Monday, December 26, 2011


Why have there been over the last few years and in the more recent months, a mounting challenge and rejection towards UMNO/BN? Why has there been so much talk by party elders that UMNO no longer holds true to its pledges that were so beautifully crafted by its founding fathers? Arrogance, thievery, abuse, denials and corruption seem to be the pledges that UMNO/BN now upholds. Honour, trust worthiness, forthrightness, dignity and honestly aren’t important any more. Aren’t these the very traits that Malays and Muslims should be upholding? But why are these traits so blatantly ignored? It is greed – nothing else – worldly greed, and they think that all that they have acquired in this world (illegally or otherwise) will serve them in the hereafter.

I could understand if it is the non Malays that are increasingly distasteful and critical towards UMNO (supposedly to represent the Malay race), but that simply isn’t the case today. It is the Malays; their brethrens that have gotten tired of UMNO, which had caused the Malays to be divided into factions, i.e. UMNO Malays and non UMNO Malays. Tell me which super rich Malays has survived without any political connections? And none will ever dare tell the truth.

Factional disagreement has become so apparent today; hence the creation of ABU (Asalkan Bukan UMNO or Anything But UMNO) led predominantly by Malay groups is a case in point. And the most recent being the unequivocal demand by university student groups for greater freedom of expression and the abolishment of UUCA, and they daringly challenge the government with a mammoth student protest, should their demands be ignored. These student groups are again led predominantly by Malays with a conscience and determination to rid off any ruling that stifle their academic freedom.

Are we not witnessing a new generation of Malay youth that are no longer foolish and can be easily cowed? These are students that know their rights and are willing to face the consequences of their actions? Adam Adli and several others represents that new generation of youth; a reformist at heart, that has all the making of our future leaders with great potential.

Out of curiosity, I goggle “UMNO” and the opening sentence reads, “UMNO emphasizes as its foundation the struggle to uphold the aspiration of Malay nationalism and the dignity of race, religion and country. The party also aspires to protect the Malay culture as the national culture and to uphold, defend and expand Islam”. These are princely statements that aim to nurture the Malay race into a respectable, reputable, honorable and dignified, and ultimately a God fearing race.

But what has UMNO turn itself to be today? How shameless can they be to talk about ‘ketuanan Melayu’ when it isn’t what the founding fathers wanted the party to uphold. How shameless can they be when they keep saying that the Malays are poor, when they (UMNO) had for the last 50 odd years been entrusted with the responsibility to better the living standards of the Malays? How shameless can they be when they outrageously and unashamedly defend something that is deemed morally and criminally wrong, just because the offender or perpetrator is of their kind? Even dignity and honour is trampled with, and even the position of our Rulers was once challenged. It is arrogance, power, greed and self preserving interest that have overawed them. To deny every wrong doing seems the only way of self survival.

Yes, the Malays are poor (a claim by UMNO), but certainly not among the UMNO elites and their cronies. This is the problem with UMNO that had themselve to blame for creating a division among their own race, and that division is getting wider by the day. That division has now become so intense that many moral and religious values that are so deeply entrenched among the Malays are deliberately cast aside. Sex and scandalous remarks of others takes center stage. Lies to demean and to cast others as unworthy of being human rule the day. Even swearing in mosques is fashionable; a recourse to proof ones innocence and having no thought of fearing God’s retributions. Who preaches to them to take swearing in the name of Allah SWT so lightly?

Never has there been in the last 50 odd years an opposition worthy as it is today. I think this is good for democracy to work where dictatorial tendencies, long the practice among some UMNO/BN elites are slowly being cast away. Check and balance are in place. Close scrutiny is kept over every deal made and there is also now greater awareness among the general public of government spending and activities.

Let us hope that such strong opposition will prevail after the general elections (regardless which party wins) for this country to move ahead and for democracy to survive. I will keep criticizing UMNO/BN for I think I love my country and my race more.



