Sunday, December 25, 2011


I received this article via email and I thought I will share it will my readers.


The National Feedlot Corporation Saga has been in the news ever since the Auditor General’s report highlighted the fact that the NFC was only successfully operating at 41%. In fact, the AG should have stated that it was operating at a failure rate of 59%.

There are two aspects to this state of affairs. One is a question of Policy by the Government, with regards to setting up such a huge Feedlot operation without proper study.

The other is the question of Criminal Breach of Trust (CBT), with regards to the financial and fiduciary responsibility of the operators of the NFC.

The first part is dealt in the broad report that is attached, as a Policy paper. The second part, CBT, is the question that is being debated presently, and being investigated by the Police and MACC.

The Criminal Beach of Trust focuses on the word Trust. A project and funds provided to an enterprise and its operators is based on trust. Trust to perform diligently and honestly, and to keep with the purpose of the project, to ensure its success.

The NFC has failed miserably in this aspect.

It has broken the Trust that was implicit in its engagement to produce beef for the nation. The Trust it was given to increase beef production was betrayed when it employed the loan funds to invest in any other business, in this instance, the purchase of two condominiums, which the NFC itself admitted.

The funds invested in the condominiums could and should have been invested in producing its own calves and its own feed for the fattening operations.

After all, the NFC was given about 5000 acres of land to carry out the operation. In as much as the land itself was considered marginal, many types of fodder crops could have been grown as feed for a multiplication programme that would have given value addition to the operation of NFC. This is especially so in the long term.

Quite obviously the operators of the NFC did not have sufficient knowledge of the industry, nor did they seek the advice of qualified consultants, with more than sufficient knowledge to assist the development.

In conclusion, the NFC and its operators should be charged for CBT, removed, and a group of competent and qualified consultants appointed to run the operations, after careful review and study of the present set up.



monty said...

Those who proposed this cattle project, initially has good intention perhaps, but when along the way being hijacked by another enterprise(NFC) it's focus and objective was nothing but a plot designed to enriched oneself i.e the operators. Why? Because the Govt in the first place should not have entrusted this project to NFC which has no credentials to undertake such a project. I am sure the Govt was not blind to this fact. So, NFC with its Ministerial connection alone surely cannot survive without the cattle rearing expertise. The rest is history. I also believe that there is some hidden agenda and many more other personalities involved in this 'big-time swindle' of the people's money in this NFC fiasco. I don't think it's so simple as being a 'fail business venture'.

sang kancil said...

The sad fact is that we are dealing with a bunch of liars thieves and scumbags and who think it is their right to involve in daylight robberies as they are the ruling class of Malaysia. As far as they are concerned, nobody can touch them as all the institutions are in their pockets. Do you think there will be any actions taken again them? Please, do me a favour. This is Malaysia and I am afraid there a too few Malays will do any thing as this is causing them far too much embarrassment. Can you imagine when idiotic deputy PIG, ooops IGP sort or cleared them, without even any real investigation. LOL!

I am totllay digusted with all the scumbags, be it malays indians chinese or others. A scumbag is a scumbag is a scumbag. Finally these socalled constitutional malay muslims are destroying Malaysia, if we let them do it. We have the real malays and the legitimate bumis and they have been sidelined. The peranakans are the real bumis but have been totally ignored and sidelined because we are Chinese. But the the scumbags who came much later from India, Indonesia, Yemen, Pakistan, etc etc are given the bumi status.
I do apologise for being rather harsh and a way OTT but I am totally disgusted. This need to be sad and I am a Malaysian of Chinese origin, but a true blue Malaysian.

Malaysia Tanah Air aku.