia

Which begs the big question - Are the useless tin-kosong types who try to shout and rant about Malays not voting if the ink is used patently just making npise for the sake of trying to appear to be big-time panglima bangsa and wira agama, or worse, making noise which they are well aware is just baseless nonsense because their Tai-Koh directed them to?

If they are, what does Islam say about thouse who abuse the religion for political propanganda? What does Malay adat say about such lying and ethicsless behaviour?

cschan said...

Our gomen leaders are mostly hypocrites or 'munafiq'. They would try to interpret the koran in the way which will benefit them. In this case I believe that they are playing for time trying to arouse the feelings of a section of the muslim population hoping that they would protest in which case the gomen, using that as an excuse, would refuse to use the indegible ink.

cram said...

our govment very good one, want to make sure all muslim brothers & sisters go to heaven clean as babies mah.. anything haram sure can not la...
Tapi...rasuah, tak mengapa la.

monty said...

Dear Dato,
Most times the ordinary people on the street can see through or in other words decipher Govt.leaders statements and what it leads to and the objective.Why? Because the scenarios has been played-out too often and everybody knows what the Govt will do or end up saying eventually. Often the excuses can be very accurately read. The same scenario will be repeated again for rejecting using the indelible ink at the 11th hour of GE13.Don't believe, folks?? Let's wait and see as GE13 is just round the corner.

Malaysian said...

Will they use indelible ink? If this group of people sold the Sungai Besi military base dirt cheap, easily approved Lynas to setup rare earth processing plant, stole millions of dollars in the name of PKFZ, NFC and MAS, and so on I don't think I will be surprise they will come up with some dumb reason to scrap the use of indelible ink. I just hope that majority of Malay knows that UMNO Baru is destroying Tanah Melayu!

The only thing we should do is heavily campaign for ABU (Anything But UMNO). We must be persistently and consciously tell strangers, friends or relatives about the evil things that UMNO Baru did to Malaysia. It's time for us not to sit behind the desk and just share our feelings online only. We must step out of our comfort zone and start campaigning for ABU. This coming general election is a do or dies situation for our country and our children’s future. We need to think what would happen if UMNO Baru win again. Can our country still withstand the abuse of power from UMNO Baru? This is our only home.

Our country is almost broke because of corruption. We can't allow incompetent people to be our ministers. We can’t allow police force top brass to abuse their power and cohort with the triads. What about our military defense? We are letting UMNO to destroy Mindef. They purchased expensive weapons not to improve our defense but to pocket the money so they can enrich certain powerful people.

It's our duty as Malaysian that we must bring down UMNO Baru during this coming general election. I call upon Bumiputra especially the Malay to do what's right for all Malaysian and Malay. Malay must not listen to UMNO Baru blindly.

I remembered as a Child I always hear UMNO slogan "Takkan Melayu Akan Hilang di Dunia" and always caution the Malay on the Chinese (me). Melayu tak akan hilang di Dunia. UMNO memandang rendah terhadap kaum Melayu. Sebagai seorang bukan Melayu, saya berpeluang belajar dan kerja dengan kawan Melayu di luar Negara. Mereka dapat bersaing dengan semua orang tanpa bantuan UMNO Baru. UMNO Baru only worries about them loosing the power; hence, losing the ability to steal the money from the Malay.

Should the Malay fear me? No. For so many years, the Chinese have never been in power and we are not interested to be in power. All we care is live a harmony with the Malay. We (non-Malay) only demand the UMNO Baru to respect us and not demonizing us. We want a Malay leader to lead this country. The Chinese want a Malay leader that fights for the poor and helpless. We want a Malay PM that truly represents the Rakyat of all colors.

This coming election is our last chance to save this country. We should give another group of Malay and non-Malay to govern the country. Let's give Pakatan a chance. If Pakatan fail we can always vote UMNO Baru back.

Once again, I beg my Malay brothers and sisters to see beyond Perkasa, Jakim, UMNO, and other NGO rhetoric. Call you friends and relatives to vote for Pakatan.

Tolong selamatkan negara tercinta kita!

Anak Malaysia

eli said...



Use Indelible Ink = Support ABU