LaM said...

The country has been ruled by pirates for the past 50 odd yrs who raped and plundered the nation's wealth. NFC is just a tip of the iceberg.

Given such an alarming situation, it is very important for the Armed Forces to stay politically neutral and to put the interest of the country above all. Their loyalty should be only to King and country and not to those Umno pirates as what is happening to the PDRM; their top brass don't hesitate to take instructions from corrupt Umno ministers and are being used and misused to ensure the survival of these corrupt malay leaders.

As an ex-Gen, you could knock some sense in those serving in the Armed Forces that their loyalty should always be to the King and country and not to some corrupt Umno Defence Minister.

Mika Angel-0 said...

Solja Boy,

Ketuanan Melayu & The Architect of Chaos
(mahaguru of control demolition-restoration)

By degrees of subtility - subtle subtle said his Sun Tze



Raja Nazrin has an academic and intellectual background with a bachelor's degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Oxford University.

He also holds a Masters in Public Administration from the Kennedy School of government, Harvard; and Ph.D in Political Economy and Government from Harvard University.

Raja Nazrin’s research interests are in the area of economic and political development in South-East and North-East Asia, historical national income accounting and economic growth in developing countries.

The prince has also written articles and spoken on a wide range of issues including the role of the constitutional monarchy in Malaysia, education, Islam, ethnic relations and economic development.

He has assumed the role of Financial Ambassador of the Malaysian International Islamic Financial Centre (MIFC), has been Pro-Chancellor of Universiti Malaya since 1989 and is the chairman of the Board of Governors of the Malay College Kuala Kangsar.

He recently consented to becoming an Eminent Fellow of the Institute of Strategic and International Studies (Isis) Malaysia effective 1 May.


maurice said...

The Malays are just being made fool of by political leaders of both divide.

The Malays I am afraid do not know what they want from their political leaders.This is the reason why they are easily manipulated by them.

The Malays before casting their votes, should ask some deep searching questions such as:

Peace and stability for the country.
A first-world country by 2020.
Full unemployment for our graduates.
World class education for our children
Environmenttal conservation
A restructured cost-effective MAF that reflect the population make-up of the country.
Eradication of corruption.

Any party that have these political manifesto will have my vote.

Riversidegrass said...

It's the MALAYSIAN who versus the evil UMNO-MALAY.

ABU (Asalkan Bukan UMNO or Anything But UMNO)

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
Edmund Burke quote

bruno said...

Dato,the title Malays versus Malays really suits the situation well.It is not that we are happy to see the Malays against Malays go against each other phystcally.It is the political awakening that we are happy about,that the Malays are divided into two different opposing groups.

Before when we talk politics about the Malays,it is always 'all about Umno'.Nowadays when we talk politics about the Malays it is 'all but Umno'.It is when ABU's awareness is alive and kicking in the Malays minds that Umno is in real danger.Real danger means that for the first time in Umno's history it has really felt the threat that it's rule on Malaysians could really be coming to an end.

The Chinese have already make it be known that this coming GE,it will be sending the irrelevant Mca back to its forefathers.The Indians are split between the centre,because of the dangling carrots.Hoprfully they will soon come to their senses that dangling carrots only last as long until the elections are over.

But if ABU is alive in the minds of the Malays come election time,this time around the Umno/BN will be punished severely.The Malays have come to their senses that the very corupted Umno cannot be good for their future,their children's future and their children's children's futures.So for the first time since independent,the Malays have finally come to realised that they are actually the ones getting the thorny end of the stick from Umno.

tahaneverest02 said...

I think what former US President Abraham Lincoln said is true and to repeat it on similar lines like, " you can fool some Malays sometime,some Malays all the time But not all Malays ALL the time" can apply to our Malaysia scenario. The Malays "awakening" in Malaysia is here to stay and I hope the UMNO/BN Govt must take heed of the current situation. They are no more considered "bodoh" and taken for granted.

bat8 said...


1. Kunci untuk memahami kemelut UMNO Baru dan isu malay vs malay yang menjadi coretan Dato kali ini adalah dengan kembali kepada sejarah : sejarah penubuhan UMNO asal, peristiwa bagaimana Umno asal dimatikan, mengapa Menteri Dalam.Negeri tidak menggunakan kuasanya memulihkan Umno asal yang diisytiharkan haram, sejarah penubuhan UMNO Baru dan sejarah perjalanannya sejak ditubukan hingga hari ini.

2. Dari segi perundangan i.e Akta Pertubuhan 1966, UMNO Asal dan UMNO Baru adalah 2 pertubuhan yang berbeza dan tiada kaitan antara satu sama lain. Oleh itu, Pendaftar Pertubuhan, semasa meluliskan UMNO Mahathir tahun 1988 telah mensyaratkan perkataan "BARU" mesti diletakkan selepas nama UMNO Mahathir. Ini adalah untuk membezakannya dengan sebuah pertibuhan lain yang bernama UMNO yang mana pendaftarannya telah dibatal oleh mahkamah tahun 1987. Nama UMNO Mahathir yang dilulus secara rasmi ialah UMNO (BARU).

Dato, tetapi depa tak letak dan tak sebut perkataan "BARU" . Depa terlupa nak sebut atau sengaja nak kelirukan kita orang melayu tulin?

3. Satu lagi fakta yang penting dalam memahami UMNO Baru dan malay vs malay ini adalah keputusan PRU 1990 yang menyebabkan Umno Baru menebar sayap ke Sabah untuk menjamin survivalnya.

Dalam PRU1990, UBN telah selamat kerana berjaya menggunakan isu "Kuli pakai tengkolok salib kaun kadazan". Walaupun UBN memang, Umno Baru mengalami kemerosotan undi melayu yang ketara di semenanjung. Undi melayu telah lari dari Umno Baru pergi ke pembagkang i.e PAS dan S46.

TDM dapat membaca fakta ini dan beranggapan Umno Baru secara jangka panjang tak boleh mengharapkan undi melayu di semenanjung kerana undi melayu dah berpecah dengan ketara. Keputusan2 PRU selepas 1990 jelas mengesahkan kebimbangan TDM itu. In simple words, TDM dah tak boleh tipu kesemua melayu kat sememanjung lagi that why dia kena bina safe deposit baru kat Sabah.

4. Untuk masuk ke Sabah untuk membina base baru, TDM menghadapi masaalah kerana orang melayu Sabah adalah kaum minoriti. Kaum majoriti adalah kaum bumiputra dari kaum kadazan. Jadi nak mengatasi masaalah ini TDM TELAH MEMBUKA UMNO BARU KEPADA KAUM BUMIPUTRA SABAH YANG BUKAN MELAYU DAN BUKAN ISLAM!

Sebelum UMNO BARU masuk ke Sabah, satu EGM telah dibuat kalau tal salah saya untuk meminda syarat keahliannya dari melayu sahaja kepada kesemua bumiputra sebagaimana takrif perlembagaan.

Selepas PRU11, UMNO BARU mempunyai ADUN di Sabah seorang bumiputra bukan melayu dan bukan islam. Hari ini salah seorang Ketua Bahagian Di Sabah bernama JOHN AMBROSE - cuba teka si john ni melayu ke?. Jika kita semak daftar keahlian UMNO BARU SABAH kita akan dapati bersepah nama-nama ahlinya dari kaum bumiputra bukan melayu bukan Islam!

The fact is UMNO BARU ceased to be an EXCLUSIVE MALAY PARTY WHEN IT ENTERED SABAH IN 1992/93. Dah jadi macam parti Taib Mahmud, parti bumiputra. Then apa tujuan UMNO BARU dok laung parti melayu, kegtuaman melayu etc?.....sekadar nak tipu melayu. Mengapa fakta-fakta yang dinyatakan diatas digelap dan disembunyikan? Tak lain tak bukan semata-mata nak kekalkan kuasa segelintir pemimpin UMNO BARU...itulah tujuan TDM menubuhkan UMNO BARU dulu dan berterusan hingga hari ini.

5. Dengan memahami sejarah yang dibentangkan, kita tidak akan hilang arah dalam menhgadapi kemelut haro ini. Kita faham what is the plundering harta rakyat is all about, apa tujuan dibangkitkan isu perkauman yang melampau hari ini, mengapa Perkasa begitu kebal hari ini, kebenaran cerita kewarganagaraan diberi kepada pendatang asing dsb


Moo Leong said...

Oh Melayu...bilakah kamu sedar? Bilakah kamu bangkit dalam mimpi kamu?

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Saudara Bat8,

Satu komen/analysis yg sangat baik. Terima kasih. Saya percaya pembaca-pembaca akan turut mengahargai komen saudara.

Gengis Khan said...

bat .8
I agree with Dato' about your comments. My knowledge about UMNO has been enriched and I have learnt something new from you.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Yesterday was history,today is real and tomorrow I dont know.But I made up my mind,it is final I am for ABU

exrmafazhar said...

Dalam akhbar Sinar hari ini ada atikel yang di tulis olih YB Nurul Izzah yang bertajuk 'Siapa melemahkan Melayu'. Nurul telah melontarkan 28 soalan soalan yang bila diteliti dengan sendirinya menjawab tajuk atikel beliau itu. Saya rasa artikel berkenaan memaparkan juga masaalah 'Malay vs Malay' yang diperkatakan disini.

kampong lad said...

semasa kepimpinan almarhum tunku, razak husin & husin onn (the 1st 3 premiers) tidak berlaku "benda2 ni lagi. 'kelamkabut2' hanya bermula dari era pm yg keempat yg juga presiden pertama umno baru. 1982? (nak sebut nama dia not worth)

Frankie said...


You should add one more shameless act by UMNO as in:
How shameless can UMNO and its Perkasa sidekick be when they keep saying that the non-Malays are taking over the country when they (UMNO) are in control of the Judiciary, PDRM, MACC, Civil Service, Elections Commission and the Military.

eli said...

UMNO laaders lack the quality of 'taqwa'. They see things with their 'dajjal' external eyes not with their internal eyes with ALLAH guidance and 'nur'. That is why they are 'zalim' and 'fasad'.

Malaysian said...


I watched this independent documentary named, 10 Tahun Sebelum Merdeka, few years ago. It helped me realized that other non-UMNO organizations actually started fighting for this country independece. Is this documentary accurate? Could you please verify if this is true since you know Malaysia history more than me?



Malaysian said...


This is why I hate UMNO baru or Perkasa. They blamed the Chinese for destroying the country yet they can't differentiate between crooked Chinese businessmen/women and law abiding Chinese.

This is an article about UMNO (government) awarding a very lucrative project to our fellow UMNO President golf buddy (a crooked Chinese).


Lalok said...

Boleh dikatakan sekarang ini it is about 90% melayu vs 10% umngoks yg tak boleh keluar dari bawah tempurung mereka, tapi puak 10% ini memiliki pelbagai kelengkapan yg diperlukan utk menampakkan pada 90% melayu lainnya yg mereka kononnya sahaja yg layak memerintah negara sedangkan apa yg ada pada 90% melayu lainnya semuanya difitnahkan sbg buruk belaka.

So it is about time kita ajar mereka ini supaya jgn bersikap angkuh, takabur, sombong dan suka memandang hina sangat terhadap org lain di atas mukabumi ini. Perbuatan mereka yg memperbodohkan minda rakyat adalah perbuatan yg tersangat hipokrit dan kurang ajar.

We'll make sure they will be kicked out of Malaysian politics next GE.